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Welcome Back Guest Spotlight Author Cassandre Dayne

Welcome back everyone. 
If you've come to see what sensual tidbit Cassandre Dayne has planned for Sealed With A Kiss today, well you sure won't be disappointed because today's post gets down to some nitty gritty, plain ol', straight up, grown folk, talk! 
Cassandre's "A little bit kinky" excerpt takes relationships to a whole new level in this topic about trust, needs and mutual compatibility... you know, the stuff that makes it or breaks it!!! 
Now before I lead you astray with my own opinionated commentary on the subject,(which nobody is here for anyway...hehehe!) let me sum it up by saying that no matter your favorite fetish, no matter what experimentation you and your partner want to try, remember that what's being mentioned here is a lifestyle choice and is based on love and mutual respect of consenting adults. 
On a personal note, Sealed With A Kiss celebrates love, passion, sexuality and naturally sensuality... thats's where the grown folk part comes in... (Oh, and don't forget a whole lot of wicked fun ;-) )
Cassandre introduces us to a world that maybe not a lot of people know about, and what they do know, probably isn't as accurate as they may think. 
That being said, I look forward to the comments and feedback you give Cassandre on this topic and can't wait to see her responses.... 
It's another wicked day on Sealed With A Kiss....

A little bit kinky…
Guest blogger, Cassandre Dayne

Writing erotic romance gives you many tasty options as far as the style, the flavors and just how wicked you want to be. Many authors pen what is called sweet romance. I love reading the lush stories and appreciate that they give you merely a taste of the couple’s desire and leaves the rest to your imagination. I write what I like to think is very spicy and highly erotic scenes and some fairy kinky stories. As a reader, how many exotic acts do you like to read about? Do you enjoy wild sex with a single partner or prefer to indulge in a ménage? What about a touch of BDSM for breakfast? A few whips and chains maybe? From light spanking to playrooms filled with spanking benches, floggers and the “x” cross, there are many varieties of the darker side of sex.
     In penning many aspects involving kinkier sex, it is important that the writer convey the complete understanding that the couple wants the experience and that there is utter trust between them. That is vital. I have been interviewed several times and asked how do I gather my information about BDSM? Of course there is research involved. I have read books, googled various acts, watched videos and I have spent a significant amount of time talking with actual Doms. I have also spent time talking with, reading about and experiencing via the internet organizations that live twenty-four hours a day the dominant/submissive lifestyle. I can tell you that it is not what you think it is. The love and trust between the people involved is amazing. The aspects of pain and pleasure mingle together as the woman or man gives their entire world over to the person they trust the most. It is beautiful to see once you understand. While I have yet to truly write a story about succumbing to that desire, but it is in the works.
     What I do tend to place into many of my stories, and I didn’t realize it until I was thinking about this blog, are public displays and voyeurism. Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire, being released in March, is about two lovers that crave everything extraordinary in their sex lives and are willing to go out on the edge. One of the aspects of my hero, Snake giving Halle her most shameless desire is about having three masked men ravish her body in the middle of a highly erotic party in a pool while the partygoers watch. Here’s a little taste. Is this something you would enjoy? Could you trust your lover enough and give him three naughty women for a surprise?

     The full moon allowed Snake to see their every action and he sighed as he watched the masked men moving forward like predators. The waters of the wading pool weren’t deep and he was able to see the majority of her luscious body as she stood waiting. Wondering. He grew hungry, but was determined to play out the event.
     Poseidon took her hand, intertwining their fingers together as he drew her close to his body and back toward the dancing waterfall. A single light cast it’s luminescent halo around them allowing a spotlight of their pleasure to be seen from afar.
     Thor moved directly behind her and eased her back toward his body, his cock firmly beating into the flesh of her ass.
     She whimpered as Zeus reached out and cupped her breast, kneading her pebbled nipple as his other hand moved over her belly, caressing gently downward until he hit the edge of the water. She turned her gaze to Poseidon who lowered his head and brushed his lips across hers. Pulling back, his tongue darted out to taste her sweet lips. Moans fluttered from her mouth as she closed her eyes.
     Obviously encouraged, the three creatures of lust began touching her intimately, allowing their fingers to dance down her body. Erotic touches. Soft whispers. Poseidon’s kiss became needy, hungry, his lips crushing hers. His fingers pinched her nipple while Zeus squeezed the other.
     Thor slid his hands around her hips allowing his fingertips to float across the heat of her belly and down until he found her soft hairs.
     Halle lolled her head back into his chest as his fingers found her cunt under the pulse of the water. Light mists of the waterfall showered over them from the wafting breeze and the humid air. “Oooohh…aaahhh…yyyyeeessss. God, I am so wet.” Her eyes were closed, her lips parted and her arms dangling. Beads of perspiration trickled down the side of her face mixing seductively with the drizzle of the cascading stream.
     Thor leaned over and kissed the side of her cheek, allowing his tongue to gather the salty drips.
     Snake glanced up at the window seeing movement. They were being watched just as planned. This was an erotic performance meant to excite the crowd into a raging frenzy. Their shadowed forms teased the audience. He chuckled as he removed the remainder of his clothes and gazed back at the three men pleasuring the only woman he wanted to share such an experience with. Kinky. Wild. It was one that he hoped she would never forget.
     Thor pulsed in and out of her pussy with one hand while he kept the other firmly planted on her hip, thrusting her ass back and forth across his cock.
     Halle’s hand moved back to hold his neck just as both Poseidon and Zeus lowered their heads and began suckling her breasts, her nipples. In long languishing licks and silent slathers, they sent intense waves of pleasure down her body. From her manic actions it was easy to see she was on fire and her glistening face showed her shameless need.
    Snake eased into the pool, keeping his distance as the three men began altering their hands, their tongue, their mouths over and inside the moist heat of her body.

