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It's been one heck of a week here at Sealed with Kiss and today we'll go out with a bang. Cynthia Arsuaga has been a delightful guest and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and her spunky heroine, Alex. I hope she will return soon and maybe bring Mike, her batter half, with her. We would love to hold a man captive here for an entire week, and boy could we get some new story lines out of the adventure. 
For now though, we'll just have to settle with a sneak peek between the pages of Born to be Wild, once again. This time though, make sure the kiddies are all tucked in bed or already headed to school because the teasing is over and Cynthia is about to please....

“Oh, I can control my desire for your blood, but not your body.” His fingertips slowly meandered down the curve of her neck to the rise of her breasts, over her navel ring, and back to her cheek. “Alexandra, you do take my breath away, and I will give you much pleasure.”
“Stefan, do you really think I’m beautiful?”
“Like a spring morning in my homeland.”
While the question of whether to trust him or not remained in doubt, the throbbing ache in her pussy overrode the discussion of the matter in her brain, compelling her to give into his touch. He didn’t need to use mind control on her, only touch her with his words, and they were sweet words. He thinks I’m beautiful.
Stefan cupped her cheek with his hand. “Come here, prinĊ£esa mea.” He was solemn, gently pushing her hair back past her shoulders. He closed his eyes and leaned into her, imprinting her essence into memory. She gasped as full, soft lips again laved the pebbled pink tip of one nipple, his tongue lashing it into hardness where he left off.
Her body cried out for release. She moved her hands to reciprocate his touch. When she reached for his rock hard cock her moist loins rose from his lap, and he pulled her hand away. “No, no sweetheart. I’m pleasuring you.”
Sliding firm hands around her waist, he lifted her off his lap and laid her down on the sofa. Unfastening her pants, he pulled them down past her hips and off, tossing them to the floor.
As he rose above her, she shivered from the smooth power of his muscular frame pressing firmly upon her smaller body. Electricity sparked from the contact and of the slick, wetness of her excitement.
“Stefan, please.”
He ignored her plea, one hand slipping down between her thighs, and in between her panties, lacing his fingers through the downy curls. A moan escaped her lips when he thrust a finger inside her wet passage. He moved his thumb in a circular motion to massage her clit. Her breathing quickened. He suckled her breast gently.
Pressing him hard to her breast with one hand, she ran the fingers of the other through his hair.
Quietly whimpering, she rocked her hips in rhythm with his hand. The heat intensified and skin tingled over her entire body.
He released her breast and blew a soft, warm breath across the nipple sending shudders down her spine. He took her through a slow burn and it wasn’t enough for her. Wanting it hard, she dug her fingernails into his back to express her desire.
“Stefan, I need you inside me.”
Again, he ignored her plea. He hooked his fingers around the crotch of her panties and pulled them over her hips and down her legs. Being completely naked and exposed brought on feelings of self-consciousness about her weight. Stefan didn’t seem to notice, making her feel comfortable about being naked in front of a man for the first time in years.
Pressing a kiss on her belly, he ran his tongue in circles around her navel, twirling the piercing. Her mouth gaped open. He trailed butterfly kisses down from her navel. He lifted her knees, kissing the inside of her thighs. Working slowly and meticulously toward her pale pink pussy, he spread her soft folds open and smiled. Her inner lips were blood red, hot, and dripping wet. With one long stroke, he licked her from ass to clit nearly levitating her off the sofa. He sucked and tugged at her clit teasing her toward release.
God I want him to fuck me!
“Not yet, sweetheart.” He gently thrust a finger inside her, pumping in and out a few times. Adding another finger, keeping rhythm, and a third. Letting her legs open wider, she rested one over the back of the sofa. He stroked the inner walls of her vagina while he continued to fondle the now hypersensitive nub. Tension grew inside her, ready to explode. His fingers were moving incredibly fast, bringing on a sensation like falling off a cliff.
Oh fuck me, Stefan!
With the orgasm shooting through her body, she arched her back and desperately clenched the side of the sofa. “Oh my god, Stefan, you are incredible.” She struggled to catch her breath, holding her hand to her chest.
He unfastened his trousers. “Alexandra, I will give you what you want and more. Are you ready?”
“Yes. Oh god, yes.”
He shifted his position and poised over top of her. “Wrap your legs around me.”
Anticipating his next move, she did as he commanded.
He pressed his thick, long, rock-hard cock against the entrance to her pussy and thrust in deep, deep, and deeper yet again. He slowly withdrew to the tip and thrust hard again, and repeated again, and again. Sheer ecstasy built up irrepressibly inside her. He took her on another slow burn. Damn him! How does he do it?
Without warning, another orgasm washed over her. Shaking and shuddering, her thighs squeezed tightly around his waist. He continued pumping hard until he reached his own release letting out a loud growl as he came, then collapsed upon her.
Raising up, “Are you all right?” he asked.
“Never better, stud. You’re magnificent beyond words.”
He smiled.
“What’s so funny?”
“I ended up on top after all.”
She cut him a sharp stare. “Only because I let you, smartass.”
“Hmm. So you think. And watch your language woman. You promised.” He rose from the sofa and extended his hand. “Come with me.”
“To bed. It’s late. The sun will rise shortly. I’m not finished with you yet. I want to make love to you again and again.”
“You’re up to it so soon?”
“You inspire me and I’m a vampire. And you can be on top this time.” He gave her a devilish grin.
“Ooh, how can a girl resist such an invitation?” Taking his hand, they walked to the bedroom.

Don't say I didn't warn you!! Not much left to say about it, is there? Whew! 
Thank you, Cynthia! You sure know your erotica!!
Sealed with a Kiss has been properly christened with it's first erotic excerpt and boy did that one break it in good! 
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  3. LOL!!! I wasn't playing around when I said we would go out with a BANG!!! Hehehe! Thank's Cynthia. I had a blast!

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