Friday, May 6, 2011

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike FRIDAYS??? 
Yeah, I know, crazy right? Everyone LOVES Fridays because it's the day that launches the weekend. 
Well that may be true, but here on Sealed with a Kiss, it also means we must say goodbye to our spotlight guest. This week brings THRICE the sadness as we bid farewell to the TRIAD!

Fortunately for us, they were generous enough to leave one small gift behind. Thank's everyone for a super week. The moment you all have new releases, please come back and hang out with us again!!

My story, Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo is a historical story involving a young doctor in search of love that's unique while still trying to make the next big discovery. In the most unbelievable situation, he will find what's he's looking for but at what price?

The publisher is allowing me to bring this story out 
in long form. 

Three books in one titled, Vertigo.

Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo. Michael Mandrake
Sizzler Editions also at Amazon and B&N
Among the other great stories by Cecila Tan, M.Christian, Nix Winter, Kiernan Kelly, and others, editor Sacha Illyvich gave me the privilege to be part of this awesome gay sci-fi/paranormal anthology, Riding the Rocket.
PG Excerpt
Firmly, I shook his gloved palm with my own. “Good evening to you as well, Captain,” I smirked.
Hearing what he had said, I rolled my eyes. Every time the city morgue had something they did not want to bother with, they called me. All because I had made the mistake of announcing to everyone how bored I was with regular coroner work. Sometimes I wish I had taken the suggestion of an old friend who said I should go to America to start anew.  
Nonetheless, I did not because I was so in love with Lawrence at the time. I knew he wanted nothing to do with leaving London, so I stayed here for him. 
Although I had gained some popularity with some of my latest discoveries, such as my attempt to develop a medicine to stop the aging process, I did not appreciate the second job that the department had thrust upon me as inspector of unexplained objects. 
“Captain Tiddle, Fine needs to grow thicker skin. What on earth is he an examiner for if he cannot handle…” The stench stopped me from continuing my statement. “What on God’s green earth…” my nose twitched as the hairs tickled my nostrils. 
The closer I came to the covered body, I felt slightly nauseous. I grabbed my handkerchief from my coat, placing it over my nose and mouth.  
The wind blew swifter as it continued drizzling. That did not deter the crowd that was held back by constables on horses who were eager to see what was under the sheet. 
“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got here…” Slowly, I uncovered what looked to be wolf-like man. 
With the cloth still on my face, I traced its features with my other hand. The skin felt rough, hard as if it were decaying. As much as I wanted to take off the whole sheet, I decided to leave that until I returned to my laboratory. 
I put the covering back over it before getting up. The smell was not as strong when I knelt down to it so I put my rag back in my pocket.
 “Well Doctor, what do you think? Is it human, is it…” Captain Tiddle said. 
“Not sure Captain. I will just have to dissect it and see what happens. I have not seen anything like it either, though I have heard of some sightings out in the country. Well, I will phone you once I have something to discuss. Berrows!” 
Immediately he came with our wooden box ready to take our new project home. Burrows, not intimidated by anything, picked up the body and lowered it into the coffin, shutting it tight. 
Tiddle looked with eyes bulged, seemingly amazed at how my driver was not scared of what was under the sheet. 


  1. Robin, I thank you so much for having us! It's been a blast *heh* Yes we must do this again soon!

    Bu hugs to everyone who came by and saw us all week.

  2. A very intriguing excerpt. Is a monster in the morgue? I wish you much success, Michael

  3. Thank you for a wonderful week!! I so look forward to the next time!!

  4. TY Robin again for hosting me and my demons all week! ;)

    Hugs and kisses and happy mommy's day!

  5. LOL Its an intriguing tale.

    Definitely unearthed something with this one..

    TY for visiting Sarah!