     I can just see the full moon glistening over the pool water sending dazzling shimmers over their heated bodies. Can’t you? While the event is highly kinky, I also wanted to convey a sense of passion and romance. Snake and Halle love each other and by the end, you see what that love means. I’d love to hear your ideas about what you want to read about, whether it’s in my stories or another fabulous writer. Is it a touch kinky, a bit wild or simply a sweet fantasy? Email me any time!

Happy reading!
Kisses  xxx

Revving Her Wild Engines: By Cassandre Dayne

The thought of having a torrid affair with one delicious male took her breath away and moistened her panties. Stephanie Simon was more than ready to have her most secret and sinful fantasies fulfilled. She craved a hunk on a Harley and had a luscious man in mind, David Tyler. The perfect candidate, he was a six foot golden haired God that had his own massive steel machine. Unfortunately they had never met. Introduced by a friend and conversing via the Internet, they had told each other their hidden hungers until they had to meet. Hers was a wicked tryst on the back of the bike and a ménage. David had the handsome third in mind and prepared a weekend affair that both would never forget.
     Their meeting electric, the long ride to a secluded spot nestled against the backdrop of the ocean set off an explosion of passion. Fueled by her hunger, he swept her off her feet as they explored a taste of voyeurism, a wild ride across a pool table in front of his friends and the desired ménage that left her engine revved for yet another ride. But, they both held a terrible secret and one that threatened their future happiness. As their horrors collided and their trust in each other was challenged by lies and anger, they both had a difficult decision to make and one that could either bring them peace or destroy them forever.
To find Cassandre Dayne and 
Revving Her Wild Engines
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  1. Ooh wee! Love. It. I take it anyway I can get it. Kinky? Oh yeah. What I don't like *gasp* is menage, especially if its m/f/m. Make the men hump as well then we can talk.

  2. Oh Avril - it can be pretty darn sexy girl! But I like you can take it anyway...



  3. Wow,

    I love it! Its on my TBR!


  4. Thanks so much Rawiya! Hope you enjoy


  5. I guess I'm just an old fashioned lady. I just want one man. My age. Not young. I want love and romance. Candle-lit dinners with slow dancing. Gazing into each others eyes. Holding hands. Whipped Cream is as kinky as I'd get. LOL. And to tell you the truth, I'd rather have the whipped cream on a chocolate sundae AFTERWARDS. I know. I'm no fun. LOL. The post was an interesting read though. I never realized how must trust was involved.

  6. Okay,

    I guess I'm a freak,lol. I'm 47 old and the older I get the more sex I want. I love to read menage'. I'm not to ashamed to even say I've tried it. m/f/f and m/f/m.

    It's different and it can spice up a relationship to try different fantasy's.

    Cansandra I love your story. The excerpt is very well written and I think this book is going to be very exciting.

    Lisa,I too am really more old fashion. I want the romance like the Historicals. I prefer to show my man how wonderful sensual can be. However like I said acting out a fantasy from time to time takes trust and love.

    I'm just one sexy Cougar, lol.


  7. Guys - I love these comments and the one thing I can say is that trust is absolute. I too have enjoyed (telling on myself here) three guys - it was hot.'s not for everyone. Neither are many forms of BDSM. But...a certain little flavor can definitely spice up your love life. Happy reading and thank you guys for the lovely comments about my work!!


  8. Can anyone believe how quiet I am today? Hehehe! Trust me, it's editing hell and not the topic that's kept me at bay!
    I'm an open minded person, but to be honest, if I were an average sized woman, and not this sexylicious BBW, you would probably find me upside down on some stripper pole somewhere or on some public display venue somewhere...Maybe I'm just a closet voyeur.... =^^= !!! LMAO!!

  9. Robin,

    I knew I loved you girl. You and I think alot a like my beautiful Cougar.