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Welcome Guest Spotlight Author Layla Hunter

   Happy Friday everyone!! 
   This week has been about as sentimental as it gets. Sealed With A Kiss has lucked out on spotlighting not one, not two, but THREE wonderful authors in one week. A first and hopefully not the last. We love it when it's hoppin' around here. It's just another sign that love is in the air and spring is doing it's job by bringing on the romance!!
   Today we're gonna bring it to you like a speeding bullet train barreling down a downhill track!! 
   Please welcome author Layla Hunter!

   Layla Hunter's love of romance began at age of eleven when her grandmother (referred to lovingly as 'Nanns') slipped her a couple True Romance comic books, along with her first romance, and it was love at first sight. Before long, she was writing her own stories and has been doing so for over three decades.  Along with erotic contemporary romance, she enjoys writing erotic fantasy/paranormal romance, and has several works in progress. 
   A New Jersey native, she currently resides in an 1890 Folk Victorian with her husband and daughter. They share this century-old home with a bevy of delightfully comical cats. Oh, and let’s not forget the ‘ghost mice’ … unseen to the human eye, her cats dutifully chase these invisible intruders throughout the house at three o’clock in the morning. 

   Although the siren call of writing commands most of her time, she also enjoys reading, photography, ghost hunting, belly dancing, shooting sports, movies, music, and actively supporting several causes near and dear to her heart. 

   Layla has published several erotic shorts in an online magazine, Every Night Erotica, as well as had one of her short stories, Dark Desire, included in XOXO Publishing’s Halloween Anthology, Vol. 1, released October, 2010, and is excited to be a member of the Secret Cravings Publishing family. Her first novella, Skin Deep, was released 2/9 at Secret Cravings Publishing!

   Butterfly-inducing romance and a deep emotional connection between her characters are integral to her writing, as is giving readers a chance to escape into her character’s world for a little while where they can be assured of a HEA (or at the very least, a HFN ending). 

   She is a member of RWA, NJRW, LSFW, Passionate Ink, FF&P RWA, Elements RWA, Erotic Readers & Writers Association, Savvy Authors, Absolute Write, Romance Divas,, Romantic Ideas Online, WOW, and Truly Madly Deeply Romance Authors. 

  Now for a little blurb about Skin Deep!
Emily Monroe, a statuesque high school English teacher, is convinced that getting a tattoo to cover the remnants of her brush with Morphea is the only option left to open the door to self-acceptance, allowing her to finally move on with her life after the devastating diagnosis left more than physical scars in its wake. 
   Rick Sutton, owner of Skin Deep, a successful tattoo shop, has his own cross to bear. Crippling guilt and the specter of unrequited justice overshadow every aspect of his life, trapping him within the haunted corridors of his heart and soul; until the day Emily walks into his shop.
  Instantly, he recognizes a kindred spirit in Emily, and a tenuous bond is formed. When the intimidating yet teddy-bear of a man offers her a glimpse into his passionate side, she is moved by what she sees and takes a leap of faith.     Together they traverse the physical and emotional journey of freeing themselves of their perceived flaws, an erotic undertaking that proves to them beauty is only Skin Deep.

Now that she has  our attention, let's see just how deep Layla Hunter can get under our skin. Here is a little tease...gosh, I just love being me!!

