Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little business mixed with pleasure!

I decided to forgo my original plan of posting once a week, number one because I may forget what I want to say by Wednesday, and number two... well I already forgot what that reason was... see what I mean? I don't make this stuff up.
Okay, so the thing I want to talk about is ME!
No really, I'll put aside my favorite topic, just this once, for the purpose of discussing the future.
Some of you may know that my books will be available for purchase through this wondrous new thing becoming more popular as of late, called an e-book.
If you've been living under a rock, and mind you, I don't judge you for that, I will catch you up.
Since you're reading this, I assume you have the minimal computer skills to navigate the world wide web, affectionately called www. (no relation to the former president who's just known as W).
Anyway, the internet brings you everything from the ability to research topics for your kids homework (BTW, they've changed it all since we were in school and we will discuss that sometime in the near future), to paying your car note and video conferencing loved ones overseas. I've even ordered pizza to be delivered. Pretty snazzy, huh?
So, if you're still with me here, then you probably know about these cool gadgets called e-readers. Yes, the highly coveted iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony E-reader, etc. etc. etc.
Now, don't worry, you don't have to run out and drop a couple of hundred bucks just to read one of my books, or any of the gazillion other wonderful books offered by my publisher and everyone else. I'm not saying you shouldn't, I mean come on, the kids have their iPods and Xbox 360's and we know how much we shelled out for those things, so why not buy yourself a little somethin' somethin'? There's one on my Christmas wish list. (hint hint)
Now, getting back to how you may purchase and read my book.
On my personal website, Facebook, Myspace and any other place I've been known to lurk in the shadows, you will find a link that will take you to Devine Destinies (a direct line to my publisher). There you will find hundreds of titles and dozens of authors to choose from. When you find my book, or whatever book tickles your fancy, click it and you will begin the purchase process... you've done this before when you shopped online, right?
However, if you have bought stuff online and it was from one of those sites that delivers your purchase in nondescript brown paper wrapping, please keep it to yourself and leave me your phone number... we should probably get to know one another. Wink! Wink!
Okay, so now you've selected My book, Journey of the Damned, Retribution (shameless, aren't I?) and you need to pay for it.
I personally use PayPal, but you may use a credit card, too.
*A friendly hint for using PayPal, if you don't already have an account, it will make your purchase easier if you slip over there a few days before the release date of my book, say September 23rd or so, open an account and load a few bucks onto it from your checking account or whatever floats your boat. I try to keep $10 or $20 in my account for those impulse buys that I will die if I don't have right away. But, that's just because the other person who lives in my head suffers from ADHD. Don't judge.
If you wait until release day to do this, it will take a few days to get my book delivered to your laptop, home computer or hand held device. By the time you get it, the rest of us will have already read it, myself included, and you won't know what's going on when we're all talking about it at the water cooler. And, nobody likes to be left out of the game when the kids are all playing on the playground, right?
The entire process takes about five minutes. In fact, I purchased an e-book while writing this just now, impressive huh?
My books will be available through several third party vendors as well, and I will give you a list of those closer to October 1st. (My first pick though is to buy it direct from my publisher)
Well, that's about it in a nutshell.
Oh, One last thought about the whole e-book thing. I am all about moving along and making life easier, and just because my books will be offered in e-book format and you can't run out to the store and buy a copy of it, doesn't mean I don't wish you could. That all depends on my sales and size of my books, and a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo that has absolutely nothing to do with what we are talking about now.
This new industry is spreading like wild fire and there have been some very big changes in the business lately and with some big named publishers, even in the last week, but we will save that enormous topic for another day.
As far as I am concerned, I am thrilled to be an e-book author. I may not be the best writer and that's neither here nor there, but trust me when I say, I am excited.
Do I think they(the industry) will eventually stop printing books altogether? Bite your tongue. There is nothing I like more than opening a brand new book and smelling the fresh, crisp paper inside. Yes, I am the strange lady in the corner of Office Depot sniffing copier paper... once again, don't judge.
So, although I am completely on board with e-publishing and have my life vest secured firmly around my neck, I'm not about to turn my back on actual books and let them drown in the murky abyss of days gone by. There's a dingy on the side of every cruise liner and I hope they hang on for dear life. My nose is counting on it!!


  1. Best of luck with your new release! Yes, it's amazing just how fast the publishing world is changing. I have a dinosaur e-book reader and have put the Kindle on my wish list for Christmas. We'll see if I get it.

  2. Good luck with your release. Hope everything goes like you dreamed.