Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a nice turnout we had yesterday!! 
It's no secret that the famous triad has many fans and today we are going to please them ALL!! It's best that you not ask how we managed this (If we told you we would have to kill you) but believe it or not, all three members are here and answering questions. And, without the aid of a psychotherapist, well not unless you count me and we all know how crazy that would be, right? 
We have a lot going on today, so I won't hold it up any longer...

WELCOME, Michael, Rawiya and BLMorticia!!! 

Thank you for having us Robin.

Michael in grey, Rawiya in red, BLMorticia in turquoise

What has been your biggest influence on becoming a writer?
MM: I believe all of us would say that we were influenced by the uniqueness around us and the things we’ve gotten involved in. From being surrounded by different types of people as well as learning new things as we’ve went along.
Rawiya: Well said M.
BL: I would add that all of us have influences that are very similar. Despite the fact we’re 3 different muses, we do share a lot of the same ideas, just not the same styles.

How did you feel when you got your first publishing contract?
BL: Like I had been cumming. Very orgasmic. (Smokes cigarette)
Rawiya: I was very excited. I screamed at the top of my lungs! Hugged my husband and thought, okay maybe I can do this.
MM: I called my best friends as well as Rawiya and BL who were ecstatic about my success. I also thought I could finally do something to contribute to the world. This was my voice, through my written works.

How do you categorize yourself: pantser or plotter?
*All three nod* MM: Pansters, all of us. We all write a general idea down along with characters, maybe a few details about their personalities. If it’s something we must work on that moment, then we do it right away. Otherwise it goes in the idea book or the laptop WIP folder.

What makes a book great in your eyes?
Rawiya: Believable characters with a different slant on the storyline. All of them have pretty much been overdone, but how do you present it to your audience.           
MM: I agree, as well as complete thoughts. I tend to be a little long winded when I write so, I might explain things a little more than most. Hopefully I don’t bore you with backstory but I attempt to get some kind of emotion out of you about my characters.
BL: I would say one that surprises you, isn’t predictable. I definitely agree with the others but a book that keeps me wondering what will happen next is in my mind a great read.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
*all laugh* MM: Is this a trick question? Um, I happen to like watching Nickelodeon cartoons and TV shows. They’re really cute.
Rawiya: I would say that as well, plus I still love to going through all of my collectables from my favorite band from time to time. *wink*
BL: I don’t feel guilty about anything I do because I’m a bad girl. I do what I like and that brings me pleasure. If it doesn’t give me some kind of happiness, that’s when I feel guilty and ask myself, why the fuck did I do that?

Name one thing readers don’t know about you.
MM: I really do have a sense of humor.
Rawiya: I have secret fantasies of being whisked away on a private island to be pampered and sexed by my own male harem.
BL: Oh, a lot but you’ll know more later, that’s for sure.

What are you working on now?
MM: What am I not? *laughs* Working on the novel series, African Sun along with a short story I’m doing for my main publisher called A Second Chance. I’m also doing a free read on the blog called, Mi Familia.
Rawiya: I have an MMF I’m revising called Sweetest Taboo as well as another called Trois in Treble. Michael and I are also working on a series called the Down Low in Nola series which was formally my gay story Masquerade.
BL: Right now, My Lieutenant, my gay male humor novelette as well as a straight short novella about a woman and her strap on. I’m also still doing the Wretched Series with the others as well.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
MM: On that Island Rawiya was talking about. *winks*
Rawiya: On tour, following my musical heroes. My hubby could take care of the kids. *swoons*
BL: *rolls eyes* I think I’ll take that island also. Make sure there are plenty of condoms and don’t forget the lube.

To date, which is your favorite story? Which one did you have the most fun writing?
MM: I’d say, African Sun has been the most fun. I love throwing in those twists and turns.
Rawiya: Masquerade is my favorite story I’ve done. I hope it will be your favorite once Michael and I find a home for it. Sugar Daddy was fun as well.
BL: I have really enjoyed My Lieutenant immensely. I also am enjoying the parts of the Wretched I’ve written so far.

How do you go about developing your characters and setting?
MM: All of us pretty much have a picture of what we want the characters to look like. We go through Google Images, the free royalty sites, and when they come up, we saved the pictures on the desktop.
Rawiya: We have also used our fave musicians faces and actors as models then we begin building their personalities based on the plot.
BL: Settings are part of the storyline. I would say the majority of our stories are done in major cities and because most of them are contemporary, it’s pretty easy to build a story around that.

*Whipped Cream, Strawberry Sauce or Chocolate Syrup?
MM: All three
Rawiya: I like whipped cream the best.
BL: I agree with Michael, and give me a hot man to lick it off me as well.
*laughter ensues*

*What is the craziest/sexiest thing you have ever done in public?
MM: Nothing…
Rawiya: *laughs* Um, I did have sex in a car once…
BL: What haven’t I done? Oh a little of everything. It’s a good thing there’s no warrant for my arrest as far as public displays of affection or indecent exposure!

Well this has to have been the most colorful interview I've ever done, if not because of the fonts, then certainly because of the fantastic guests!
I'm so pleased you all came and were such good sports! 
The rest of the week is sure to be just as much fun, I'm sure!
I can hardly wait!!


  1. Thank you for having us Robin! *laughs*

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