Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whew! This week is flying by! 
Danielle Gavan has kept us busy and quite entertained with the first two books she brought to share. Getting to know her has been a blast and she's even picked up a fan or two along the way! That's always a wonderful thing! 
Today she's sure to add even more fans with this next book. So, settle in and let's get to it. 

Princesses Gone Wild...

It takes a special kind of kiss to wake Sleeping Beauty.
The Beast loves to tie up his Beauty, Belle, and he’s not afraid to use his riding crop to give her what she needs.
Cinderella certainly enjoys her Prince Charming—but the coachman and the Grand Duke will do in a pinch!
Tarnished Tiara’s brings you all these dirty stories and more. Snow White’s got her friendly dwarves to keep her company when her husband is away; and Tink finally gets a taste of Peter.
Think you know what happens after the Happily Ever After? Step into the pages and imagine more...

Content advisory: Contains scenes of m/f sex, m/f/m sex, oral sex, light BDSM and anal play. Intended for adults only.

Bippity Boppity Banged 

The shrill cry stopped the rhythmic pump of Cinderella’s fingers as she worked the hard button of flesh between her thighs. Her thumb continued to flicker over the sensitive nub as her release grew closer. Lady Tremaine, her stepmother, only called for Cindy in such a manner if she was upset with something or someone.
"What now?" she muttered, pulling her hand free and rolling from her bed. She twitched the folds of her skirts into place and wiped the moisture from her exertions on the light blue material while she walked.
As Cindy drew closer to the main floor the deep thrum of male voices reached her ears.
"Oh, no." Men in the parlor meant another unpleasant afternoon of faking pleasure when she would rather be scrubbing the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush.
The door to the parlor burst open and Drizella, the least attractive of her step-sisters, peered out into the hallway.
"There she is, our little hussy. Come on, then. Hurry it up."
Cindy picked up the hem of her dress and moved passed the sneering Drizella.
"I'm sorry, Ma'am,” she responded to her step mother. “I was nearly to my room when you called for me."
She took in the two men behind her step-mother and froze. The royal crest sat proudly emblazoned on the breast pockets of both men.
"Is this the last one?" The man she recognized as the Grand Duke asked.
"Yes," her step-mother and mistress of their tiny brothel replied. "Cindy is the last of my girls, but I doubt she is the one you are searching for, gentlemen. Our darling Cinderella would never attend a party such as the one the Prince held last evening. His level of debauchery is not something she could endure."
"Be that as it may, Lady Tremaine. Prince Tristan has ordered that every woman in the kingdom be searched. There is one he seeks and we will know her when we see the lady in question."
“She’s no lady.” Anastasia snickered. “Just a skinny, ungrateful orphan we’ve taken into our home.”
The Grand Duke peered through his monocle at Cinderella and she lifted her chin in defiance. He may be a member of the nobility, but Cindy knew whose thighs he’d been between the night before. A few well-placed words to the right person could ruin a man’s reputation, no matter how esteemed he was at court.
“Yes, well. She will need to be inspected... thoroughly.”
A hint of a smirk flickered over Lady Tremaine’s lips as she tilted her head toward the footman. “You may take her upstairs and inspect her all you’d like, my lord, but you will pay my fee before you leave.”

