Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello my friends! Today is my favorite part of a spotlight week. Whether I'm meeting new authors or hanging out with authors I consider friends, it's always fun, but when those guests bring characters from their books... then we have all the ingredients needed for a party!
Well, guess what? It's PARTY TIME!
Let's take another look at the book, then I'll hand the blog over to Cynthia Arsuaga so she can share her interview with Payton from, The Cougar and her Vampire....

Recently divorced Payton Fleming vacations in Crete, looking for a quiet resort to get away from the chaos of the death of her best friend, serial killer, and an ex-husband. The adventure at the resort brings more than she expected—a young man with a story to tell. Concerned with the age difference, Payton knows there is something else he is keeping from her.
Christian MacKenzie is an entrepreneur in the hospitality and entertainment business, owner of Nocturnal Entertainment and Hospitality Corporation (NEHC), luxury resorts and nightclubs around the world. He escapes to his favorite resort on Crete, and meets his vision of a Greek goddess, a mysterious beauty, but fears she will reject him because of what he is, a vampire.
After returning to Miami, and a rival from his past threatens their happiness, will their love survive all the obstacles along the way…and The Cougar get Her Vampire in the end?

Hello, I’d like to thank Robin Badillo for the invitation to guest blog. My name is Cynthia Arsuaga, author and host today. Also with me in the studio, I have the pleasure of interviewing Payton Fleming, the charming and successful woman and lead character of my third novel, The Cougar and Her Vampire. Creating Payton was an absolute joy to write and actually she was my first ever character. She came alive from the moment I gave her the name. I wanted to write about an older woman who finds love. After “retiring” from a day career, I had time on my hands and started reading romance novels and found the heroine always seemed to be a young woman full of spirit and wise beyond her years, something I really found unbelievable. I thought I could write something just as good and heroine closer to my age. The rest is history!
Payton graciously joined me today. Taking a break from her busy schedule handling her real estate career in Miami and spending time with the love of her life, Christian MacKenzie, vampire entrepreneur, she will share a few insights into her exciting and intriguing life. Please give Payton Fleming a warm welcome.