"Don't…don't kiss me because you feel sorry for me," she said, her voice barely a ragged whisper.
 "I'm not about to kiss you because I feel sorry for you." His warm breath danced across her lips. 
This is what it should feel like…the earth shifting under your feet… butterflies in your stomach…heartbeat quickening…that shiver in your spine…a stirring deep within your very core?
When Rick slipped his arms around her waist, a shiver coursed through her as their bodies touched, now face to face, chest to chest, thigh to thigh. A slow heat simmered just under the surface and she wanted to feel more. Reaching up, she moved her hands through his hair before wrapping her arms around his neck, urging him closer, melting into him. 
Letting loose a small sigh, she pressed herself against him, lips parting in invitation, one he eagerly accepted by delivering a tender yet hungry kiss that promised of something more, something richer and deeper than she’d ever felt before.
Nothing else existed but this moment, this stolen moment in a wind-blown parking lot with a remarkable teddy-bear of a man who made her feel more like a woman than she had in a decade.  The effects of his lips traversed her entire body, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes and she was lost, in no hurry to be found.
 His hands moved up and down her back, slow, unassuming. In response, she opened for him further, Rick tasting dark and dangerous, the feel of his tongue sliding against hers more sensual than she could have imagined. Drawing in a quick breath, she slipped deeper into his embrace, raising her arms up and over his back, her fingers drifting through his thick hair.
The soft strains of music and laughter drifted towards them on the wind and she knew this moment was just that, a moment. But one not likely to be forgotten.
When his lips left hers, they took with him welcome warmth, leaving behind an all-too familiar chill.
 "Kiss me again?" she whispered and stretched towards him, tentatively brushing her mouth against his lower lip. Laughing out loud, he pulled her close as his mouth covered hers in a searching kiss, waking her body as if from a deep sleep.
 She brushed the tip of her tongue across his bottom lip, eliciting a soft moan from him, and he mimicked her, engaging her in a sensual dance as she lost herself in his arms once again.
The blaring of a horn shattered the moment and startled her back to reality. Breathless, she pulled back first, wanting to say something, but words failed her.
A knowing smile lit his face and eased the tension between them. Reluctantly, he let her go. Opening the car door, he waited like a sentinel until she sat safely inside.
"Goodnight, Emily. I will see you on Monday." 
With that, he closed the door, retrieved his cane and walked off into the night.

All righty then.... This is where I usually thank you all for stoppin' by and remind you of how you can find Skin Deep and offer links to Layla's website, yada yada yada, but then I noticed that this lovely lady had sent something I just couldn't leave out of this Spotlight. 
Here at Sealed With A Kiss, we like it hot and guess what? We're gonna get it...

Still shaken from the overt sexual reaction to his touch as well as the sight of the breathtaking canvas of her back, she let him guide her back to the table and help her up. With legs swinging nervously over the edge, she watched anxiously as he dipped the brush into the powder, tapping it against the side of the jar before returning to stand before her.
Her feet stilled as the brush swept over her breasts again and again until she lost herself in the resultant rush of heat, responding with a soft cry before stopping herself.
"God, Em…you're driving me crazy."
"I…I could say the same." Her voice caught and made a small noise that sounded almost like a purr.
"Do you trust me, Em?"
He rid himself of the jar and brush. Then, placing the pillow behind her, gently urged her back against the table until she was lying down, all the while searching her gaze for any sign of dissent. Apparently confident she wanted him to proceed he sat on the stool and rolled himself into position in front of her.
Those large hands hid the gentler truth of a tender touch as he eased her legs open, sliding his palms underneath her backside and raising her towards him.
As his tongue grazed the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, she drew in a sharp breath before releasing a deep sigh, followed by a deeper moan.
"It's been a long time Rick." You just might want to let me dust the cobwebs off first, she was tempted to suggest but remained quiet, curious.
"That's a real shame. You don't mind if I remedy that unfortunate situation," he replied playfully, lowering his head between her thighs.
About to protest, the first rush of warm breath against the silky fabric of her panties quieted any objections. Moving his mouth along the outline of her mons, he seemed in no rush, intent on exploring her fully. Following the contours of her outer lips, he gently nipped and pulled against the fabric, rousing a scintillating need within.
A soft cry escaped her lips when he nuzzled her, his nose brushing against the swollen pearl nestled in damp folds. Undulating waves of warmth and wanting rippled over her from head to toe and her hips arched instinctively as the ache for something more began to grow.
Damn, it had been so long, too long. The intimate feel of his mouth refreshed her memory, reminding her first and foremost of the passionate woman within, before revealing with stunning clarity that she was still sexy and desirable, despite her perceived flaws.
Reaching down, her fingers moved through his hair, his locks slipping over her skin, tickling as if she’d just passed them through a spider's web. When she urged him against her, he stilled, lifting his head.
"Rick…" Her voice filled with an almost desperate pleading and when he didn't respond immediately, she panicked, the old fears creeping back in to steal this moment from her.
Lifting herself on her elbows, she looked into his eyes, her gaze searching his.
"You want more, Em?" He grinned at her mischievously.
She smiled despite herself. "Yes! Tease.” 

