Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome Back Guest Spotlight Author Drea Becraft

This week’s Wednesday guest is Anastasia, from Drea Becraft’s book, “The Thrice Princess.” Please join me in welcoming this special guest.

Stasia, thank you so much for agreeing to spend time in the hot-seat. We are so glad you’re here.
I suppose to start I should ask you to please tell us a little bit about your world.
One word HECTIC if it’s not one thing it’s another. I swear it’s a miracle I am still sane after the few days.

Does your author ever try to take over the story? And how do you deal with it?
Damn witch always tries, but we have this “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” relationship.  Most of the time it’s me scratching hers ‘cause well she’s already killed off one character, I don't want to be next.

Is humor important? Why or why not?
Oh hell yeah, it’s a big thing for me.  If I didn't laugh in life I would cry and honestly I hate the raccoon eye look.

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?
Yes!  When you are an abandoned child who had to live and survive on your own at a young age it’s hard to let anyone in but once you in you are there to stay.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you?
Meeting that damn vampire in a dark alley way changed the whole look out on my life that is for damn sure.

Did you do anything special after your first adventure?
Lots of hot steamy sex all over a castle in Ireland. Enough said ;0).
Is there a message you want to get across in this interview?
Destiny is not something you can fight so go with it, less you get hurt.

What was the least interesting thing that has ever happened to you?
Spending night after night in a psychiatric hospital if you weren't insane before going in then you will be in time.

If you could pull your author into your world, what do you think would happen to them?
Oh she would fit right in she’s one to call a spade a spade in the immortal world they are all about the honesty.  And it would be funny as hell to see her put Jac in his place a time or too.

If you could time travel, where would you go?
I have traveled and now live in Ireland the one place I always wanted, but if I ever get the whim then the portal are a girls best-friend now that I know how to use them.

What other characters have influenced you?
Uhh none so far if anything I influence them if anything to go jump of the local bridge ;0).

Share a little bit of the ‘real’ you with our readers. Any Dark secrets?
You want the truth....You can't handle the truth. * giggles * I love that movie.  Honestly I don't have any secrets that are worth sharing they would bore you to death and we wouldn't want that would we?

What has been your all-time favorite question from another character?    
I honestly can't remember any questions my life has been too hectic I am afraid.

What motivates you to continue on these adventures?
One word… DEVLIN! I love that man with every fiber of my being and knowing he is there for me no matter what is the biggest motivator any woman can have.

What does your significant other think about your adventures? And how do they deal with it?
Hell he has been there for every major one in the past few months. If anything I am betting he is getting sick of being shot in the heart.

Do you ever ask your significant other for advice?
Other than in the bedroom, no. LOL!

If you were brought into this world, what would be your first order of business?
Bar Hop with Drea ‘cause well it sounds like one hell of a time.

If you had the chance to meet another character, who would it be and why?
I would have loved to meet Tina before she passed away that gal had a heart big enough to fill the sky.

What is your most favorite thing to do?
Sit back and relax I haven't had a whole lot of that in my life and I enjoy it when I can.

Have you ever lost control?
Oh, all the damn time. It’s one of the downfall of having red hair ;0)

How many sex partners have you had? How many at one time?
1 and I am mated to him so that’s all there is ever going to be.

What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? Stupidest? Craziest?
A lady never tells!  Good thing I ain't a lady.  Did you know a castle fortifying wall is not the best place for doggie style and that's all I am saying.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
With Devlin anything after that is a complete mystery seeing as how I am supposed to be the ruler of all mystical kind

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?
Honestly them all!

Do you think you are a superior being?
Nope, just one with a butt-load of powers that even scare the shit out of me.

Is there a question you wish I had asked but didn’t?
Nope, you were very thorough. Hell some of the stuff Devlin had to help me with TWICE ;0).
Thank you once again for stopping by, Stasia. I hope you come back another time and perhaps bring your better half. We love when characters step out from the pages of their stories and allow us to meet them on a different level. You were a wonderful guest.

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“The Thrice Princess”,
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  1. Ha Ha my first Character interview I freaking loved it@

  2. Drea is a hoot. But I gotta say, Stasia is even more interesting, meeting vamps in dark alleys? Mmm, interesting occupation.
    Great job and very entertaining, Robin and Drea.

  3. Yeah, females should always be careful in dark alleys when an author is around. Never know what's gonna jump out and get ya'! LOL!