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Welcome Back Guest Spotlight Author Cassandre Dayne

I can't tell you enough how much I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's visit with Cassandre Dayne!!!  Sealed With A Kiss was definitely smokin'!!!!
Today Lady Dayne is back and she isn't playin' around... but then again, foreplay is a whole different story....
We love it when authors bring something yummy to the party and today Cassandre brings a question....
I bet your curiosity is peaked! Well, that won't be all that's hot and bothered by the time she's done today. So, I'm gonna step back and let her give you what you came for...
Champagne or Chocolate
by: Cassandre Dayne

Who needs edible undies when you can slather your lover with something truly delicious, completely edible and oh so sexy? The question is would you prefer champagne or chocolate? Have you ever thought about a setting up a delicious night where you leave all caution to the wind? Perhaps you will start out lounging in front of a roaring fire with a lovely glass of wine, a basket of toys and romantic or primal music playing as an appetizer. Maybe you can offer your partner a sensual relaxing massage and light some candles. Whispering a soft poem or reading a naughty passage from your favorite erotic writer, you can tell when he or she is ready for a wicked adventure.
     Then the real fun can begin! I love to think of creative ways of using food and beverages and perhaps some very normal household items you wouldn’t necessarily think of as the perfect erotic toy and incorporating them into my stories. I write very sexual and sometimes downright kinky treats about fantasies and we all have them. You never know what might become a brand new yummy toy unless you try it out, using that wicked and sinful part of your imagination. I must admit that two of my favorite items I use both in stories and out are a bit of bubbly and melted, gooey, dark chocolate. Getting a bit thirsty are you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of using food and drink as a festive aphrodisiac.
     Champagne – it’s frothy and cold and the effervescent bubbles can give you a perfect little kick inside your mouth, leaving that taste that lingers perfectly. Now, close your eyes and just imagine what effects it can have on your partner. Intrigued? Without getting into anything too graphic, envision taking a huge gulp and then leaning over your man, pressing your lips across his and forcing them open slightly. As the feel of hot and cold slice into his system, you can imagine that single whimper that leaves his mouth as he wraps his hands around your waist and draws you in so tightly that you are left breathless and desperately hungry to taste more of him.
     Then just think about another long sip and edging down the length of his chest, inching toward…nirvana. Okay, I know, is it getting hot in here? I can tell you that the effects are invigorating and delicious. Now reverse the situation until you are lying on your back and he is pressing kisses down the length of your body,,,pulsing his tongue across the heat of your tender flesh until your hand flutters down to grip his hair, longing to yank him to that sinful place you need. I can tell you ladies that the feeling is truly scintillating.
     Champagne is tasty and refreshing and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. It is also not particularly messy and can be controlled. That is…if you want to. Let’s look at molten chocolate.
     At this point I am thinking about the chocolate fondue. Imagine that perfect crackling fire again and this time you have a snazzy bottle of merlot, Kenny G on the stereo and fruits and cheeses on a silver platter just waiting to be consumed. Take a tasty nip and savor the flavor in the back of your mouth. It’s rich and warm with that incredible hint of raspberry or hazelnut. You dip the succulent strawberry inside and wait as he watches you for…long…wicked…seconds…until…you consume…the luscious…fruit. Lick! You heated up yet?
     Envision taking your finger, dipping into the gooey warmth and easing it out, finally slathering it across the seam of his mouth before you capture his lips, pressing your tongue inside to combine the rich tastes of his masculinity and the luscious treat. Tip his head back as you trace your finger down and across his chin, nibbling all the way as you go further down until…
     Hmmm...tough choice. What do you guys think? Succulent and sweet or tangy and ripe? I am having a hard time deciding. Granted one is messier than the next, but… I would love to hear from you. What is your choice and tell me why? And…have you used something else to tempt and taunt. Perhaps a little bit of honey or a taste of raspberry cream? There are endless possibilities.
     I hope I have given you some delicious ideas and while Valentine’s Day is over….you can always invent a new and very wicked holiday of your own.
     Purr…and dare to take the plunge!

Well, Well, Well, I hope you had your morning coffee already, but even  if you haven't, your surely awake now!!
The sound of those strawberries, slathered in melted chocolate not only makes my mouth water, but a few other places I refuse to mention...ooops, well I guess I just did. 
I won't apologize for the naughty images this post conjured up and I'm certain I'm in some very good company. 
If you liked today's topic, come back tomorrow....
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  1. lol. As a foodie I love this post. Whipped cream is my bad food of choice. But Ciroc Coconut runs a close second and all those actions you talked about above, I've attempted at a time. Or maybe two ;))

  2. Way to go girl! I think you can make almost any succulent or sweet food a taste on the naughty side, don't you?? It's truly wicked in my book!