Saturday, April 30, 2011


My new release, "WHISKEY ROAD"  will be available exclusively from TRAPEZIUM eBOOK bookstore, May 1st!!

Joanna Sutton owned one of the last remaining genuine saloons left in East Texas. The Whiskey Road Saloon was a legend that stood alone against the fancy nightclubs that ruled the surrounding counties with their overpriced, watered down liquor and flashy star studded themes.
She held her own, though, and the backwoods icon withstood the test of time. Now if she could have only said the same about her love life, specifically her crumbling marriage.
While she put her heart and soul into seeing to it that her late father-in-law’s dream remained true to his vision, her husband’s ambition and climb to the top of the food chain as Assistant District Attorney, left her alone more often than not.
Just at the point of giving up on love, calling it quits and cutting her losses, a handsome man wandered into the bar one fateful evening, offering her a chance at a new beginning and a fresh shot at love.
Could she see past all the pain and disappointment and give love a fighting chance, or has her time for happiness blown away like the dust in the wind?

One man, one woman, one night ... and only one shot to finally get it right!

Adult Excerpt:

His intense stare bore into her as he concentrated on her eyes, not at all on what his hand was doing to her body.
Jo writhed beneath him and bit her bottom lip as her breathing became labored. She fisted the bed sheets tightly in her hands as her body began to climax. Not once did Trey take his eyes off hers. Instead, his brows furrowed as a sense of determination gripped his beautiful face. The more excited and out of control Jo became, the farther Trey‘s chest heaved and his breathing increased.
The pressure grew and then he did something completely unexpected. He stopped.
Jo shook her head, trying to collect her senses, and she glared up at him, concerned.
Trey got to his feet and stood at the bottom of the bed. She eyed him closely. What the hell is he doing? Why did he stop? She honestly thought she would lose her mind if he left her hanging like this.
Trey reached for one of the champagne glasses and the bowl of iced down strawberries. Tilting his head back, he sipped it, then guided her to him and offered her a taste as well.
Tiny bubbles tickled her nose as champagne often does and she giggled as she rubbed the tingles away.
Trey leaned into her and kissed the tip of her nose.
Jo gasped and sucked in gulps of air as her entire body flew into shock the instant he surprised her by pouring the contents of the champagne glass down her chest. Freezing streams trickled down her breasts and dripped from her rock hard nipples.
Trey joined her and licked away as the liquid continued to spread across her gooseflesh riddled skin.
“You monster,” she growled, followed by a deep, devilish laugh. 
She loved the thrill.
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  1. Sounds wonderful! Congrats on the new release!

  2. Thanks, Cindy! It's been a busy first half of 2011!!