Yep, that just about did it for me. So happy I shared that with you and even happier that Layla shared it with me! Now for the aforementioned business part of this post....

Skin Deep, an erotic contemporary romance is now available at Secret Cravings Pulishing!  
10% of her
 royalties from the sales of Skin Deep will be donated to The   
Scleroderma Foundation. 
Take a peek at her first review from Dark Divas …  
And her second review from Manic Readers …


  1. Hi sexy Cougar,

    What a great way to introduce Layla's work. I have a feeling this story is going to cause me to cry. I love books that make feel the characters feelings.

    I have a severe case of exzema on my foot. I walked into a bed of Fire ants and it left a scare. But because it dries out sometime I scratch it. It's the kind of exzema that the more you scratch the worse it gets.

    I've always been self conscious about it. I was thinking about getting a tattoo on my foot to kind of cover it. I just use a flaw cover makeup now.

    So I can feel for Emily. I'm looking forward to reading this Layla.

    Thank you sexy Robin for bringing Layla's work into my life.


  2. Whew! OK, Robin, between the two of you ladies my date tomorrow doesn't stand a chance. He is in definite trouble! ;-) This story is so enticing. Can't wait to read it. Hi Layla! A fellow New Jersian! Good luck and much success!

  3. Hey Layla,
    Great excerpts! Hot!

  4. Teresa, this one may be right up your ally then. I know as someone who isn't super model material... not even close, that anytime we have a chance to see inner beauty shine, we won't be disappointed.

  5. Lisa,
    You'll rock his world...NO DOUBT!!! LOL!! And we want DETAILS first thing Monday morning!!! Hehehe!!

  6. Thanks for stoppin' by Swags!! Mwuah!!! ;-)

  7. LOL, Robin. It's been so long since I've had a date, let alone TWO, I'm surprised the media isn't covering the event! I promised myself to take it slow, but that won't be easy with you and Layla around encouraging my wickedness! ;-)

  8. Hello ladies! Peeking in from the office during lunch and I'm delighted to see a few comments!

    @ Teresa ... thank you! I understand about wanting to 'cover' what we perceive as flaws. I will share with you all that I was diagnosed with Morphea years ago and I struggle with the desire to get a tattoo to cover my 'spots' *smiles* Over the years, though, I have come to learn that they do not 'define' me!

    @ Lisa ... have a wonderful weekend with your date! *winks*

    @ Cynthia ... Thank you! So glad you stopped by!

    @ Robin ... Thank you again for hosting me! I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone who stops by this weekend!

  9. I hope this is as good as Retribution.


  10. Brandi,
    As the author of Retribution...hehehe, I think I can fairly say that just based on the excerpts won't be disappointed with Skin Deep! The premise alone sends a great message!!
    So glad you enjoyed Retribution, and lucky for you, the Journey didn't stop there. LOL!!! Hugs!!

  11. Great excerpts, Layla! Good luck with the release.

  12. @ Brandi ... Thank you for stopping by my dear!

    @ Carly ... Thank you! So glad you stopped by!

  13. Layla,
    Thank you for the great excerpts and all the time you spent here at Sealed With A Kiss this weekend. I wish you the best sales ever this year and hope that you will come back for a full WEEK spotlight this summer. Skin Deep is a must read on my TBR list and I'm scrambling as fast as I can to get to it!
    Big Hugs!!

  14. Thank you so much for having me Robin! I had a wonderful time and I'd love to come back! And to all those who stopped by, Thank you! It was wonderful meeting you.