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Hey everybody!
Guess what? It's Friday, and you know what that means. Yep, Shannon Leigh will be saying her final farewell for this visit! If we ask her nicely, maybe she will come back really soon. 
Shannon, it's been a pleasure and I thank you for sharing so much of yourself, your characters and your wonderful books! 
Let's take a look at the last of the books she's been so kind to spotlight... Nana'a Little Black Book....
(yeah, I don't think too many Nana's have his number in their little black book, but this cougar probably should) =^-^= 

A firm believer in alternative medicine, Catrina’s recently deceased grandmother had a tincture or tea to cure everything from sore throats to insomnia. But when Catrina discovers a secret vault beneath the braided carpet in Nana’s room, one filled with various artifacts of magic, to say she was befuddled would be an understatement. What secrets had died with her mysterious Nana? And what ones would she discover within this strange treasure trove? 
     One item in particular draws her attention, a little black book that seems widely out of place. As she investigates this strange tome, Catrina discovers that it’s a phone book for summoning a male demon who will carry out whatever duty the bookkeeper requires of him. Inadvertently, her fingers brush the calling pad within, bringing for Malthus, the Earl of Hell. While his previous tasks for her Nana mainly included general carpentry, Malthus plans on fulfilling some of Catrina’s more carnal needs as well…

  She watched in silent terror as Malthus approached. “I have in my command, twenty-six legions of demons. Warriors, who build towers to fill with ammunition and weapons. Soldiers prepared to battle wherever it is requested of us.”  

  By the time he stood directly before her, his form had shrunk to its original size—that of a six-foot-seven, strongly built man. His hair, first the color of a raven’s wing, had faded into a chestnut brown highlighted with streaks of amber fire. And his eyes, before as black as night, like two onyx orbs of eternity, had now become pure and translucent, blue ice ringed and flecked with shards of sapphire that glowed with a strange phosphorescent shine like they were fueled by electricity. 

  Catrina held her breath when he brought his handsome face mere inches from hers. Her eyes instantly took in the chiseled line of his square jaw, the sharp ridge of his aquiline nose, the flesh-colored tint of his sensual mouth. In a matter of seconds, he’d gone from terrifying to tantalizing. 

  Dear, God. He must be a demon for sure. “What…what did you do for Nana?” she stammered, her own voice seemingly lodged within her windpipe. 

  His lips curled into a mischievous grin. “Well now, that all depended on what it was she was in need for. But you can bet, when I was done, I left her begging for more.” 

  His words were almost confusing, purposely twisted, and rhythmic in nature. Be careful, Catrina, she warned herself. He’s a sly one. 

  As though reading her mind, he began to chuckle. “Indeed.” The word was drawn out. It swirled in the air around her face, fanning her cheeks like a gentle caress. 

  She felt a heated thrill race through her insides. It centered in her pelvis before radiating down to her apex. Were her legs not frozen, held slightly apart by an invisible force, she would have squeezed them closed to still the maddening tingle at the juncture of her thighs. 

  Catrina gasped as his gaze raked her form, the look in his eyes clearly carnal. His tongue darted out to slide suggestively along his full bottom lip. It wasn’t forked or barbed, as she would have expected, but rather thick with a rounded tip, and looked capable of providing more exquisite pleasure than she cared to dwell on. 

  “And what is it, my dear, that you’re in need of?” His pupils sparkled like two-carat diamonds, blindingly white with unmatchable cut and clarity. 

  Catrina turned her head aside, fearing her ability to resist his seductive charm. “I don’t need—” 

  He clucked his tongue disapprovingly. “Don’t lie to me, Cat. I already know what you desire. Just give me some time, and I’m sure to light your fire.” 

  Catrina squeezed her eyes shut. “If…” She bit her bottom lip to still its trembling. 

  Seeming to sense her unease, he asked, “Would you feel less intimidated, were I in my natural form?” 

  Her gaze met his. A multitude of horrific beasts popped into her head. While his current shape certainly clouded her judgment, she wasn’t too sure she wanted to see his true appearance. 

