Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Friday!!
Before we say so long to our wonderful guest this week, Cynthia Arsuaga, she is leaving us with a little something yummy.... a delicious excerpt!
Let's take one final look at "The Cougar and her Vampire"!!

Recently divorced Payton Fleming vacations in Crete, looking for a quiet resort to get away from the chaos of the death of her best friend, serial killer, and an ex-husband. The adventure at the resort brings more than she expected—a young man with a story to tell. Concerned with the age difference, Payton knows there is something else he is keeping from her.

Christian MacKenzie is an entrepreneur in the hospitality and entertainment business, owner of Nocturnal Entertainment and Hospitality Corporation (NEHC), luxury resorts and nightclubs around the world. He escapes to his favorite resort on Crete, and meets his vision of a Greek goddess, a mysterious beauty, but fears she will reject him because of what he is, a vampire.
After returning to Miami, and a rival from his past threatens their happiness, will their love survive all the obstacles along the way…and The Cougar get Her Vampire in the end?

He delved deeper into her with each rhythmic push. She let out a scream of hot, wet abandonment with the fourth climax, which crested more intensely than the first three. He let out his own deep groan as his passion crested, and his fangs came down, his eyes blood red.
Payton sucked in a deep breath at seeing him in vampire form.
He grimaced, pulled out and fell down beside her. His fangs receded. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
Immediately, she sat up and scooted back on the bed away from him. “Are you okay? You look…a little hungry?”
He shook his head. “I’m fine. I…I got a little carried away with yer sexy, responsive body. It’s so sensual. I’m sorry I scared you, love. I won’t hurt you.”
“That’s okay. I’ve never seen you as a vampire before, except for the night you told me. You know how to put on quite a show, mister.” She decided not to let his display of his true self, the fangs and glowing, blood red eyes, bother her. He was who and what he was and couldn’t change if he wanted too. She had to accept him because the alternative, living without him, would be unbearable. He actually hadn’t lost control and bitten her, which made for a good thing. He’d shown restraint. She could trust him.
Moving closer, she took in the magnificent sight of him. Her young man from Elounda made her quiver, and she yearned for his body like no other man before. Her hand glided over his strong chest and down his taut, well-defined abdomen. She stopped at the area where he had been cut by the gang member.
“Did this hurt? Where that kid cut you the other night?”
“Nay, not really. After three hundred years, you become desensitized to the pain we go through as vampires. I’ve been cut, sliced, hung, burned, but the worst is going without blood for too long.”
“It’s that painful?”
“Like dying all over again. You’re enraged and would do anything, and I’m ashamed to say I have. When I first turned, I didn’t know how to hunt properly without being caught. I lived in fear and didn’t manage my prey very well. I went days, sometimes weeks, without feeding properly. Deprivation of blood is an excruciating hell to live in, one I never wish to repeat. Ian didn’t fare much better to our circumstances, since we were turned at the same time. We learned to hunt together, and we survived for many years hunting prey in tandem. That’s why our on-going conflict is hard for me. Why doing what I have to do is difficult for me.”
“You mean kill him? How do you kill a vampire, anyway?” Her hands continued to aimlessly wander over his body as he spoke.
“Aye. The most efficient way is to cut off their head or run them through the heart.” Then he added with a tone of regret, “Ian used to be my friend.”
She ran her fingers down a trail leading to the V of fine curly raven black hair above his groin. “Now I see why you carry swords instead of guns.”
Chuckling, he said, “A clean cut is surer than putting random holes in an enemy.”
She paused, and changing the subject, asking, “Do you become desensitized to the joys of pleasure over the years, as well?” She stroked his cock the full length, and even semi-flaccid, he was thick and long. She grinned as he flexed muscles causing a twitch.
“Nay, the joys of pleasure, especially by you, could never desensitize any man.” He groaned as he closed his eyes.
“My, God, you take my breath away.” She continued stroking him, tracing the pronounced vein pulsing on the surface. “How did it happen?”
“What? This? I was born with a big cock, lass. Made to please the women in my life.” He fell back on the bed pillow. “Don’t stop what you’re doing, love.”
She snorted. “Oh, you think you’re clever.” She squeezed him gently. “I meant what happened to ruin your friendship.”
“Do not toy with a man like that if all you want to do is talk instead of indulging in carnal pleasures.”
“I just want to get to know more about you. What carnal pleasures would you like to indulge in, Mr. MacKenzie?” She tickled him along his inner thighs and up under his balls, and then stretched out beside him, cradling her head on his shoulder.
“Love, I’ll give you all night to stop torturing me like that.”
“As long as you give me what I want in return.” She went back to stroking his growing erection. He may be over three hundred years old, but he can perform and recover like no normal twenty-seven year old I ever knew.
“I have to admit Ian was right about one thing. Ye’r a tough negotiator, Miss Fleming. Anything, anything you want is yers.” He turned to the side, propping up on his elbow.
“I told you what I want. Talk to me. Tell me about Ian.”
“He’s evil. Bad news. You need to stay away from him. End of story. Now let’s get back to the carnal pleasures.” He ran his fingers through her hair, pulling her close enough to kiss. “By the way, I haven’t told you yet. I like yer hair this way. It definitely suits you.”
“Thanks, but no changing the subject. Why aren’t you friends anymore? He couldn’t have been evil when you were friends, unless you were evil too?” She hesitated with the last part of her question. Maybe evil ruled him when he first transformed. He’d hinted as much earlier. He may have changed for the better while Ian never changed.
“Ye’r not going to let this go are you?”
“No and just to let you know I’m a woman used to getting what she wants once I set my mind to it.”


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