Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome Back Guest Spotlight Author Cassandre Dayne

Welcome my darlings!! 
Have you had enough of the heat wave that's been blowing through Sealed With A Kiss this week?
Gosh, I hope not, because it you have, you might want to go ahead and leave before this next topic get's thrown out there for all to ponder!!! 
Cassandre Dayne is up to her Royal Naughtiness today with a brand new sexy topic and I have no intentions of keeping you from this post, so here she is..... 
Hello Sealed With A kiss. 
     That’s another naughty little question for you. Hmmm…what am I talking about? Well, ice, is well, ice. Imagine lying back on a bearskin rug just in front of a roaring fire on a wintery night. The stunning blond God like creature is hovering over you, completely naked, a light whisper of perspiration glistening across his face. Envision the mischievous smile as he gazes down the length of your body licking his lips. And you grab for him, only to be given that admonishing look. You were told to obey.
     Close your eyes, he says, I have a delicious surprise. You cringe, but succumb and nuzzle into the soft pelt, feeling the warmth of the fur in a direct correlation of quivers that slide into your wet heat. The crackling noises intrigue you and you struggle with your desires to see what he is doing. The little voice inside your head screams at you to throw open your eyes, but you obey, your body shivering.
     He teases you, tracing zigzag lines with the tip of his tongue down your inner thigh and back and you long to beg for him to just get on with it. The chuckle, laced with a hint of dangerous rumbles above you. Suddenly you hear nothing. Feel nothing. Until the slice of wicked cold sends a series of shivers dancing down your spine. You inhale deeply, trying to figure out what it is and then as he lowers his head and uses his tongue along with the torturous piece, you know exactly what is melting over the heat of your skin, a cube of ice.
     Ready for another? He chuckles.

     Whew, I think I like the dichotomy of the warmth of the fire and the frozen water. Don’t you? Okay, think of another scenario…
     Lying on top of the silk sheets, she struggled with the handcuffs that held her down. The scarf firmly wrapped around her eyes, she was unable to see anything. Are you there? she called, her heart fluttering. He had left her alone for so long that she wasn’t sure he was even in the house. He wouldn’t leave her, would he? Her pulse quickened the moment she heard the rustle from the other side of the room. What was it? Straining to hear, she garnered a whiff of his exotic cologne and shivered.
     His fingers brushed across her face, down to her lips and down further to the swell of her breasts. He was teasing her. She longed to call out, but knew better. The whisper of his kiss across her stomach brought a whimper. The long slice of his tongue, gathering the tiny beads of perspiration drew a moan. He stopped moving, but she could feel his hot breath across her skin. Licking her lips, the anticipation was almost too much.
     Ready, luv? His deep British accent rumbled into the humid air.
     Mmm…  She struggled again and was met with a series of hisses. What was that? Seconds ticked by as she felt the pounding of her fear pulse into her ears. The wait was sheer torture. Biting back another moan, it was the single hiss that startled her. And then the blinding white-hot flash of pain forced her to jerk up, fighting hard against the cold steel of the cuffs. What? The jolt of electric thrashed through her body again and the instant the molten drop hit her stomach and she heard the tiny crackle, the recognition dawned on her as the cascading trickles of candle wax fell across her skin.

    Well, both are methods of providing ecstasy mixed with a bit of delicious torture. I love using ice in the books that I write. Not only is the erotic act very sensuous and a touch out the ordinary, but can be used as a method of control as well. If you have ever kissed your lover and passed an ice cube back and forth in your mouths until there was nothing left but a sliver, you know just how scintillating it can be. Granted, hot molten wax is not for everyone, but when used in a trusted and safe method, it can be sinful fun.
     So, tell me…what would you prefer? I think you can see benefits of both. I hope you enjoyed my wicked tales of the day. Tell me yours! I would love to hear how creative you can be. Remember, dare to take the plunge and enjoy something a bit extraordinary and filled with passion.

Kisses   xxx

Whew! Now that was hot....or was it cold? Hmmm? I suppose it was the best of BOTH and here are Sealed With A Kiss... that's just how we roll!
I wonder if Stephanie and David played with fire or ice in Revving her Wild Engines? 
How about you find out for yourself? 

Could two damaged people ever learn to trust or love again?
The thought of having a torrid affair with one delicious male took her breath away and moistened her panties. Stephanie Simon was more than ready to have her most secret and sinful fantasies fulfilled. She craved a hunk on a Harley and had a luscious man in mind, David Tyler. The perfect candidate, he was a six foot golden haired God that had his own massive steel machine. Unfortunately they had never met. Introduced by a friend and conversing via the Internet, they had told each other their hidden hungers until they had to meet. Hers was a wicked tryst on the back of the bike and a ménage. David had the handsome third in mind and prepared a weekend affair that both would never forget.
     Their meeting electric, the long ride to a secluded spot nestled against the backdrop of the ocean set off an explosion of passion. Fueled by her hunger, he swept her off her feet as they explored a taste of voyeurism, a wild ride across a pool table in front of his friends and the desired ménage that left her engine revved for yet another ride. But, they both held a terrible secret and one that threatened their future happiness. As their horrors collided and their trust in each other was challenged by lies and anger, they both had a difficult decision to make and one that could either bring them peace or destroy them forever.
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  1. Hmm. I'se loving this post. Like I said recently, I'm a trisexual, try everything twice. The extra naughty ones I keep repeating. Ice and I are longtime friends.

  2. Nice post Cassandra. I favor the cold impact of ice. The way it glides over heated skin and slides around curves is electrifying. And, best of all, it's available pretty much everywhere. An innocent trip to the food court in the mall can turn instantly into a hot, covert encounter. An ice cube in the palm of your hand, discreetly applied to your lover's bare thigh or calf or inner forearm or pick your own patch of exposed skin, while you chomp away at your fast food, heats things up nicely.
    Have fun,

  3. Ice is definitly my favored choice.

    However, those soy candles that get hot but the wax is never so hot as to not be tolerable has real promise. And it's good for your skin!

  4. Ooh I do love Ice in story and in real life...

    Nice post!

  5. Whew! I'd have to choose ice. Cause no doubt after an interlude like those, I'd need it. Nice post!

  6. Thanks guys - glad you like and you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Scott - might have to take a naughty trip to the mall. Whew!


  7. Scott, Scott, Scott! I say this while shaking my head, you naughty boy. I am so pleased you stopped by. We love it when a man braves the front lines and dares to wander, armed with only a cup full of ice, into our midsts. Especially one with such a creative and adventurous side. Sorry if I am neglecting you other ladies, but hell, that's what happens when one man shows up at a party full of hot and bothered chicks!!

  8. Oh I do love this post,

    I would have to say I do prefer ice. You can really turn you partner on if you know how to use that ice right in your mouth.

    However, I try anything once and I'm wondering about the candlewax. Giving me ideals.

    And Scott, you naughty boy is right. Remember this Ice Cougar threw a challange up to you. Are you up for it, lol. Thanks for a new play ideal about the mall. Love you all, and thanks Cansandra for new ideals.

    Teresa K.