Saturday, May 14, 2011


   The day is finally here!! The second installment to my Blood Hunter Trilogy, The Betrayal is available for download from eXtasy Books!! This one is near and dear to my heart. If you've been following my blog for a while you may recall a near cataclysmic event that occurred earlier this year when the entire Betrayal manuscript became corrupted and was lost. 
   I beamed up the emergency "bat signal" and within minutes authors, friends and family all over the world bombarded me with email and suggestions on how to recover it. 
   The ordeal lasted just over twenty-four hours and in the process everyone from braniacs over at IT to (rumor has it) somewhere pretty darn close to the Pentagon, were enlisted to help. 
   Fortunately, no tax payer money was wasted because prayers were answered and two quite determined angels by the name of Bob and Leslie Marshman, from my local Houston RWA chapter came to my rescue!!
   By the skin of our teeth, a wing and a prayer and any other cliche' that fits,  The Betrayal was reborn!!
So without further disasters, disruptions or computer glitches, here it is folks!! ENJOY!!!

Jason Craft is a vampire on a mission. Destroy the last of the rogue vampires he’s been enlisted to hunt and he’ll be released from a century old vow made to his creator. Freedom from his obligation was so close he could taste it. He’d lost everything he held dear, but his life would soon be his own once again.
Jazmine Fabré has spent the last fifteen years caring for her adopted younger brother, a vampire with autism, who was attacked and turned by her very own sire.
All she wants is justice on his behalf and as fate would have it, Jazmine’s sire is next on Jason’s hit list.
Thrown together on a mission to hunt him down, they find more than they bargained for on their quest… they find each other.
As the hunt heats up, they soon discover how hard it is to take down an enemy when they don’t know who it really is.
Will hidden secrets and betrayal destroy them before they have a chance start a life? Or were their lives fated for separate paths all along?
Hunting can be a dangerous sport when the prey has all the ammunition.

The slight grumble in his chest sent her body into a near frenzy, writhing beneath him as he took his time to shower her skin with kisses and personal attention. Her mind, foggy from the swirl of desire, couldn’t recall exactly when their clothes hit the floor, but the sight of this man, naked and hovering over her with each rippling muscle flexed, heightened her senses instinctively. If there ever was a man who could command her body at his will, Jason Craft was quite possibly that man.
She clenched her eyes closed tight as his mouth ventured down her body and when his cool, moist tongue encircled her nipple she giggled from the tickle.
He moved farther down and her breathing quickened. It had been far too long since she felt like this, her body being explored and savored. The best part was that this time it wasn’t a dream. Jason was making love to her and whatever misgivings she may have had moments ago flew out the window into the predawn mystery looming in the disappearing night just outside.
 “Jazmine, open your eyes,” he whispered as he stirred between her legs.
She pried them open and gazed up at the blue-eyed prince staring down at her.
“Look into my eyes so you’ll know it’s you I see.”
Was he for real?
Her body melted into him just as easily as her mind became lost in his scent. He hardened between her legs causing a thrilling gasp to escape her lungs. She reached down and stroked him with her fingertips and his eyes narrowed.
Licking his lips, he kissed her again, biting her bottom lip as his mouth consumed hers. 
She swallowed hard as he held his body above hers not moving close, though the burn between her legs wanted him to.
“Yes?” he asked with a slight nod of his head.
“Yes,” she replied breathlessly, digging her fingernails into his biceps.
A cocky grin spread across his face and in that instant she knew she was in trouble. “No.”
What? Had she heard him right? She caught her breath as he lifted himself higher above her. His arm was stretched taut as he lingered there, not moving away, but not continuing on.
“What?” Confusion overwhelmed her.
“Tell me what you want.”
“A woman like you just doesn’t give in to a man like me unless she wants something. What is it?”
A familiar flare of anger snuck into her gut. “Who says I have to want anything?”
He didn’t reply right away, instead, with his other hand he ran his finger down the edge of her jaw. “Tell me,” he said tenderly. “Tell me what you want.”
Jazmine’s gaze darted back and forth searching his eyes. Was he playing a game? She started to get up, but he instantly shifted and gripped her wrists, holding them both above her head.
Her breasts jutted up against his chest and a feeling of fear washed over her as she suddenly felt out of control. She never allowed herself to lose control and now wouldn’t be the time to start.  
“I have at least seventy years on you, kitten, you won’t be getting away that easily.” The right side of his already cocky grin rose, making her blood boil.
He was enjoying himself. “Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”
“I don’t want anything from you,” she hissed. “Now get the hell off of me.”
He shook his head. “No, because you’re lying.”
“Get the hell off me, Jason!” she boomed, bucking beneath him.
His mouth enclosed hers hard, and his tongue plunged in so deep she shrieked from the thrill. Flipping him over, she straddled him and clenched her thighs tight around his waist. “Don’t play fucking games with me, Jason Craft,” she growled.
“I’m not playing games, kitten. I just wanted to see that woman who makes my body ache.”
“Well, here she is. So, what are you going to do about it?”

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