Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Journey of the Damned: Scorned

In March of 2009, I made a decision that changed my life. 
Many of you know that I've had a love for writing for most of my life. 
Well, marriage, kids and just trying to maintain the American Dream, didn't exactly get in the way, it just changed the direction I had planned to go. I wouldn't have had it any other way now. 
When I made the decision to write a romance novel, well let's just say than even now it makes me laugh when I think of how INSANE that was. 
Some said I had talent, but not quite there, some just figured it was some pipe-dream, but some of you said GO FOR IT!!! And, I did. 
Well, it's been nearly two years since I opened my first blank word document, and on January 15, 2011, I will offer to you the end of the story I wanted to tell. 
This book holds a special place in my heart because that day(in 2009) when I was driving down the the road and saw Sydney Chance writhing on some tattered sofa with no memory and no idea of what was happening to her, little did I know that not only would her life as a vampire mark the beginning of an adventure for her, but, I was launched into a wondrous Journey of my own. 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Some journeys take you to distant lands, some to the end of the line, but some journeys take you straight into forever.

Sydney Chance found her immortal destiny in the arms of her true love, vampire Demetri Bastian. But, life as a vampire has dealt them a shocking hand.
Separated by a sinister foe, Sydney must circle the globe, desperately in search of the man she loves.
Oceans and continents lie between them and danger lurks at every turn.
A female vampire alone for too long, incites the natural attraction from every male within her proximity. Even a determined Sydney, finds herself vulnerable to natures call and when her own feelings of doubt weaken her resolve, temptation becomes her enemy.
Can she fight the battle within, or will it destroy her before her nemesis ever has a chance?
Is it possible for a woman to love more than one man at a time, or will fate make the decision for her?
Love has a way of leading a heart to its destiny, but nobody said it was going to be easy.
When true love reaches into the darkness and breathes new life into your immortal soul, embrace the light and seek your destiny, for there lies the truth, and in it, you shall be free.


  1. I started reading the second in the series - very awesome! Congrats on the third! All the best!

  2. Hope you like it! I've got a certain book I plan to "Devote" some time to the first chance I get, too! I've left my boys waiting too long! ;-)