The footman closed the door to Cinderella’s room and she turned to face the two men. She approached the Grand Duke and trailed a finger down his shirt front. A hungry, predatory gleam shone from the depths of her light blue eyes.
“It’s good to see you again, Percival. Did you enjoy yourself with Lady Montgomery last night?”
“But – I” he sputtered, switching tactics. “How could you possibly know if it was me? I did no such thing.”
She cupped his groin and winked up at him. “Oh, but you did; and you did it wearing a goat’s mask, no less. I’d know you even if I was blindfolded in a dark room, Percival.”
Behind her, the footman snickered and Cindy turned to face him while releasing Percy’s balls from her grip. “Don’t laugh, Nicholas, or I’ll inform Anastasia she gave all the footmen the use of her mouth for the evening. We both know where her aspirations lay and you are far, far below them.”
Percy wrapped his hands in her hair and Cinderella hissed as he tugged her back against him. His breath warmed the nape of her neck as he bent and grazed the sensitive area with his teeth.
“If you speak true, then you will also know that the Lady you claim to have seen me with liked things rough. Do you like them rough, Cinderella?”
Cindy shuddered as the tension on her hair increased. “You tell me, Percival. Did the woman Tristan dallied with last night like it rough?”
It was Percy’s turn to hiss and she felt him stiffen behind her. “Prove it. Where is the mark? Let me see it so that I can take you to Prince Tristan.”
“Oh, no.” Cindy laughed. “I won’t make it easy for you. If you and Nicholas can pleasure me before I make you spend, I will give you what the Prince wants—me. Fail and you will face Tristan alone.”
Nicholas grasped the front of her bodice and yanked until the delicate blue material split down the middle. Her breasts sprung free and he eyed them lasciviously.
“We could simply take you to him and spare ourselves the trouble.”
“You could, but then you would be denied the chance to ever have a taste of me.”
Cupping each full mound in a hand, Cindy offered them to Nicholas. A wicked smirk covered her lips as she watched his pupils dilate. He lifted a hand to accept her offer and when the heat of his skin closed over her cooled flesh, she moaned at the delicious contrast.
Percy peeled her dress off. She pressed herself against the front of Nicholas and savored the press of his buckles against her skin and the abrasion of his uniform over the sensitive tips of her nipples. The hilt of his sword pressed into her side and she brushed it away as their mouths came together in a hungry kiss.
Nimble fingers found the fastenings of Nicholas’ pants, and she made short work of releasing his engorged cock. Saliva flooded Cinderella’s mouth as she took the eight inches of hard flesh into her hand.
“Yes,” he groaned against her mouth. “Don’t be gentle. Please – don’t stop.”
Cinderella gripped the base of his shaft tightly and began moving her hand in a slow, hard pump. She felt Percy grind himself against her backside and tilted her hips back in invitation.
A sharp crack sounded through the room and Cindy whimpered as the sting on her backside reawakened the fire which burned in her veins from caressing herself.
“On the bed, Nicholas.” Percy ordered. “I want to watch her suck you while I fuck her.”
Nicholas nodded and the three of them moved to the large four poster bed. He scooted up to lay on the mattress and Cinderella quickly moved in to pull his buff colored pants down further. Her fingers traced the long line of his cock as she moved closer and flicked her tongue over the purple tip.
Cindy heard the hurried rustle of clothes as Percy stripped behind her. She knelt between Nick’s thighs and lifted her backside to the Grand Duke as her lips closed around the crown of his erection and she swallowed the entire length down into the back of her throat.
The surprised intake of breath from Percy told Cinderella that he’d noticed the wine colored butterfly birthmark hidden on the inside of her left thigh. His fingers traced delicately along the contours and then came down on her bottom in another sharp smack.
“You,” he whispered. “It really is you.”
Strong fingers parted her and Cindy moaned as Percy explored her folds with the engorged tip of his cock. Like a peach fresh from the harvest, she knew he’d find her plump and overflowing with juicy anticipation. He shoved inside of her and the sharpness of his thrust pushed her further down onto Nicholas’ cock. Her teeth grazed over the hard ridge of him and he cried out.
“That’s it. Use your teeth.” His fingers locked into Cindy’s golden tresses and she increased the speed of her suck to match Percy’s thrusts. The musky taste of Nicholas’ skin coated her tongue and washed down her throat with each delectable swallow.
The deliciousness of being skewered at both ends as the Grand Duke and his footman fucked her burned hot and heady in Cinderella’s veins. A thick finger slid between her folds and with the first flick over her clit, she forgot about the challenge thrown down earlier.
Her mouth worked up and down the thick length in her mouth. She moaned and whimpered alternately as the thin, salty precum joined the palette of flavor in her mouth and the slamming of Percy’s cock inside created a delicious blend of pleasure and pain.
Nicholas groaned beneath her, his fingers tightened in Cindy’s hair and she stilled her movements as his hips pumped up into her mouth. She felt the pulse quicken in his cock and knew any moment her throat would be coated with his cum.
Several frenzied pumps later, Nicholas arched up, locked his body against Cindy and groaned as he wedged the broad purple tip of his cock in her throat and she swallowed the thick creamy spurts of his pleasure.
Once his footman was blissfully satisfied, Percy pulled Cinderella off of Nicholas and landed another sharp crack to her backside.
“You’re going to scream for me, my pretty princess, and you’re going to do it loud enough Tristan hears you up at the castle.”
The Prince’s dark, mischievous eyes and the hungry look in them as they’d enjoyed each other the previous night flashed through her mind and Cinderella pushed back against Percy’s next thrust.
“Yes. Please, yes,” she cried out as she lowered onto her elbows and changed the angle of his penetration. “Show me what kind of animal you really are. Take me harder, faster, please.”
Percy slammed into her with such force that his balls slapped against her and the sounds of their flesh meeting echoed throughout the room. Cindy pressed her cheek against Nicholas’ thigh as her nails dug into his hips to keep herself steady.
The combination of pleasure and pain soon overwhelmed her and Cindy reared back, screaming out Tristan’s name with her release. Percy followed her a moment later as he buried himself to the hilt inside of her and shouted his pleasure for the entire house to hear.
Cinderella collapsed onto the mattress between Percy and Nicholas and the three of them lay together, panting, recovering from their escapade. Nicholas tweaked the tip of one breast and grinned at her.
“If Tristan ever tires of you, I’d welcome you in my bed anytime.”
A snort sounded from behind her and Cindy looked over her shoulder at the Grand Duke.
“He’s had her, you buffoon. And still demanded we search the Kingdom to find, as he put it, ‘The most amazing bed-mate I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter’. I don’t think our dear Prince will tire of his treasure anytime soon, Nicholas.”
Nicholas rolled his eyes as Cinderella looked at him. “Maybe not, but a man can dream.”
Cindy brushed a thick lock of hair from her cheek and gasped as the door to her bedroom flew open to reveal the subject of their conversation.
Sensual lips curved into a wicked smile as he surveyed the three of them on the bed. One dark brow rose in question as she slid from the bed and crossed over to him.
“Am I too late to join the fun then?”
She traced a slim finger down the line of buttons on his jacket and smiled up at him. “Not at all. Come.”
Tristan chuckled softly and hauled her against him. His lips brushed against hers while murmuring, “I plan to – several times.”


  1. Mmm Naughty Cindy! And Tristan, such a bad boy! Great excerpt! Well done, Danielle!

    Lani Rhea

  2. Well done indeed! Who would have thought that the fairy tales of our youth could grow up so well! That is a definite one to add to my collection.