Friday, April 29, 2011

Guest Spotlight Author ~ Cindy Spencer Pape

      They say you're never too old to learn and this week I've learned a lot. 
      One of the things I've learned is that the world of publishing never slows down and is never limited by unattainable potential to push boundaries. 
      As long as an idea, concept or dream is born in the mind of a writer, the sky is the limit and the imagination remains miraculously wondrous. 
      I've also learned that with the exception of actual time travel, if it weren't for the talent of super creative authors, new worlds would never be possible to visit and explore.
      We've had a great week of romance and exploration here at "Sealed with a Kiss" and we owe a big thank you to author's like Cindy Spencer Pape for sharing a fragment of her vivid imagination with us. 
      Although we hate to see her go, we're so glad to know that she is off to spread more of the new world she's created in the Gaslight Chronicles with other blogs and readers. She's not selfish so we won't be either. 
     Cindy is leaving us today, but she's leaving a part of herself behind with one last excerpt from "Photographs & Phantoms" ... Enjoy!!!

Photographs & Phantoms
A Gaslight Chronicles Novella
Available as a Free Download from Carina Press or

Excerpt 2: PG

“Your great-uncle would like to meet you. He’s a little intimidating, but I think you’ll get along just fine.” Kendall knew he shouldn’t but he let his hand linger on her face, tracing her cheek and the line of her chin. “He’s actually quite a pleasant old man, once you get past the fact that he could turn you into a newt.”
“He can do what?” she started to shriek, then burst into laughter when his shoulders began to shake. “Oh, you’re teasing me, aren’t you?” She smacked him lightly on the shoulder with one hand, which gave him the perfect opportunity to slip his arm around her waist and tug her closer, until she tumbled into his lap.
Magick? Fate? Simple attraction? Kendall honestly couldn’t have told anyone why he did it. He just knew pulling her close was something he needed to do. The next was kissing her senseless.
Her slight squeak of surprise when his lips closed on hers allowed him to escalate the kiss rather more quickly than he otherwise might. Sliding his tongue into her mouth was the most natural thing he’d ever done.
Amy stiffened slightly as if in surprise, before softening against him. Her fingers dug into his upper arms, holding him close rather than pushing him away. After a little while, she began to mimic his actions, her own tongue darting and exploring alongside his.
Her backside in his lap put just enough pressure on his groin to tantalize, but not enough to relieve the building tension. Her curves were protected by layers of clothing and the rigid boning of her corset, so running his hands along her spine and sides became an exercise in frustration as their lips and tongues slid together. Their awkward position, however, left her hoops pointing straight upward, giving him unexpected access to her legs beneath her skirts. He’d slid one hand up under her petticoat along her thin silk stocking-covered calf and was beginning to cruise up the rounded curve of her thigh when she gasped, breaking the kiss and allowing reality to crash in to Kendall’s consciousness.
Kissing a gently bred young woman was a dangerous pastime at best. Shoving his hands under the skirts of Lord Drood’s great-niece was just asking for a quick trip to the altar—if not some even more unpleasant fate.
“I’m sorry,” he began, his voice husky as she slid off his lap and straightened her clothing. “I didn’t mean…” What? He had meant to kiss her. He just hadn’t planned on it. What the hell was the right thing to say?
* * *
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: You can find Cindy Spencer Pape on the web at:, Blog, Newsletter group, Twitter, and Facebook. You’ll also want to stop by Here Be Magic, and check out the week-long contest for a steampunk ring.

Thanks so much to Robin for having me visit this week and to everyone who stopped by! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey, Cindy - great excerpt as always! :)

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  3. I'm sure gonna miss Cindy's excepts on her Gaslight series. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know about her books.


  4. Thanks, Teresa! You can find me all over the web! Next week I'll be promoting a new Ellora's Cave book, so I'll be around. ;-)

    Robin thanks so much for hosting, and Tina, thanks for stopping by! It means a lot.