Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stepping out of my comfort zone...

Wow, It's been one heck of a week.
Inundated with guest blogs, interviews and countless other promotional projects, I actually took some time away from the chaos to take advantage of my new Kindle by downloading a book from my publisher's main site over at eXtasybooks.
What's so special about that you ask?
Well that in itself wasn't so unbelievable or courageous, but what I downloaded was a genre I had never read before.
M/M Erotic Romance!!
Okay, anyone who knows me should be well aware of my open-minded nature and may have even heard me make a sly comment or two pertaining to the fact that I "like boys who like boys."
That doesn't mean I'm "into" something kinky, it's just that gay men are a kindred spirit... after all we like the same things... MEN!!
No offense to my lesbian friends... if you know me well enough you sure as heck know I don't have a problem with girls who like girls either!!
Of course, being a girl, I know what woman are like between the sheets... so that's where the stepping out of my comfort zone came into play.
Curiosity got the better of me and guess what... It didn't kill the cat!! (Take that with whatever pun your mind may have conjured)
The novel I chose was an eXtasybooks title called Devotion, written by the very talented author, Blak Rayne.
Who is Blak Rayne you may ask? Well, great minds think alike because that's exactly what I wanted to know. He must be one interesting fellow, right?
She is one very interesting LADY and a Canadian to boot! Bet ya' didn't see that one coming, did ya', eh? LOL!

Devotion is a sci-fi erotica that, for the most part, takes place in a military-type high-rise facility-slash-city that houses everything from schools and libraries to restaurants and personnel quarters.

The two main characters are likable though slightly flawed. Just like any man, I suppose.

Reeve is a sharp-shooter who is tall, muscular and handsome as hell with long hair that made me want to latch onto it and hang on for dear life. He has a troubled past that unfolds as the story deepens, he draws you in with a happy-go-lucky personality, and he's always ready to tease and play, in more ways than one. Wink-Wink! Though I would never want to find myself on his bad side! He's a man who takes care of business and does it with all the sex appeal of a true hero.

Slade, on the other hand is an elite swordsman, though smaller in size, he's quite handsome and comes equipped with a no-nonsense, "I don't have time for games" attitude, and has a very low tolerance for anything less than perfection. Despite his rough edges though, he manages to nuzzle himself right into your heart and draw you in with the vulnerability he can't show to others... except for Reeve of course. Yeah, he's one of those "kiss me when nobody's lookin'" kind of guys, and I loved him for it.

The relationship that grew between the two gorgeous men made sense to me and fell right into the old saying that opposites attract.

I found myself captivated from one scene to the next and my poor Kindle took a beating every time my hand gripped it tightly to get me through the action and suspense scenes, as well as the drama and love scenes. Shuffling it from room to room when I couldn't put it down, nearly caused a blister.

Devotion is not for those who blush easily or can't handle erotica and Blak Rayne packs a punch with the bold way she portrays men in this light. It's hard to believe she wasn't channeling one of these two men as she wrote their story.

Guess what? Men are still men, no matter their sexual preference.

How did she know this? Simple... she asked!!

How did I know this? Ah, hah... I asked, too!

The literary world is growing with leaps and bounds as genres explode in the direction of the non-traditional relationships.

Extasybooks is one of the flourishing publishers who takes chances and steps outside the box to bring all readers stories they can relate to. I for one am proud to be a part of it and proud to have gotten to know the talented author of Devotion, Blak Rayne.

If you are interested in reading Devotion, click anywhere on this page you see the title highlighted or just follow the links below. You will find Devotion on the TOP TEN LIST for EXTASYBOOKS this month, too!! That's sating something!!

To learn more about Blak Rayne, visit her in her world by clicking her highlighted name or follow the link below as well.


  1. Very nice, Robin. Funny too. I can't wait to come up for air on the writing front and tackle my reading list. Two wonderful sounding books are already at the top of that list.


  2. Thanks Avril,
    It's fun to venture off into other worlds sometimes, you never know what surprises you'll find along the way. Can't wait to take a "Wicked Ride" with your new release... Isn't it 2011 yet? LOL!