Friday, October 29, 2010

Just a peek into my wicked wicked mind


Such a harmless word, yet when combined with my mind, it can be wondrous or even destructive.
If any of you have ever wondered how most writers come up with the characters they create, I will let you in on my particular secret... if you promise not to tell...
I search the world wide web for a certain, look.
If my story has a hero I am trying to get a feel for (and trust me... I feel him all over) Then I simply search for the criteria that matches the image I've conjured in my head.
Tall, dark and handsome?
Mysterious, blond and built like a brick- %&$#@!
Well, you get the picture.
I study the face, the hands, the curve of a muscular shoulder, paying close attention to the eyes and the look the model conveys. The eyes are the windows to the soul and often times the view into a life I discover waiting on the other side ... deep in my imagination....

Those intimate moments set the tone for the life I create.
Often times I come up with something like this...

There's an intensity in his stare and it makes me wonder... is he angry with his lady love?
Does he harbor some secret that could destroy what they have?
Or, does he have something wickedly sexy on his mind?
Who, knows, but think of the endless possibilities.

I prefer to think he's waiting patiently for me to finish writing this blog so he can show me something really special... wink wink!

Then of course there are those MOMENTS that need inspiration... a lover's embrace, pain, broken hearts etc. etc. etc...
So, I look for scenes like these...

It's true... a picture says it all....

The fact of the matter is that my muse comes in many forms and shapes and has to be forever changing if I am to give birth to a new character, introduce them to you, then destroy their lives over the course of a few intense pages, only to do for them what I haven't the power to do in real life, and give them their happily every after... or at the very least, a happy for now.

Here are a few more pics that warm my heart, plus a few other places I won't mention...

Gosh, I LOVE my life!!!

Now you understand why I'm always saying RESEARCH is so necessary and although time worth it in the end!



  1. Love your research! Think I'll go do some of my own :0)

  2. Damn you, Robin! Why must you do this to me?;-) Research is a must. The photo folders on both my desktop and netbook are filled with research. Loves me some research, but I only do that after I've written my stories. Then I scour the place looking for the people in real life who closely resemble my made up people.

    Oh, such hard work. Laboring over the computer, typing in search words like 'hot men with tattoos' and 'naked men with guns'. And to have to subject myself to the viewing of these images over and over again...and again...

    Le sigh ;-) the torture...


  3. Hot damn those men are delicious! **Drools**
    You've given me an idea LOL Thanxs

  4. Annie, good luck with the research. I will be pulling for your survival.

    Avril, my long lost sister from another mister, I will be sending you memory sticks to save all your inspiration on so you can take them with you when you're away from home...LOL!

    Blak, well what can I say. I can only imagine what you will come up with, but I look forward to seeing what you will do with any combination of the lovely pieces of eye candy I provided.

    Have fun!!!

  5. Girl, you were sooo naughty today! I am so loving it! Got my Hubby's attention. it warm in here?

    Go Robin Go!