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Welcome Back Guest Spotlight Author Jennifer Labelle

Wasn't yesterday tons of fun? I thought you would like Jennifer Labelle's book "Meant to Be"!! Though I'm sure a lot of you know her well and already love this story. Be sure to spread the word about this week's Spotlight, so Jennifer may gain new fans, by clicking one of the share links at the bottom of this post. 
Here's a refresher for "Meant to Be" for any new guests who may have dropped by... 

Jenna Baker is shaken up after her recovery with a near death experience. As if, being haunted with visions and losing her husband in a car accident weren’t hard enough. Could she be losing her mind? She finally moves on, only to have the husband she thought was dead suddenly reappear.
 After the shocking task of convincing Jenna that she’s not seeing his ghost, Tyler becomes overwhelmed with guilt for saving himself and leaving her to almost die. Jenna’s recovery takes its toll while Tyler’s vulnerability gets the best of him. He’s harbouring secrets that will devastate her and as Jenna unravels the truth her life takes an unexpected journey. 
As promised, Jennifer is bringing more than just a glimpse of her book this week, she's sharing a part of herself. I put Her in the hot seat, and man did she look pretty sittin' up there... Let's take a look at the tasty little tidbits I managed to find out about her...
Jennifer, all authors have their own way of creating the worlds and characters in their stories, how do you categorize yourself: a fly by the seat of your pants, pantser or an organized plotter?
I’m a plotter. I like to be organized and know where my story is heading before I   start. Although, I always seem to change the plot somewhere along the way, **Shrugs** I like to plan ahead regardless. 
It always amazes me how we are all so different yet our stories mange to be move and attract readers. What makes a book great in your eyes?
There are a lot of things that make a book great. To narrow it down I guess would depend on the type of book I was reading. I do love some good suspense though. I love when I read a book and there’s something in the scene that surprises me. The “Oh my god I’m not putting this book down before I know what happens next” reaction.
I love it when that happens, too. 
Tell me, what is the biggest piece of advice you can give a beginning writer? 
I would say be patient and if you want it bad enough you’ll get there. Try not to obsess, stay focused and work on something else while you wait on your submissions. I used to check my email like crazy.
LOL!!! Gosh, I know that OCD all too well!
Do you write in one genre or several different ones? And why?
I write Contemporary Romance, Erotic, Women’s Fiction and I’m attempting a Historical in one of my WIP’s. I write what I like to read, but also about what I know. I like to be able to relate to it.

I would hope all writers do that. It adds so much more to the story.
How do you deal with the dreaded writer’s block?
The dreaded writer’s block…Ugh! I hate when that happens and yes it still happens even with a plot outlined. I’ll sit there and know where I want to go with the story but the words just won’t flow onto the page. There is nothing more frustrating than that. When that happens I have to walk away from it for a few days, as much as I hate to do so. I just try to distract myself with something else, like my never ending housework, or an outing with the kids. 
Those are great ways to get the mojo back!!
What’s your biggest reward in being a writer?
My biggest reward would be gratification. Your story is your baby, and it’s great when someone enjoys it as much as you have. I love feedback, when it’s good it makes it all worthwhile, and if for some reason it isn’t, then it becomes another learning experience, to improve yourself for the next time around.
I certainly agree with that. 
If you had the opportunity to say one thing to your readers, what would that be?
Thank you!
Amen to that, sister!!!
Now for some fun stuff...
Whipped Cream, Strawberry Sauce or Chocolate Syrup?
Yummy, how about all of the above. **Giggles** c’mon with a question like this my mind tends to wonder over to the naughty side. Who’s with me? I’ve always loved my sweets.
Me too! 
What is the craziest/sexiest thing you have ever done in public?
Um… **Clears throat** I’m almost afraid to answer this question. You want the PG version or the naughty one? I was a wild child once upon a time ago…..
I’ll give you one of the PG versions and won’t elaborate on the details too much, but I have stripped in public before. I was a senior in high school, and was at a party. There was a whole lot of drinking, a pole and a dare involved. Long story short, there was an audience of about fifteen who had a good view of my dancing skills and bare skin. **Sigh, I have done worse though.** 
Ha!!! Believe it or not, you aren't the first guest we've had that has shown a side of voyeurism. If the writing thing doesn't work out....well never mind, you won't need to even consider that as an alternative career, though I'm sure you would do just fine!! ;-)
Thank you so much for sharing a bit about yourself, Jennifer. You are adorable and it's easy to see why your "Meant to Be" is such a great read, considering the woman behind it!!!
If you want to read more about Jennifer or download a copy of "Meant to Be", she has some links to share with us....
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