Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Friday!!!
Danielle Gavan has been a super guest, which came as no surprise as she is a super person as well!!
Her last day has come and though I am bummed that she must hop off to another lucky blog, I am thrilled that she left one final little gift. 
Grab a cool drink and maybe even a bag of popcorn and enjoy Danielle's last spotlighted book "Cursed"...

Sidony Tassen hasn’t had an orgasm in any of the last one hundred years of her life.

Found naked in the king’s bed on her twenty first birthday, Sidony is cursed to remain unsatisfied until she can find the key which unlocks her sexual prison.
Join the ageless vampire on her sultry sexcapades filled with court intrigue, betrayal, and a ménage-à-trois that will keep you hungry until the very last page.
Bonus Material: A short story from Tarnished Tiaras is included, as well as a free five chapter excerpt of Possession is Nine Tenths – Arduer.

Content advisory: Contains scenes of m/f sex, m/f/m sex, oral sex. Intended for adults only.

Rain battered and spat on the window of the cozy B&B where Michael had stopped for the night. The sounds of the storm blended with the shush of the shower and frenetic sighs of the man beneath the rush of water.
Michael’s lavender eyes gazed out the mullioned, rain-drenched window. The mist rolled over the emerald carpet of the hills. It ran over the dips and rises, a secret lover fleeing the angry droplets of a jilted spouse come home too soon.
He saw none of it.
Every thought was focused on the scene playing out in his mind’s eye. Glimpses of chestnut curls, voluptuous breasts and creamy, silken skin. She had been on his mind and in Michael’s dreams forever.
Michael sighed as his hand worked up the length of his shaft. The smooth skin of his palm covered the velvety tip and squeezed lightly before it resumed with a downward stroke.
The icy water from the shower slid over his flesh but did nothing to cool the burning heat in Michael’s veins. Their latest dream rendezvous had been cut off again and left him molten with need.
His fist pumped furiously up and down the granite length of his cock as he pictured the way Sidony had writhed for him. She’d been poised on the edge, every cry and whimper gliding over his senses and pulling him along with her. He understood the demands of her career but the frequent interruptions were trying his patience. Michael needed to get to her, and soon.
Thoughts focused on Sidony, Michael worked his turgid flesh. Each glide of his hand a reminder of where he needed, wanted, to be – balls deep inside of the woman he was destined to be with.
Several more sweat and shower slick strokes brought on the muscle tightness and tingling at the base of Michael’s spine that heralded his release – and another night alone. The hand on his shaft moved quickly while the other kneaded and rolled the contents of his sack. His forehead pressed against the cool tile. His cry resonated through the small bathroom as thick, creamy jets of cum streamed from his erection to coat the walls.
Michael waited until the tremor in his muscles settled before rinsing off the evidence of his activity and leaving the shower. He wrapped a thick towel around his waist and padded out to sit on the end of the antique poster bed.
He sighed heavily and flopped back on the mattress.
“Sidony,” he whispered. “I can feel you near. Fall asleep and let me in again.”
She had opened up to him every night in the two weeks since their first encounter. After their failed attempt earlier, her resistance to let him in now puzzled Michael.
Their multiple contacts had opened a telepathic channel between them and he tested it in order to draw her out.
“Sidony. Stop fighting.”
Michael’s mind projected her image beside him on the bed and he blinked when she appeared. Her arms were crossed beneath the delicious curves of her breasts. Even fully dressed, she was exquisite and his cock twitched at the sight of her.
“You won’t tell me who you are or how I can find you. This little charade was fun at first but I’m getting tired of it. You’ve said you can free me from this curse. Come get me. Prove it.”
He rolled to his stomach and grimaced when his face connected with the soaked comforter. She was right, and he knew full well that he could go to her anytime he wished.
“Unlock your door. Trust me, sweetheart. You’ll have me tonight. I promise.”

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  1. Thanks for having me on the blog this week, Robin! It's been great fun sharing my work with everyone.

  2. Jen, Thanks so much for visiting, hon! Hope you had fun. ;-)

    Danielle, it was a pleasure having you as a guest. I hope you come back very soon. Best of luck with everything. See ya' in our usual hangout... Twitter, Facebook, etc! LOL!!
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