Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Author Guest Spotlight

Welcome back Cynthia Arsuaga!!
I had a wonderful time yesterday learning a bit more about Cynthia's new book and taking  a few moments to get to know her. She really is a genuinely nice lady and her creative work reflects her personality. Today we will dive deeper and ask Cynthia a few writing related questions then move on to some fun personal stuff. Please help me welcome her back. 

Cynthia, what has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?
My life experiences and my husband, Mike Arsuaga are my biggest influences. He is the one who originally inspired me to write. I began reading his stories and proofreading/editing his work. We recently collaborated and co-authored a novel called My Life as a Dog which is due out March 7 with Secret Cravings Publishing. So yes, I’d say without my husband supporting me I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing.

I suppose I wasn't too far off the mark when I mentioned him being your "better half" then. (smiles)
How did you feel when you got your first publishing contract?
I felt surprised. Truly. Based on the experience my husband and others I read about, getting published is not easy. So I figured I needed a few rejection letters under my belt or plastered on my wall before I could call myself an author. Boy was I surprised and shocked when the first novel I wrote submitted to the first publisher was accepted. Then the second one and a third. I hope I have the same success with the ones I’m writing now. You never know. Nothing is ever guaranteed. All I can do is write the best I can and hope someone likes my stories and style.

You were truly blessed, Cynthia, and I am sure your talent had more to do with it than luck.
How do you categorize yourself: pantser or plotter?
A hybrid if there is such a category. I do “write by the pants of my seat” but I also plan out once I get a story idea. I have a beginning, middle, and end. Everything is fluid though and I have been known to change my mind on how everything works out in the end. But, that is what I enjoy about writing. The creativity and imagination can take the characters anywhere.

We don't care how you get there, as long as you take us with you. 
What are you working on now?
I’m almost finished with Born to Play with Born Again in Dreams following close behind. I have a sequel to another story I have releasing in April, A Cougar and Her Vampire, I’m calling A Vampire in Paris, with one of the secondary characters from The Cougar, and I have planned a third, but that’s definitely way in the future. I have another shape shifter set in Egypt and that’s all I’ll say on that one and the Christmas with a Stranger free read short story I am interested in expanding into a full-length novel and re-releasing for next Christmas 2012. That’s my goal anyway. We’ll see if the publisher is interested. Of course, between now and the next release, who’s to say another idea won’t pop in my head and another story will be “born”.

Wow, you are sure busy and we love that! 
We're itching to get into the mind of an erotic author, tell us, are love scenes easy/difficult to write?
I always find writing the intimate scenes the most difficult. I want them to be just right and “feel” right. In the one I’m working on now (Born to Play), it took me over a week to get the two chapters of the first encounter between the main characters perfect. One chapter was from his POV the second in hers from the same scene. Each chapter was at least ten pages long. Intense to say the least.

I guess it's a good thing love scenes don't take that long in real life, no one would ever get anything done. 
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
Ideally, Crete, Greece or anywhere in Greece. Love, love, love the country. But, it’s too cold right now. So, as a secondary choice, I’d pick somewhere in the Caribbean soaking up sun, surf, and a cocktail with a paper umbrella in it. Yeah, that sounds good right about now, doesn’t it?

Okay, so now we really need to know something sweet and juicy. So tell me, Cynthia, whipped Cream, strawberry sauce or chocolate syrup?
Chocolate Syrup with Whipped Cream and Fresh Whole Strawberries, no sauce.

Mmmm, a woman who wants it all! wink wink! I can so relate to that. 
That was the sweet part, now for the juicy!!
What is the craziest/sexiest thing you have ever done in public?
Oh, blushing, I, um, did a striptease on the dance floor at a nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale for my husband with strangers watching. We were celebrating our First Anniversary. Yikes, did I say that? I think I might use that scene in the story I’m writing now, it’ll fit!

I would say that I am shocked, but actually I am jealous that I missed it. 
I bet a night out on the town with you and Mike would land one, if not all of us, in jail. Just kidding. But seriously, you are a ton of fun and I look forward to being a fly on the wall tomorrow while you chat with your character Alex. 
Now that is a woman I can't wait to meet. 
Everyone, please come back Wednesday for more fun in the sun with our guest from Florida, Cynthia Arsuaga!!


  1. Would you say your working with your husband, help you to train your skill in writing? Giving you a knowledge of what some publisher are looking for in a good story

  2. Every publisher looks for something different, so read their submission guidelines carefully and follow them to the "t". As far as working with my husband, we read each other's work for formatting, proofing, content, etc. It is nice to have an extra set of eyes. When we really need another opinion, we ask our daughter to take a look at a certain part of a story. She's a great "beta" reader. She doesn't write so lends a good perspective.
    Hope this answers your question.