Friday, July 29, 2011

Sexy Leading Men and Why I Love Them Part #2

Hello all!!
My first edition of Sexy leading men was a blast. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Today, I hope to excite you with FOUR more delicious leading men!! Sit back and enjoy!!

#1 Michael C Hall


Okay, so you may it Michael I find so irresistible or his blood lusting, serial killer persona on "Dexter"? To be quite honest...BOTH! Not that being a serial killer should be glamorized, but hey, he makes it look so right. I hadn't watched the first couple of season until this summer when I found them on Netflix. And now? Well, Dexter is one of my many guilty pleasures, and much like the character... I just can't help myself!!

#2 Aldis Hodge


Aldis? First of all, even his parents must have known he would be somebody special. A name like that stands out! This sexy man cracks me up as his character, Alec Hardison on "Leverage". There's just something sexy about the way this techno-genius character handles a keyboard that really gets me going. He puts the "G" in geek, (GQ that is)!!!

#3 Christian Kane


Ahhh! Christian Kane... the muscle-bound, ass-kicker, Eliot Spencer, also on "Leverage". This country boy (born in Dallas, Texas) has thrilled women all across the south and not only makes us swoon every week on Leverage, but captures our hearts when he sings, too. If you haven't checked out his country album, "The House Rules", you should!! 

#4 Nathan Fillion


Why? Because he's ruggedly handsome!! LOL! 
His character on "Castle" is a man after my own heart as an author. For a fictitious charatcer, he sure has a lot of readers. Those books are REALLY on books shelves at a store near you.
True fans of Nathan Fillion will know him from "One Life to Live" as Joey Buchanan, or perhaps, Capt. Malcolm Reynolds on "Firefly"...and if you're a true die-hard fan, you'll know he is the voice of Gunnery Sgt. Buck on your kid's "Halo" and "Halo Reach" video games. 
Yeah, welcome to my life. 
This tall, handsome fella has the timing of a great comedian and a smile so cute, I wanna squeeze his cheeks... then kiss the heck out of him!! 

I hope you're enjoying my quirky taste in men. They aren't all the George Clooneys or Brad Pitts of the entertainment industry, but hey, they sure rock my world!!


  1. You have very eclectic taste, Robin! I love Nathan too but at first I thought he was Jason Bateman. They could be brothers! I love the show Dexter, but I don't want to think I'm attracted to him because that would just be disturbing to me, I think.

  2. The resemblance between Nathan and Justin is crazy. I so understand about the Dexter thing... but other than being a sociopath, he's really quite charming! Hehehe!

  3. Brittany BadilloJuly 29, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    okay i'm just saying that these are my men!! especially Christian Kane ;) ha well all i got to say is on your next list Scott Cann better be on it okay mom.. i love you, your amazing. kisss ;)

  4. I like Leverage!!!! I'm not sure any of these men would make my list...but of course...that's why there are so many yummy men!!!

  5. Brittany,
    Scott Caan will turn up, but this is MY list, darling daughter. LOL!

    Who knows, I may pick someone from your list in a future post. Now I'm curious to know who they would be. Don't tell me,though, I want it to be a surprise if I choose them. LOL!

  6. Robin these guys are great. Have you seen the guy who plays in Blue Collar. He's gorgeous but I don't know his name. Dark hair, beautiful blue eyes. Ummmmmm.

    Teresa K.

  7. Hey, Teresa!! Are you talking about the one in White Collar? I included him in the post before this one earlier in the week, Matt Bomer is his name and he's a Texas boy!! Those eyes are as blue as they get! Yumm!

  8. Kane...HUBBA HUBBA!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMM that's all i've got to say. LOL the picture is distracting me way too much hehe