Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is everyone enjoying the attack of the triad that infiltrated Sealed with a Kiss this week? They came, they saw and they've left behind a pile of happy readers, myself included!
Today will be no different as I am sure Rawiya will thrill a few hearts as she presents "Sugar Daddy", part of the Who’s Your Daddy Anthology.

A longer novella to come soon.

Blurb: A short story of a young man, Matthew Davidson, who is seeking the love of an older black man. When he goes to an internet dating site, he finds the man he’s looking for but the ad calls for a black or Hispanic male. Interested, Matthew puts up the picture of his best friend, Devon Peartly who is Black. Now though, his chat buddy would like to meet him in person.

   Excerpt –  PG-13

“Baby, where did you put the extra towels?” 
Smiling , upon hearing my man’s voice, “In the closet,” I replied. 
“Okay, but maybe we should start putting everything away, so we can find things yes?”  The sound of his footsteps were behind me. I knew he was close. Within seconds, I felt that strong hand on my shoulder, gripping it, then the hot breath on my earlobe. 
I grinned, not turning around because his hardened flesh was grazing my buttocks, his hands encircling my waist, a soft purr escaped my lips. “Well, I wanted to finish putting it all away but I recall a certain man wanted to have fun last night as opposed to unpacking.” 
“Aye…yes…indeed my love. This man required the warmth between your thighs. I could not allow you to continue working when I could be enjoying that spot down below.” He kissed the side of my neck; the shivers went down my spine. 
“Mmhm…do you want to enjoy it some more,” I asked before finally turning around to look into the deep brown orbs of my hot man, well not quite…yet. 
Sighing, taking my lips into his, “Yes, but is it not time for young Matthew to go to class?” 
Pouting, I drew up my lips, caressing the grey hairs of his goatee. “Yes, it is but, I thought maybe you would give me a reason to cut today especially since, we just moved into this place.” 
Again, he gave me a peck, “Ahem, no, remember, I gave you the conditions of us moving in here would be that you would not miss school, yes? You need your education. That, my good man, always comes before everything.” 
“Yes, daddy…but we can’t break the rules just once?” I placed light nips along his jaw, causing his breaths to turn to pants. Slowly, I massaged the bulge in his trousers as I went further down his neckline. “Please, baby…once, yeah?” 
He cleared his throat while bringing me into him, making me feel his erection on the crotch of my jeans. “Matthew, you are irresistible. The only problem with allowing you to break the rules is that you will want to do…mmhmmm…” he stopped mid sentence when I began unbuttoning his silk shirt, exposing his chocolate skin. I wanted my sugar daddy, now. Forget about class, I was passing with honors anyway.
     "Sugar Daddy" by Rawiya part of the 
"Who’s Your Daddy" Anthology
Release Date Summer 2011 – Available at http// and  Amazon
Interracial Gay Contemporary Romance


  1. Aw, I can't believe its almost over.

    Its been so much fun, Robin.


    TY again!

  2. It's been a blast!! I hope you ALL come back soon!! ;-)

  3. Mwah, lol. Yes when all of their books are out at once, that would be great! ;)