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Yesterday was a lot of fun. I am so enjoying Cynthia's visit and I'm sure everyone is finding her as wonderfully talented as I do. Today we have a treat. Not very often do we get a one on one view of characters when they are away from their stories, but now we're in for something special. Cynthia has invited Alexandra Carlton to join her.
Please help me welcome them both as I turn the reigns over to Cynthia.

Hello, I’d like to thank Robin Badillo for the invitation to guest blog. My name is Cynthia Arsuaga, author and host today. Also with me in the studio, I have the pleasure of interviewing Alexandra Carlton, the charming young woman and lead character of my debut novel, Born to Be Wild. Creating Alex, the name her family calls her, was an absolute joy to write. The high spirited character came alive from the moment she sped down the highway on the first page to when she met Stefan, through fighting the bad guys, and falling for Stefan to final acceptance of her flaws.

Alex graciously joined us today, taking a break from her busy schedule with the FBI in Miami and share a few insights into her exciting and intriguing life. Please give Alex Carlton a warm welcome.
 CYNTHIA: Hi, Alex. Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I know you are one busy lady.
ALEX: Thank you Cynthia and a shout out to Robin too. It’s my pleasure.
CYNTHIA: Let’s get down to it. Tell the audience a little about yourself, what is your background? Who is Alexandra Carlton or should I say Alex Carlton?
ALEX: Okay, well, first I do prefer Alex, Alexandra is so formal. I am a third generation vampire bounty hunter from Narcoosee, Florida, a small town twenty miles south of Orlando. I have two brothers who are also hunters. We were trained by my dad and taught the Ten Rules of Vampire Hunting. My mother used to hunt, but she retired after having me. She always wanted me to be a doctor or at least marry one, and tried to sell me on the idea, but that wasn’t in the cards. I craved adventure and the thrill of the hunt. And that is what set me on the course of finding my current position and the love of my life.
CYNTHIA: Interesting. You mentioned your father taught you the Ten Rules of Vampire Hunting. Could you explain to everyone what those rules are?
ALEX: Sure. They are a code that was formally established by the Bounty Hunters Society when the Vampire Laws of 1905 were written. Before that time, the rules were a word-of-mouth, unorganized group of guidelines, based on what worked, practiced by regional hunter groups. My dad taught my older brothers, Jordan and Paul, and I the established rules. Every day he sat us down at the kitchen table and had us recite the ten rules until we knew them backward and forward. The Carlton Bounty Hunters live and breathe the Code. I even use them in my everyday life with the FBI serving on the Vampire Unit in Miami.
CYNTHIA: Okay, that brings me to another question. You are from a small town outside of Orlando, Florida, and...
ALEX: Yeah, the land of magic and fairy tales.
CYNTHIA: *snickering* If you believe, right?
ALEX: *snort* Yeah, but there’s no such thing as real magic and fairies. Or ghosts, either, but that’s another story. Oh, sorry for interrupting. Go on, you were saying?
CYNTHIA: You tracked a rogue vampire from Florida to Virginia back to Florida and you did it alone. Were you afraid at any time to track a dangerous vampire alone, without the help of your brothers and father?
ALEX: I wasn’t afraid. I was stoked. My father trained me and I had over two hundred fifty bounty hunts with my brothers and father before going solo, so I felt quite confident. When you’re confident, fear flies out the window.
CYNTHIA: You did get help eventually because the scope of the original crime the rogue committed expanded, right?
ALEX: I enlisted the help of another vamp, Stefan Marin. He was a Commander Enforcer and worked for Gregori Van Zant, the Grand Master of the Mid-Atlantic Blood Family. After we joined forces and took on the renegade vampire, Stefan became the new Master and Commander of his own Blood Family in Miami. I moved there to be with him and I eventually was recruited by the FBI to work in their Vampire Unit. Now, we support each other in our respective lives.
