Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome Guest Spotlight Author, Hunter K

It's not very often we have the pleasure of a man's company, but we sure do like it when their novels are spotlighted here on Sealed With A Kiss!! Rest assured we rarely ask them any embarrassing questions, though we can't always promise the same for their characters. 
Today's guest won't have any worries and I promise the spotlight will be very gentle. With that being said, 
I am pleased to present,
Rusted Crossroads 
by Hunter K. 
 Dick Chain, a private investigator, is led into a web of deceit by a mysterious man he meets at the airport. Dick soon realizes that there is something or someone leading him into the most bizarre case of his life. Unknowingly, he finds himself being involved with a past lover Ronda Braxton, an intriguing client, and an unscrupulous real estate developer. He couldn't make himself believe that his Ronda was somehow involved. Was she a killer? Demons were around every corner or was he truly losing his mind? Dick finds himself with a chance at love from his long-time friend. Can he find the courage to believe and accept this kind of love? Dick must rely on his faith, the one thing he was sure he needed. It was his sprit that forced him to follow the guidance of the spirit of God.

This story sounds like a wonderful read... Let's see what one reviewer had to say about Rusted Crossroads...

Set in an era where today's modern electronic technology is still in its infancy to the common man, Rusted Crossroads is a charming love story where mortal mysteries collide with those of a power greater than those of main character Dick Chain. Dick, a private investigator can best be described as being "old school" in his work ethics, his love life but importantly his love for Christ. As the story unfolds, readers will see that Dick isn't the only character who graduated from the School of Hard Knocks. Even the wealthy and affluent aren't immune from those life lessons. Rusted Crossroads is a reminder that in all relationships there is give and take. Be it personal, business or spiritual, unless you give back then you are merely a taker. There is no shortage of takers in Rusted Crossroads. However for those characters who are HIS children they are protected from the evil swirling around the mystery shrouded within Rusted Crossroads. I've read this book no less than ten times and every time I do, I get yet another biblical scipture embedded in my own mind to use as a prayer when the threat of evil is at the door of my real life. I would definitely recommend this book. Great job Hunter K. I hope to read more of your literary works soon.

Spotlighting Rusted Crossroads was a nice way to start off a seriously busy week. I, for one, am so glad Hunter sent it over so we could have a peek. 

You may learn more about Hunter K and his other novels by visiting his website at

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