Thursday, August 5, 2010

A writer's plight

I began this journey into the crazy world of publishing out of frustration. Little did I know that writing a book could be just as frustrating as reading one.
After six completed novels, three of which are contracted and set for publishing later this year and early 2011, and several more are collecting the equivalent of laptop dust, I realized that sometimes the fire dwindles.
Yes, at first you're all excited. Oh my gosh, I wrote a book!!
Then comes the contract. Oh, my gosh, I'm going to be published!
Then comes the reality check.... this crap takes forever!!!
But, ah hah! That means I have some time to do.... what exactly? Oh yeah, continue writing.
Easier said than done.
You see, my head is still wrapped around a hero, heroine and plot-line that in all actuality are no longer mine. All of that now belongs to the editing fairies over at my publisher's cave, held hostage and getting used to its new home.
So, I do what only comes naturally to any mother in the animal kingdom, (humans excluded of course) and I move on.
I dust off the next completed manuscript, fiddle with it, tweak it, wash it and try to dress it up all nice and pretty. Sigh! A mother's work is never done, is it?
Soon, it too is ready for review.
By this time I am so tired of reading and editing the same story over and over again, for a brief moment, I actually loath my own creation.
Who do these people think they are anyway, running my life, demanding I give them more depth, passion and dialog? Don't they know I gave them life to begin with?
So, I do what any insane, eccentric writer would do. I channel Dr. Frankenstein, click that little "W" icon and open a new document.
Ahh! A blank page, siting there waiting, longing, yearning for my touch.
Only my mind is now torn.
What about the hero I just left? I'm still not over him yet. Will he be hurt? Will he think he was just a mere toy in my hands because I rebounded so quickly? Will those intense eyes ever look at me the same way again? Do I care? Should I care?
No, I must move on. I must be strong. He's fine, isn't he?
Oh, what do I do? Desperation seizes my heart. Is all hope lost? I throw myself on the sofa, ready to release the tantrum, whirling within. Please, someone send me a sign!!
Wait? What's that? Is that a light I see just ahead?
Where did those piercing blue eyes come from? Oh my, take a look at those rippling muscles trailing down that tanned bicep. That sleek, thin treasure trail must lead to somewhere yummy, right? And, those lips. I can almost taste them now. Plump, warm, soft and ripe for the taking. This man could definitely be mine, all mine!
Muahaha! The embers flare.
If I stroke him just right, (so to speak) could he measure up? Could his world soon become my own?
I collect my dignity, return to the computer and wait for him to speak.
At first he is quiet, just standing there before me, beckoning with lustful eyes.
How do I get to him? How do I make him mine?
I know, I will seduce him with the feminine wiles only I possess. A secret weapon, if you will.
A conniving idea enters my creative mind.
My fingers cautiously hover over the keys to my laptop. What would he desire most? How about long flowing tresses, dangerous curves and an seductive inner light he will never be able to resist.
I go to him in my alternate form. The heroin of his dreams. The force that drives him onward. The ying to his yang!
Yes, I've done it. I've fallen in love... again!
The fire returns with a fury.
Raging through the screen, and I.... I am writing again.....


  1. Robin,
    God help me, I can't remember if you said this was your first blog or not...BUT either way, it was delightful! Love your sense of humor:) I'll have to check my ancestry, we may be kin:)
    I enjoyed the whole read, and found several points that rang home with me like a bell.
    Ending's and beginning's are both difficult for me also, but once you get the next "sign", it all fades into the recesses of your mind and your up and away with the next plot.
    All the best with your book that is in the publisher's hands, and with the new one:) And keep blogging! (Said by one who doesn't blog regularly yet;)


  2. Great blog, Robin. Love your humor.


  3. What do you mean 'weird sense of humor?' That's the reason you fit in with the rest of us! *grin*

  4. Very nice, Robin, very nice.

    And so very true. LOL!


  5. What a start, Robin! You captured the author's affair with their characters perfectly. The commitment, the lust for more, the guilt....eep.

    Keep writing here, I love your style.