  “I…I don’t know. It depends on what—” 

  Before she could finish, he’d taken a few steps back and his body instantly transformed into that of a massive Marabou Stork. The heavy tool belt clattered to the floor near his taloned feet, along with Nana’s little black book. 

  As though being cooped within the body of a human had cramped his wings, he stretched them wide. Catrina gasped with a mixture of astonishment and awe. From wingtip to wingtip, the span was nearly nine feet. 

  His bare head and neck reminded her of a vulture’s—peachy-red in color and textured with warty nodules. The long feathers on his back and wings glistened like black oil with an iridescent green gloss, a stark contrast to the short down on his white belly and under-parts. 

  His huge bill was long and sharp—ostensibly deadly. While the pink gular sack at his throat looked as harmless as a plastic sack. With his white fluffy neck ruff and long black legs, she couldn’t help but find this creature strikingly regal, albeit equally terrifying. 

  He clacked his pointed beak a few times before tilting it toward the ceiling. Then he swayed back and forth—wings stretched wide, neck arched—issuing a loud hollow bellow, which vibrated from deep within his throat. 

  When he’d finished with the strange song, he pierced her with solid ebony eyes. There were no pupils within their bottomless depths, no white pinhole gleam from the overhead light. Just two black beads, much like those you’d find on a lifeless doll, yet they seemed to stare straight through to her soul. 

  As the Marabou approached, Catrina pressed herself more firmly against the wall. It was true she’d been intimidated by the overwhelming maleness of the human form of this demon. But the idea of being pecked to death or torn to shreds by his razor-sharp bill was nearly more than she could stomach. 

  Fear rose in the back of her throat, burning her tongue. “I think I prefer your former shape,” she squeaked, trying not to focus on the daunting point of his beak.

  Malthus tilted his head back and let out what resembled a clucking titter. Then he spread his wings once again. “As you wish, my dear.”

  The change from bird to man occurred a little more slowly than before. Catrina watched, no less amazed this time, as the feathers on his wingtips pulled back to reveal strong fingers beneath, then hands. Next came his thick forearms, bulging biceps, and broad shoulders. It was almost like peeling a banana from its skin as his bird-like form slowly stripped away to expose the male human-likeness inside. Muscled pectorals rippled and flexed as he stretched his elongating spine. White downy feathers turned to washboard abs as his stomach and waist took shape. 

  His black, stick legs and taloned feet split down the center, then parted, as thick thighs and strong calves exploded through, brawny and tanned, like tree-trunks. Strangely enough, the final transformation to occur was his face. For a brief instance, he was a strapping, viral man with the head of a stork, like some sort of living Egyptian hieroglyphic. Then the mask lifted and he was human once again. 

  “Is this better?” he asked with an air of innocence that made her insides quiver with primordial need. 

  Malthus gave her a knowing smile. His teeth were so perfect and white—a stark contrast in his bronzed face—that Catrina almost forgot he’d had a beak merely seconds before. Her eyes locked on his lips as they parted and his thick tongue darted out to moisten the bottom one as he’d done before. 

  Unable to find her voice, she merely nodded. Tearing her attention from that sensual mouth, so full, so luscious that she yearned to feel it pressed upon hers, she slid her gaze downward.

  Her hands itched to follow along, touch each glorious inch of this demon-man to find out if he felt as real as he seemed. But until he released her from her state of prostration, she was fated to merely complete her inspection visually. All the while, she struggled with the unwanted desire to have something she knew would surely bring her damnation. 

  Then her gaze dropped to his naked groin. The tool belt no longer hid the massive male pleasure device he possessed. Her eyes grew round with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation. “Holy shit,” she whispered. 

  Malthus chuckled in response. “There’s nothing holy about this.” 

  A delicious shudder wracked her pelvis when his erect shaft bobbed toward her center like a divining rod to water. Catrina bit her bottom lip as moisture seeped through the crotch of her panties. When she met his searing gaze, she realized his statement rang true, in more ways than one.

Shannon Leigh
Amber Quill Assistant Review Coordinator
"Giving readers the O in their erOtica."

*Nana's Little Black Book--calling all incubi*
*Chasing Booty--the payoff is too good to pass up.*
*Dark Tales--not your average bedtime story.*

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