Sunday, July 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #1

I've never played along with this sexy game, but today, I'm taking the leap. 
Enjoy my 1st installment of 
Six Sentence Sunday!

Taken from book #3 in my Blood Hunter trilogy: 
"The Return"

#1 Spreading her fingers through his thick blond hair, she pulled on the ends, tilting his head back.

#2 The devious grin he sported when he slightly skimmed her shaved seam with the tip of his hardened tongue, caused flutters of butterflies to swarm in her stomach.

#3 “Stop playing around,” she growled.

#4 He jerked her to him, nose to nose, lifting her much smaller frame from the floor.

#5 The way her body molded to his, he could feel every vibration of her enthralled response as her velvety walls engulfed him, drawing him in deeper and clenching tightly around him with each stroke.

#6 His throbbing erection was inevitable and the way she looked up at him as she glided the cloth up and down the length of him, stirred a need within him so intense, he thought he would lose himself right there.

Have a Great Sunday!!!


  1. Yeah girl!! Love it so much and welcome to not being a six sentence virgin any longer

  2. LOL, yeah what Cass said! Great 6 ;)

  3. Great six! Hawt! (but you don't have to count the sentences.)

  4. Thanks everyone! @Marie... LOL! I'll drop the numbers next week... ;-)

  5. Whew! Steamy! I better go take a cold shower... lol.

  6. Awesome first 6 Robin and the line "His throbbing erection was inevitable"- yowzers- ty for waking me up tonight
    Dawne P

  7. Thank you, Dawne, and you are very welcome, too!