Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Spotlight Author ~ Cindy Spencer Pape

I'm so glad Cindy Spencer Pape has shared The Gaslight Chronicles with us this week. I'm not the only one learning about steampunk and I'm certainly not the only one loving it!!
Today we take another look at a great excerpt from "Steam & Sorcery", so sit back, prop your feet up and enjoy!!

Steam & Sorcery

Gaslight Chronicles #1
By Cindy Spencer Pape
Available from Carina Press, and
Click here to download.

Excerpt 2: (R)

“You know, love, I think we can just go home and make our own magick.” He’d come back tomorrow, during daylight hours, to investigate the place. Clearly there was real magick here, and clearly Caro was at risk, which was unacceptable. With that, he nearly dragged her out the front door, barely remembering to stop and grab their coats as they left.
A few minutes later they were back in Merrick’s carriage, and Caroline had climbed into Merrick’s lap.
“You know that there was a lust spell in that building?” He was trying to be an honorable man, though he was fighting a losing battle with his own desire—especially when her fingers undid his cravat and began to work on his shirt studs. What was it about this one woman that made him forget all his principles?
“I don’t care. I’ve wanted this for days.” She shoved her hands under his shirt, running her fingers through his sparse chest hair, and brought her lips down on his.
He was lost. Their tongues dueled as she smoothed her hands across his chest. Merrick pushed her cape off her shoulders, then slid the short puffed sleeves of her gown down her arms, baring the entire expanse of her upper body. It was short work then, to lift one breast out over the top of her corset, to pluck and roll the swollen nipple between his fingers.
Her knees straddled his thighs, and she ground down against his erection. There were far too many layers of clothing between them, but Merrick ached to feel her warm damp flesh over his. He started to slip his free hand under the hoop of her skirt, when the carriage jolted to a grinding halt, nearly catapulting Caro out of his arms and onto the floor.
“Attackers!” Debbins kicked the wall separating the inside of the coach from the driver’s box.
Instantly, Merrick set Caro down beside him on the seat. “Stay here.” Unconcerned about his state of undress, he pulled a small box from under the seat and took out a pair of revolvers. One he held in his right hand, the other he held out toward Caroline. “Do you know how to use this?”
“A little. I’ve shot one, but it’s been years.” Still she held it properly when she reached for it, so Merrick nodded.
“Use it if you need to, but try not to hit me or Debbins.” Then he moved back the curtain and looked out, taking stock. There was one black shadow on this side of the carriage, holding the horses. Pistol in one hand, unsheathed sword-stick in the other, Merrick eased open the door and slipped out into the night.
* * *
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  1. In the last week, well over a hundred people have dropped by and taken a gander at The Gaslight Chronicles and I am so glad they did. I will be sad to see you go tomorrow, Cindy, but I know you will be back soon with more yummy stories to tempt us with!! ;-)

  2. What a great excerpt. Love the way this book sounds. Glad Robin had you on Cindy.

    Teresa K.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, T!!
    Big hugs!!