Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Journey of the Damned: Retribution

The day has finally arrived. Friday October 1st is now only hours away and I have been in overdrive with promotion and networking.
This has been such a thrill for me, and with the exception of marrying my late husband and giving him four beautiful children over the course of fifteen years, nothing else quite compares.
Tomorrow, September 30th is the last day I will be "just a writer".
Friday, I become an author.
Somebody pinch me please!!
To launch my career, an interview with Love, Romances and More will be posted tomorrow. This is my first interview and will be followed by many more in the weeks to come.
To one lucky visitor, I will personally give away a copy of an e-book of their choice from Devine Destinies or Extasybooks, or they will receive a basket of goodies from Love, Romances and More, just for leaving a comment on the site.
What could be better than that?
Oh, I know. How about a visit from one of the hot, delectable heroes of some of the romance novels showcased on the site? If only that were possible, right?
I would melt into a puddle if Demetri Bastian, straight from the pages of Retribution, knocked on my door and asked me to join him for dinner. Of course, I would definitely be on the look out for Sydney, the love of his life... but, since I know them both pretty well, I doubt she would mind sharing him with me for a while!! After all, she kind of owes me a favor or two for introducing them to one another, doesn't she?
Ahh, wouldn't a peek into my mind be interesting?
You will get a chance to do just that tomorrow at and again on Friday, October 1st when you get to finally read Journey of the Damned: Retribution.
Hope to see you there!!


  1. Wow. Congratulations, Robin! I'm so happy for you(and a lil green with envy, but in a good way ;-)). Can't wait to read!


  2. Thank you, Avril,
    They say time flies when you having fun, but no matter how much fun I've been having I swear this took forever!! Don't forget to visit Love, Romances and More for the interview.

  3. And, there I go again, not proof-reading before I post something...when will I ever learn?? NEED MORE COFFEE!!