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Welcome Back Guest Spotlight Author, Nichelle Gregory

Happy Wednesday!!!!
Today is a special day because Nichelle Gregory is back and she's taking the reigns!! Here at Sealed With A Kiss we welcome authors bringing their unique touch and insight and today's post has a fantastic sentiment and even greater timing as we head into Spring.
Take it away Nichelle....

The Moment
By Nichelle Gregory
Ahhh! Spring is near. After a cold and snowy winter, I can hardly wait to crack open all the windows and leave my coat behind. It's the season of renewal and many say it's the time for love. There must be something about the warmer temps, fresh air and sunshine that makes one heart more receptive to another.
Remember the moment when you first fell in love? The heady joy, the giddiness and wonderment of giving your heart to another is an experience most of us cherish. It doesn't matter whether that first love remained strong or fizzled; the singular moment is never forgotten because your heart has been changed forever.
The feelings one experiences while in the throes of a new romance could be compared to any wonder drug claiming to cure weight gain, tiredness, depression and much more. Think about don't indulge in your favourite've got a date that you must look fab for on Friday night. What other time do you bounce out of bed ready to face the world with a secret smile and a song in your heart? Everything seems brighter, clearer and you're completely optimistic about well...everything!
That's the beauty of falling in love. That space of time when all is right in your world and the world around you...I call it the moment. If you're single and dating, you're trying to get to that moment. If you're in a relationship no doubt you're trying to figure out how to stay in that moment, but I don't think you can ever recapture the intense emotions experienced at the very beginning.
Hopefully, those extreme feelings of ardour mature, shift and blossom to become something even more profound and special...something lasting and just as fulfilling to the heart and soul as those first few weeks of falling in love.
I think that's why I love writing erotic romance. Readers get the chance to experience being passionately, lustfully, head or heels crazy-in-love through the characters in the story. That's the gift of all well written romances and the draw for me as an avid reader myself. Plus, you know the characters in the book are going to get their happily ever after. Wouldn't it be nice if real life romances came with a happily ever after guarantee? I know...ridiculous fantasy. Thank goodness for erotic romances...fantasies welcome!
You can fall in love with Nia and Quin in my latest release Hearts & Diamonds from Total E-Bound!

Passion sparks the moment Nia Sanders unknowingly meets federal agent Quin Rios.
Nia Sanders knows diamonds. She appreciates and envies the heart-felt emotions of her customers buying them. When federal agent, Quin Rios saves her life in the middle of a violent jewel heist, she finds herself attracted to the sensual possibilities beneath his uber professional, self-contained persona.
Determined to keep her safe as he solves the case, Quin can't let his attraction to Nia distract him. The heat of their fiery passion consumes them as they both struggle to control their emotions...neither are prepared to lose their heart. 
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  1. Nichelle,
    Thank you for this post. I had no idea that a similar blog I had written a while back for another author's blog-site was about this same subject. Great minds think alike! ;-)

  2. I really like this book and look forward to reading the whole thing.

  3. Yayy! Brandi, you made it! Isn't this cover sexy as hell?
    Thanks for showing some love!!

  4. Love the post. And it fits so well for me today since this is the first day I we have been able to have the windows open. Bright sunshine, light breezes, feelings of good things ahead.
    The book sounds good. I'll have to add it to my ever expanding to-buy list.

  5. Thanks for coming by, Beth! Nichelle has an entire arsenal of books to add to your to-buy list. She will share some tasty excerpts Thursday and Friday! We would love it if you would come back.
    ;-) and yes, I think Spring has finally sprung!

  6. Hey, ladies, I apologize for not getting a moment to comment yesterday. It was one of those crazy hectic days...I'm sure you guys can relate!

    Brandi, I hope you enjoy Hearts & Diamonds. It's a fast-paced sexy read...let me know what you think!

    Beth, I was able to open my windows on Monday, but today we're back down in the thirties! Good ole' Chicago! lol Thanks for stopping by!

    Robin, thank you for your blog hospitality! You ROCK!! ;0)