Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome Back Guest Spotlight Authors Mike & Cynthia Arsuaga

The week is coming to a close, but as you well know, here at Sealed With A Kiss we always save the best stuff for last. Put the kiddies on the bus, grab a cup of coffee and if you smoke (and maybe even if you don't) get your lighter out and prepare to need a cigarette after this excerpt...BUT first, heres a reminder about the book we're about to get hot and bothered by...

Drake Martin—private investigator, ladies’ man, shape-shifter—Yorkshire terrier, named Precious. Enter six-year-old Kady Hartley and life changes. Years later, they meet again. Still a PI, she's FBI. Follow them on an adventure tracking the Russian mob involving human trafficking through the streets of New Orleans and watch the fur fly.

Following Kady to New Orleans where she is on assignment he knows it will be easier to watch over her if he stays in the shadows, keeping his shifter abilities hidden. He hooks up with the local Sufi, head of the shifter family clan, but eventually engages in a bloody battle with the Russians. But, there is another enemy in their midst, one who won't rest until he destroys their chance at everlasting love...
Drake has fallen in love. Can Kady love him for who he really is, or will she leave him upon discovering the truth?
Oh boy!
Have I teased you enough? I could stretch this out if you prefer a little more foreplay.... no? Okay, okay, you win, here's the heat!!!
WARNING!! Adult Excerpt:
“Drake, I’m yours. Take me.”

That’s all I needed to hear. My world spun and shifted as I lifted her into my arms. I was going to do this right the first time. Nothing crude for my Kady. I wanted to make sweet love to her in the comfort of a bed not a sofa. I covered her mouth with mine as I carried her to the bedroom. From the expression of mild confusion on her face, I guessed she had no idea what I planned, but soon figured it out when my body shifted and my foot kicked the door open. Without warning, I gently dropped her on the soft mattress. Bouncing a couple times, she giggled, staring up at me. I returned a grin and came down heavy on top of her. Reveling in the sensation of my hands on her body, she closed her eyes. Her essence permeated the air. The pillows around her head were filled with the thick female scent that was only Kady’s as well as her perfume. The aroma imprinted on my brain, and I wanted to drown in the essence.
Our hands were everywhere at once, tugging at clothes, ripping away, and unzipping. The urgent desire to have flesh touch flesh was all that drove us until we lay naked in each other’s arms. Our lips, teeth, tongues, and hands moved in feverish hunger to taste and touch. I couldn’t get enough of her or her of me.
“Wait,” she panted. Reaching over to the nightstand, she opened the drawer and pulled out a couple of foil wrapped condoms. “Will two be enough?”
No one had ever heard of a shifter getting a human pregnant, but this wasn’t the time to debate the point. “Hmm, maybe one more,” I said with a grin as she dropped them on the table.
Kady’s palms slid down the hard muscles along my spine, pressing into the well of my lower back before curving the rounded arch of tense ass cheeks and dug her nails in deep. Air hissed through my teeth from the sensation. My little Kady was a tigress in bed. Who knew? The thought sent heat pulsing through my veins at an alarming rate. I moaned into her neck. My teeth dragged down her throat and lips replaced my hand at her breast. I suckled and bit first one hard nipple then the other. I reached a hand down her thigh, stroking slowly back and forth and worked up to her delectable pussy. Upon my touching the wetness, she gasped. The thick heat of feminine lust leaked onto my fingers. No man, I was sure, had ever made her so wet. I moved to her side and without further encouragement, I found her clit and with small circular motions brought her to the edge of release. I alternated between massaging her and pumping two long fingers in her hot, wet pussy, a maneuver she obviously enjoyed. Her hips arched and moved in rhythm with my clever digits diving in and bringing her pleasure. Bringing her pleasure was my only goal for the night. I lay down on top of her again, my lips tasting the flesh of her neck.
I whispered in her ear, “Kady, my love, tonight your body belongs to me.”
Drawing back, I looked at her. Eyes glittered from behind the azure veil of wanton desire.
“You’re so beautiful. Are you ready for me?” I asked while slipping on the latex.
“I’ve been waiting for you all my life,” she whispered, drawing my face close to hers and wrapping her arms around my neck.
I muttered her name, muffled by a kiss. God, she tasted so good. My hands intertwined in her hair.
I urged her legs to wrap around my waist, my member nudged at the entrance of her divine womanhood, begging for entry. With as much gentleness as I could summon, I entered her body. Delicate tissues parted as I inserted a rock-hard shaft, centimeter by tortuous centimeter into the wet, hot passage. My God, she felt so tight, so wet, beyond my wildest expectations.
I pulled out and entered her again. She moaned. Her hips rose, mutely begging for more.
My strokes became swifter, more urgent, as I brought her to the edge of delirious climax. I had never felt this urgent or hungry with another woman. Kady remained the same unblemished golden vision I’d seen a thousand times as Precious. Yet, in the form of Drake the feelings were different. Gone was the detached appreciation of her beauty and completeness. Another element entered the picture, to possess and protect this great treasure, forever if I could. I dared to imagine the soft face, filled with love for a little dog she named Precious could harbor the same feelings for the human named Drake.
I entered and withdrew with the fervor of a man finding his first meal in weeks. She ingested me with an insatiable wantonness. I pulled apart pliant but firm buttocks cheeks to gain every possible millimeter of penetration.
Hips moved with frictionless repetition like the lubricated reciprocity of an automobile engine piston, milking the strained shaft within. Feeling through the hair, I located the pink jewel atop her well lubricated cleft. At the first touch, she jerked as if hit by a live wire, slowly settling down to enjoy the building pleasure brought on by my ministrations.
“Right there, Drake. Oh, yes, right there,” she gasped.
Neither of us took long to hit the Holy Ground, Kady’s term for orgasm. Hip undulations picked up speed as did the circles I made in the nether regions of her pelvis. I remembered seeing perspiration glistening on the tan ridges made by the hip bones.
“I’m…coming…Drake,” she cried out, but I already knew, told by the avid squeezing of her internal chamber, triggering the synaptic avalanche of my own. Soon gush after gush of milky seed slammed into the dead end of the condom, while she panted and wailed, lunging upward again and again against my turgid shaft.
Cradling her in the crook of an arm, I lay back at the paramount of contentment and bliss. Kady glowed with a sheen of perspiration completely covering that golden body and snuggled close. Small pink lips curled into a smile.
Her eyes cut to the side. “Where’s Precious?”
Before covering her mouth with mine, I said, “Let him get his own girl.”
WELL!!! That was good for me, was it good for you?
I must say that not only is a smoke necessary after that (and I don't smoke), but a stiff drink may need to accompany it, too!
Mike and Cynthia, that was awesome!
I want to thank you both sincerely for this wonderful week and as always, I wish you the best of luck with this and all of your books. 
May you have many more sizzling nights enticing the sexy muse that must be summoned to create scenes like that one. (Oh to be on a fly the wall at your house...LOL!)


  1. Awesome stuff, I really like this excerpt :)

  2. What a great way to end an awesome week with M&C!

  3. Thanks ladies. Almost hate to leave too. Robin is the hostess with the mostest. I love her editorial comments. I wake up each morning to see what she has had to say about Mike and I. I'll miss her quips next week;)
    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, Ladies!
    Cynthia, don't worry, if you start to miss my quips, just let me know and I will schedule stalking time to follow you on your blog tours to harass you! LOL!
    (((Big Hugs)))

  5. wow that was great book i love to read and blog on it if you like