CYNTHIA: Hi, Payton. Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I know you are one busy lady.
PAYTON: Thank you Cynthia and a thank you to Robin too. It’s my pleasure.
CYNTHIA: Let’s get down to it. Tell the audience a little about yourself, what is your background? Who is Payton Fleming?
PAYTON: Okay, where should I begin? I’m currently living in Miami, Florida, but split my time there and London, which is where my vampire lover’s business headquarters resides. His name is Christian MacKenzie. Some call him C.J., but I like Christian better. (She snickers) I’ve been a model, personal assistant to a producer in Los Angeles, and for the past twelve years a real estate broker specializing in high-end condominium sales.
CYNTHIA: Interesting. Your life’s path has taken a rather diverse course. Although, I should talk, mine has zigzagged in different directions too. Can you tell the readers how you came to meet Christian? Seems unlikely in your current line of work you’d meet a vampire entrepreneur.
PAYTON: No problem. Meeting Christian was a computer glitch really.
CYNTHIA: You mean you meant on-line? What through one of those dating sites?
PAYTON:  Oh heavens no. Christian and I joke about it now, but if the hotel manager of his Elounda Resort in Crete, Greece hadn’t made the suggestion to open the resort to humans unaware of the existence of…you know (she whispers) vampires, I wouldn’t have seen the add and planned a vacation. I knew nothing about them being among us, so when he introduced himself, I thought he was a brash young man totally out of my league. He was so cute, courting me and charming the pants off me, literally. I couldn’t believe he’d be interested in me because I thought I was way too old for him. But, he persevered. Except, I thought he had ulterior motives and returned to Miami thinking he used me.
CYNTHIA: Okay, that sounded romantic until you said he used you. How did you overcome his deceit?
PAYTON: Very long story and you should know, you wrote it, and the readers need to read how things turn out on their own.
CYNTHIA: *snickering* I know I did, didn’t I? Well, can you tell us just a little peek of how you ended up with him?
PAYTON: *snort* You’re funny. Let’s see, we did resolve our issues. Turns out he didn’t use me like I thought, he didn’t tell me about his true identity because he feared me rejecting him because he was a…you know what. It shocked me at first, but I realized I loved him no matter what.
CYNTHIA: You’re telling us the old adage that “love conquers all” happened to you? Isn’t that a little cliché? I mean really?
PAYTON: It wasn’t like that. Our life wasn’t all rose covered and bells ringing. My life was threatened by a really bad vampire named Ian McAlester. Turns out Christian and Ian once were friends, but Ian went crazy a couple of hundred years ago and they went their separate ways. Then when this rage for…you know (she whispers again) vampires, Christian and Ian became developers of clubs and resorts. Christian catered to the affluent, rich and famous types, and Ian didn’t care where he got his clientele and created more Goth-style establishments. They became rivals. Somehow or the other, I became a pawn to be played in their dangerous game of supremacy.
CYNTHIA: Wow that sounds scary, but obviously you’re okay. I bet Christian became your knight in shining armor and rescued you and now you’re living happily ever after, right?
PAYTON: Not quite. Christian did rescue me, but I came to realize his life left a lot to be desired for a mere mortal and I asked that he erase my memory of him and let me live my life without him.
CYNTHIA: No! That’s so sad. But, you are together, what changed your mind?
PAYTON: Not my mind, my heart. I don’t want to spoil the ending of our love story, but let’s just say, Christian left an indelible mark on my heart and we found each other again where the story began. Now, we spend time together as much as possible. We’re only eight hours apart, and we do a lot of computer chats and well you know (she winks).
CYNTHIA: Ahh, yes I know. You’re such a naughty cougar Payton. Let’s change the subject and get into some fun questions I ask all my characters. What is your main fault or vice?
PAYTON: Hmm, good question, Cynthia. I guess if had to admit my faults, I’d say I’m an insecure person although I’m working on that. I grew up a very awkward, geeky kind of girl and that image haunted me all my life. I think that’s why I was married and divorced three times. I always doubted myself. With Christian, it is so different. He believes in me and loves me for who and what I’ve become. I truly love that man.
CYNTHIA: Oh, that is sweet. Okay for the last question before a set of quickies. Do you have any plans for your future you’d like to share?
PAYTON: Well, I have been working on a development for Christian’s company, Nocturnal Entertainment and Hospitality Corporation. The acronym is pronounced “neck” like in you know biting one. (She snickers) Anyway, Christian wants to open another club in the United States. He has a resort in Las Vegas and a club in Miami Beach/South Beach and I’m working on that. We travel extensively as well. I’m getting to know all his resorts around the world and that has been very exciting. Of course, our favorite is the Elounda Resort in Crete and we try to get there as often as we can. We have quite a social calendar ahead of us.
CYNTHIA: How exciting. I can understand Elounda being your favorite. I’ve been there and it is a beautiful place. Okay, enough of the serious questions, let’s have some fun with the round robin answers. Which do you prefer, Satin or Lace?
CYNTHIA: Denim or Leather?
PAYTON: Denim. I tried leather and not my thing. I only bring my tight pants out on occasion for Christian’s pleasure.
CYNTHIA: Okay. You are a naughty cougar aren’t you? Back to the questions. Thunder or Lightning?
PAYTON: Lightning.
CYNTHIA: Dark eyes or Light eyes?
PAYTON: Light, especially green.
CYNTHIA: The sound of a heartbeat or a crackling fire?
PAYTON: The sound of a heartbeat, it’s too hot in Florida for a fire.
CYNTHIA: Coffee or Tea?
PAYTON: French Roast Coffee. But, I’m drinking more tea when I visit England.
CYNTHIA: Chiseled jaw line or chiseled abs?
PAYTON: Chiseled abs to lay my head on.
CYNTHIA: High heels or flip-flops?
PAYTON: Hmm, heels because I like to dress up, especially for Christian.
CYNTHIA: Mountains or Beach?
PAYTON: Beaches of course, walking hand-in-hand with Christian in the moonlight barefoot in the sand!
CYNTHIA: Rain or Sunshine?
PAYTON: Sunshine, when I’m not playing with Christian. Hey I live in the Sunshine State of Florida. If I’m with Christian, then I don’t care as long as I’m with him.
CYNTHIA: Picnic in the park or dancing in the club?
PAYTON: For a romantic evening, dancing at one of his clubs. Christian doesn’t eat because he’s you know...
CYNTHIA: Well I think I’ll end this interview on that note. I want to thank you so much for visiting with us Payton. Those were very interesting and colorful answers! We had a wonderful time sharing this conversation and learning new facets of your personality.
PAYTON: Thank you Cynthia and to Robin for opening up her Blog, Sealed With a Kiss, to us today. It has been my pleasure! I’ll look forward to a return visit and maybe I’ll bring Christian with me next time.
CYNTHIA: That would be marvelous. I’m sure the readers would love to meet him and listen to his sexy accent.
I want to thank everyone today for stopping by and reading my interview with Payton Fleming, the heroine of The Cougar and Her Vampire. Remember, for those who want to read more you can find me at my website: and for the buy link


  1. Loved this interview -'re really something to behold, full of strength and direction (doesn't sound like you were always like this though).
    Cynthia, Robin, thanks for sharing Payton...and The Cougar and Her Vampire (love the title). Just bought it and am looking forward to reading it.
    Kay Dee

  2. Wow! Thanks Kay Dee. Hope you enjoy reading more about Payton and Christian. Now I have to get off my butt and write the next in the series! The story revolves around one of the other characters from Cougar. No more hints than that!

  3. Thanks, Kay Dee! We aim to please! Enjoy the read!!

  4. Lovely interview, Payton. i wish you every success. Sounds like you're already on your way.