Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest Spotlight Author Lisa Vance

   Today's blog is a bit on the special side for me simply because the novel you're going to be introduced to hits very close to home. 
   As many of you may know, I am a widow and have been a single mom for nearly five years now. I only mention it because that loss is what lead me to writing and to the place I am today. 
   Though my story isn't quite the same as the tale you are about to peek at, Passing Whispers, is an astonishing novel that is sure to leave you warm and tingly. 
   See, sometimes the ones we lose are closer than we know and I for one know my husband has seen me through some pretty rough times and some very painful moments and has been my personal guardian angel too many times to count. 
   Some men are just the type that continue to provide even after they've left our world and I for one think that's the most amazing blessing of all. 

  When Detective Endel Sorra is killed during a robbery two weeks before Christmas, the lives of his family are shattered. 
   His wife Kate, bitter, angry and full of hatred, blames herself for his tragic death. 
   Hector Ramos, the store clerk who was also shot in the robbery, will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. 
   The teenage shooter, Jake Conway, overcome with guilt for his crime, commits suicide and leaves behind his girlfriend Jenna, who is seven months pregnant. After she dies of a heroin overdose, the baby is left to be raised by Jake’s mother, a foul, uncaring drunk who keeps him solely for the extra cash she gets in her monthly welfare check. 
   Having lost their only child, Endel’s parents have no hope of ever becoming grandparents. It will take nothing less than a miracle to repair these broken lives. 
   When Kate Sorra comes across the Snow Globe that her husband had given to her the first Christmas they were married, she gets that miracle. But will it happen in time to save them all?

Now if that hasn't tugged at your heart already, I don't know what will. Stick around, this excerpt is guaranteed to give you chills....

   For the next few hours, she immersed herself into organizing the decorations. She opened each box, examined the contents and then printed the name of the item on the outside. Then she deposited the box into the section where it belonged.
   Sometimes she had to look away when a particular memory threatened to bring on tears. She would take a deep breath, count to ten, and continue her task. She eventually found a small box, wrapped in newspaper. It was the size of a toaster, and the newspaper had yellowed with age. Kate already knew what was inside the box—she had opened it every year for the past fourteen years.
   Of all the gifts she had ever gotten, this was her favorite. It broke her heart to open it without Endel this year, but she had to see it one last time. Kate knew that counting to ten and taking deep breaths wouldn’t help her now.
   Her eyes filled up and brimmed over with tears as she slowly removed the snow globe from the box. Endel had given it to her on their first Christmas. They didn’t have much money that year, so he had wrapped it in newspaper.
   Inside the glass globe was a tiny ceramic couple. They were holding hands and gazing up at a rather lopsided and sparsely decorated Christmas tree. The young man was clutching a little
gold star, ready to place it on top of the tree.
   Kate turned the globe upside down and wound the key on the bottom of the wooden base several times. It played I’ll Be Home For Christmas as glittering snowflakes swirled magically around the young couple.
   Kate peeked into the box, knowing that the card Endel had given to her along with the gift would still be there. Feeling both eager and hesitant, she opened it.
Kate, all I’ll ever want is to gaze into your eyes every Christmas Eve for the rest of my life! I love you, Endel.
   The card had yellowed too, but the handwriting was still distinct. Best of all, it was his. She could remember every detail of that night so long ago. The way he looked—he was so excited
to have found the perfect gift. The way he smiled—as if they were the only two people in the whole world.
   She squeezed her eyes closed, remembering how it felt to being his arms. She could even smell his cologne in the air. The pain was almost too much to bear. Her heart felt heavy in her chest and she had trouble taking in a deep breath. The enormity of her devastating loss crashed down on her once again. 

   Kate felt a cold, searing anger building up inside her. She clutched the snow globe as tightly as she could and raised her arm above her head. She wanted to smash it against the wall so hard it would turn to dust. When she tried to let go of it, she felt a warm and familiar hand on top of hers. Against her will, she lowered her arm and gently placed the snow globe back down onto the floor.
Kate was astonished. The musical melody continued to play and the glittering snow kept swirling around the ceramic couple. There was no sign that either would ever stop.
   I couldn’t let you break our snow globe, Kate.
   Her heart pounded wildly as she spun around at the sound of Endel’s deep, husky voice. There he stood, exactly as she remembered him. He was smiling down at her, his pale blue eyes twinkling. His short, curly blond hair was tasseled like it always was before.
   “Oh, my God! Endel, is that you?” She was almost afraid to say his name, for fear he would disappear.
   Endel opened his arms. 
Are you just going to sit there, or come over here and give me a proper greeting?

   Have I ever steered you wrong about an excerpt? Nope, and I don't believe I did today either.
   This is one of those feel good kind of romances that goes much deeper than anything even Kate could have expected. Trust me, this story is the kind that gets ya' right where the old heart strings are. 
   To find out how this miraculous story ends, grab a comfy pillow or two, kick back and dive right in....
Passing Whispers
Available at Devine Destines
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  1. OMG Robin,
    I teared up reading this excerpt. Sure didn't need this morning at work, lol. I'm definitely going to buy this one.
    I'm just one big ole sentimental slob.


  2. Loving this excerpt. The story sounds like a total tear jerker.

  3. I am one of those blubber-fest members, too, but I love stories that give you goosebumps and make you believe anything is possible!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a chance to read it!!

  4. Thanks, girls! Yes, you might need a few tissues reading 'Passing Whispers' but there are a lot of light-hearted moments and a happy ending.

  5. I needed a few tissues! Passing Whispers is a beautiful book, Lisa, and i really do look forward to reading future works of yours xxx

  6. I forgot to mention... I love your new Blog look and the music, too! I didn't realize you could do that until yesterday.

  7. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face after only reading this short excerpt. OMG! I've not lost my hubby, but I have other loved ones and this hit home. I look forward to picking this one up to see how it ends.
    Thanks Robin for bringing Lisa here today.

  8. Thanks everyone!!
    Passing Whispers is a great story. I've cried my eyes out at this touching tale and it's not because I'm a big baby...okay, well part of it may be because of that...LOL, but mostly it's because it's just that good. ;-)