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Welcome Back Guest Spotlight Author Drea Becraft

First of all....HAPPY EASTER !!!
This has been a fun week. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and left comments. I truly appreciate each and every one and I'm certain Drea does, too. 
Today is Friday and, naturally, what better way to send an author on their merry way, than to sneak a peek at one last excerpt. 
Drea Becraft, has left us one final little snippet to stoke our interest and shamelessly tease us. I think you will be glad she did.

While her fate was set during the previous great wars of immortals, Anastasia Gruff is nothing but mortal until the night she stumbles upon a scene that turns her world upside down. Now, she struggles to adjust to a world where nothing is what it seems, and feels more at home than ever before.
     Devlin Miconis, heir to the vampire throne, is facing certain death. When a mortal woman saves his life, and gives him back his soul, he must figure out how to repay her. Now that she has given him something to live for, can he protect her from those who mean her harm?  

Adult Excerpt:

      Stasia woke up with her muscles sore and her head pounding. Slowly taking stock one muscle at a time, starting at her toes and working up to her neck, she rotated and squirmed until most of the kinks were out. After each body part was stretched to satisfaction she turned onto her side to take in the room.
Staring aimlessly around the room Stasia arched her back and met a hard body behind her. Warm and hard, it took only seconds for fright to make her limbs contract and ready to blot from the bed. As if sensing her distress, strong arms banded around her waist.
“It’s all right, it’s just me, you are safe. I would never harm you, my Bandia.” The deep timbre of his voice comforted her.
The memories from the night before slowly leaked into her mind. One by one, the dots began to connect, remembering being carried to Devlin’s bedroom, being stripped down and him lying beside her, skin-to-skin helping to alleviate the pain of her turning.
Loosening her muscles, she slowly turned in his arms to look at his face. Handsome wasn’t enough to describe him.
Slowly lifting her hand to trace his nose, Stasia watched him with weary eyes, as she continued to his lips and down his strong jaw to the side of his neck.
“I can see the gears working.” Devlin spoke while rubbing his face onto her hand. “What’s going on in that beautiful brain of yours?”
Before she lost the nerve, Stasia ran her hands down his chest next stroking her way to his nipple.
Removing his hand from her hip, he caressed her lips gently with his index finger following each touch with a kiss. Making his way slowly down her neck, he nipped and licked while cupping one of her breast in his hand, making her nipple stiffen in response.
Fireworks shot through her body, and every nerve ending felt like pure lightning shot through. Feeling most of the heat concentrated on her now wet pussy, Stasia rubbed into his touch, grinding her hips against his long hard body.
Releasing a strangled moan, he looked into her eyes. The ice blue of his irises seemed to darken into a more aqua blue. The most astonishing part of them were his corneas, they now glowed bright red.
The sight should have scared her, but only added more arousal to her already drenched panties. Grabbing his hand from her breast and pulling it to her mouth. Kissing each digit then took the index finger into the recesses of her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the end and popping it back out just as fast.
When did she become so wanton? It must be the man that did it to her., either that or the power running rapid through her veins; Stasia secretly hoped it was the latter. With a groan, she began to rain peck like kisses down his arm, until she reached his mating mark.
 Beginning to trace the tribal design with her tongue, showing each line very detailed attention and earning a very male groan for her efforts.
Leaning over she felt the warm air as he spoke softly into her ear. “Woman you must stop. I can’t contain myself if you continue to do that.”
Looking up into his irresistible eyes, she gave him the sexiest smile she could muster. “Who says I want you to contain yourself?”
Drea, I am so glad you came this week and can't wait to share your future books with the world. I am proud to call you my friend! Please come back as often as you want. Sealed with a Kiss will always find a spot for you!!
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  1. Whew! Love this excerpt. And I always try to visit this blog because I like the song!
    Liz Arnold

  2. I like the song, too, Liz! There are so many on that loop I can't remember which ones are on it, but they're all good.