CYNTHIA: Ahh, that’s sweet. Let’s get into some fun questions. What is your main fault or vice?
ALEX: Oh that’s not a fun question Cynthia. I’m a feisty person and if I initiate an idea or plan, I always want to be the one on top, ask Stefan. Of course, he’d say I’m bossy, not feisty. Also, I don’t know if this is really a vice or a fault, by I do have a real sinful indulgence.
CYNTHIA: Ooh tell us.
ALEX: Well, I have been working on dropping the last ten pounds that have been a pain to lose. Stefan says I’m perfect and it’s not necessary to diet. I’m working on my self-image issues and the old habits of indulging on a diet of chocolate, cheeseburgers, fries, Cherry Diet Coke, and Cheetos really doesn’t help lose those last unwanted pounds. I’m trying with Stefan’s encouragement though. So eating lots of chocolate is my real sinful indulgence.
CYNTHIA: I certainly can relate to that one. Chocolate gets me every time too. What is your motto, if you have one?
ALEX: Hmm, never thought about if I have a motto. I live by a Code, but do I have a motto? If I had one, I’d say, ‘We may have scars and warts on the outside, but there is true beauty inside for anyone who loves unconditionally.’ Stefan helped me learn that about myself.
CYNTHIA: What a lovely sentiment. Stefan is a special person. I’m beginning to see why you love him. What is the biggest hope for the future between you and Stefan?
ALEX: That’s difficult to say. We do have plans to help Gregori Van Zant, Stefan’s former boss in Virginia Beach, and Sorin, the Eastern European Grand Master is planning a visit to Miami in the near future. We have quite a social calendar ahead of us.
CYNTHIA: Yes, it certainly sounds like it. Okay, now for some quickie round robin answers. Which do you prefer, Satin or Lace?
ALEX: Lace.
CYNTHIA: Denim or Leather?
ALEX: Denim, tight.
CYNTHIA: Thunder or Lightning?
ALEX: Thunder, lightning can hurt you.
CYNTHIA: Dark eyes or Light eyes?
ALEX: Dark, of course.
CYNTHIA: The sound of a heartbeat or a crackling fire?
ALEX: The sound of a heartbeat, it’s too hot in Florida for a fire.
CYNTHIA: Coffee or Tea?
ALEX: Neither, I prefer Diet Cherry Coke.
CYNTHIA: Chiseled jaw line or chiseled abs?
ALEX: Chiseled abs to lay my head on.
CYNTHIA: High heels or flip-flops?
ALEX: Hmm, heels to dress up when I’m out playing with Stefan at the clubs and flip-flops when I’m playing with Stefan around the house.
CYNTHIA: Mountains or Beach?
ALEX: Florida beaches of course, walking hand-in-hand with Stefan in the moonlight barefoot in the sand!
CYNTHIA: Rain or Sunshine?
ALEX: Sunshine, when I’m not playing with Stefan. Hey I live in the Sunshine State of Florida. If it is raining at night, which it does occasionally, then curled up in bed with Stefan is my favorite over sunshine.
CYNTHIA: Picnic in the park or Dancing in the club?
ALEX: For a romantic evening, a picnic in the park with Stefan by moonlight, but for a night of fun, dancing at his club with a little play on the side, it’s a BDSM dungeon.
CYNTHIA: Well I think I’ll end this interview on that note. I want to thank you so much for visiting with us Alex. Those were very interesting and colorful answers! We had a wonderful time sharing this conversation and learning new facets of your personality.
ALEX: Thank you Cynthia and to Robin for opening up her Blogspot to us today. It has been my pleasure! I’ll look forward to a return visit and maybe I’ll bring Stefan with me next time.
CYNTHIA: That would be marvelous. I’m sure the readers would love to meet him.
I want to thank everyone today for stopping by and reading my interview with Alexandra Carlton, the feisty heroine of Born to Be Wild. Remember, for those who comment on any of the posts on the blog, including this one, your name will go in the hat for a drawing at the end of the week! Details for the drawing can be found here: and for the buy link

Wow! That was a lot of fun. I seriously hope Stefan comes back with her some time. Rarely do we have a chance to put a man in the hot seat. 
I hope everyone will come back tomorrow as we take a little trip inside the pages of Born to be Wild as Cynthia shares a steamy excerpt . 
I cant wait!!!


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  4. Thanks everyone for leaving your comments. It was fun doing the interviewing instead of the other way around.

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