Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today, Shannon Leigh is here to dazzle us with another of her terrific books. 
This one is sure to be hot.... I mean, just take a look at that cover... need I say more?   
Let's see just what we can discover behind those sexy abs....
Erotikos.... here we come...

It’s been a long time since Renee and her two friends have gotten together for a girl’s night in.  What could possibly be more fun than drinking margaritas, gossiping about their recent bed-partners, and playing drunken rounds of Twister until they all pass out?  But when Mina shows up toting a bottle of José Cuervo Gold in one arm, and a strange game named Erotikos in the other, the girls’ evening is about to get a lot more interesting.  
Even before they remove the contents, Renee senses something amiss.  This is no ordinary game.  Erotikos promises pleasures galore and adventures filled with sexual delight.  But how can a cardboard pastime with its small stack of cards, two oddly marked die, and eight pewter men accomplish all this?  
After reading the instructions, the girls select their character pieces—an Indian, a selkie, and a vampire.  Three men of varying backgrounds, but all sexy as sin and tantillizing to the eye.  With a roll of the dice, the game begins, and the three women soon find themselves pulled into a place where their wildest fantasies come to life...

The dice seemed to roll in slow motion, tumbling angle over side several times before coming to rest a few inches from the opposite corner of Renee’s starting point. She leaned forward, her insides a jumble of unease as she read her fate.

Snake eyes.

Renee moved her character forward two spaces. “‘Warriors and Rituals, a proud race are the Sioux. Select your card, the number is two.’”

She glanced first at Candi, then Mina. “You sure about this?”

“It’s a game, Renee. What could happen?” Mina crossed her arms over her chest with an annoyed huff.

“This is me, drinking,” Candi announced, reaching for the José.

Renee snatched the bottle first. “Okay, I give. No more drinking.”

She set the José on the floor, well out of everyone’s reach, then regarded her card. It still lay facedown on the board, waiting for her to pick it up. With a shaking hand, she placed the tip of her index finger on the card’s backside and slowly slid it toward her.

“Here goes.”

The room became uncomfortably quiet as Renee grasped the card by its edge and turned it over. Mina and Candi leaned forward, curiosity gleaming in their unwavering stares. Feeling as though she sealed some inexplicable fate, Renee read her adventure aloud.

“‘Eyanosa, a great Lakota Sioux warrior in South Dakota, has taken part in The Sun Dance ritual in hopes that an emissary of the Wakan Tanka will return to bring peace and prosperity to his people. Your appearance will comfort his heart, but he craves the warmth of your flesh to soothe his soul.’”

When she’d finished, Renee regarded her friends with nauseating unease. Her insides roiled with apprehension. Was that it?

Instinctively she sensed something was about to happen, but she had no clue as to what that might be. They were three half-drunk women playing a stupid board game that Mina had seduced out the hands of an old gypsy woman’s adolescent grandson. What could happen?

She was about to suggest they just put away the dumb game when Candi yelled, “Look!” practically scaring her out of her skin.

“Look at the orb in the middle!” Suddenly sober with excitement, Candi reared up on her knees. With both hands firmly planted on either side of the board, she hovered over the game, her expression a mixture of awe and anticipation.

Mina inclined her head, squinting as the white swirling words within the orb’s center began to take shape. “What’s that say?”

Almost against her own will, Renee felt her upper body sway forward, too. Unable to deny her curiosity, she deciphered the hazy message. “It looks like…‘Do you three agree?’”

“Agree to what?” Candi asked as she deflated back against the couch, her momentary thrill in danger of expiring to her characteristic boredom.

“Well, to the adventures, of course,” Mina snorted. “What else could it be?”

They all fell silent, exchanging looks of agreement, excitement, and unease in a room that suddenly seemed void of all objects and sound. It was almost as though a vacuum had sucked away everything but the three of them and this game. Renee felt weightless and drunk, but she sensed her surrealistic state wasn’t caused by alcohol.

Something else was amiss.

Mina and Candi nodded in unison, their wordless affirmations a bold and persuasive declaration to her instinctive rebellion, which screamed at her to decline.Obligation weighed on her like a woolen cloak soaked by rain. Before she could rationalize her behavior, she felt her chin dip forward in consent.

The room started to spin in a fashion similar to times when she’d awakened in the morning after having far too much to drink. But unlike then, her mind wasn’t distorted; rather, everything around had begun to move. Shifting, turning, the colors melding together like they did on one of those spinning art trays that slug paint together in a fashion no human hand could create.

Renee’s vision strained against the ambiance, searching for her friends, whom she knew were seated a mere few feet away. Panic rioted her insides when she saw that Candi was gone. Before she even looked, she knew Mina would be, too.

Pressure surrounded her on all sides, making it near impossible to move. She fought the resistance, struggling to turn her head to the right. She managed an inch or two, enough to confirm her fear.

Tears blurred her already fuzzy gaze as her terror grew. They slipped from the corners of her eyes, but never reached her cheeks. The air around her sucked them from her skin and into the ever-growing vortex around her.

Renee opened her mouth to scream, but the words seemed also lost in the churning eddy. She felt herself being lifted off the ground and drawn forward, pulled toward the coffee table. And as her paralyzed frame hovered in the air above the game, her nose mere inches from the now-wordless orb, she realized how they would complete their turns.

We’re going in.


Shannon Leigh
Amber Quill Assistant Review Coordinator
"Giving readers the O in their erOtica."

*Nana's Little Black Book--calling all incubi*
*Chasing Booty--the payoff is too good to pass up.*
*Dark Tales--not your average bedtime story.*


  1. Shannon, what a concept for an erotica story - Love it! Congratulations on its release.
    Nice post, Robin.

  2. Shannon, I likey this one! I'm going to go check it out! Congrats on the release.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, ladies! I have to agree, this story isn't the kind you see very often. Sounds like a game I would love to play though! LOL!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments. I really appreciate everyone stopping by.

  5. It's been my pleasure having you and tomorrow should be fun, too! :-)