Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strong, sexy leading men & why I love them...

I took a little break today and decided to share some of my favorite leading men. Though looks play a big part, talent plays another. However, some of these men have a presence about them that neither looks nor talent can touch. Some of my favorite men may even surprise you...

#1 Tom Hardy

First of all... the photo on the bottom is a young, sexy Marlon Brando and might I be so bold as to wonder just where my darlin' Tom's dear mum was back in the day around the time he was conceived? Don't mean to start any dirty little rumors, I'm just sayin...
Anyway, he first captured my heart in a movie titled: RocknRolla, co-staring Gerard Butler. Tom played a semi-closeted gay bad-boy by the name of "Handsome Bob". The scene that did it for me? His dominating presence as he charmed an admirer while sitting on the back of a sofa. Let me just say... the poor fella he was trying to get information from never stood a chance and neither did I!! Can you say, HAWT?
Oh, and the slow dance he shared with Gerard Butler was adorable.

#2 Christopher Gorham

Why? Because I really likes him!!! Not only is he one of my favorite spies on "Covert Affairs", but he just looks great without a shirt. His character, Auggie, is blind and Christopher plays him well... if his wife didn't mind, though, I'd sure like him to lead me around in the dark so I could get a feel for his character...what can I say, I'm a method writer. Wink wink!

#3 Matt Bomer

Yes, my friends, this is how we grow 'em in Texas. In fact, Matt Bomer hails from a mere stone's throw from my front door...okay, twenty miles south, but hey, that's pretty damn close! He has the most mesmerizing blue eyes and I'm so jealous of his partner. 
You know what they say about all of the good ones.... Yep, that's right, they're always taken...LOL!  
Oh well! I do get him for an hour a week when he stars on, "White Collar" and some nights I get lucky enough to catch him outta that shirt!! Ahhh!

#4 Chris Pine

Last, but certainly not least, I offer Chris Pine. 
For those of you with teenage daughters, you may know him from Princess Diaries forget that and fast forward to a little movie from 2009, called "Star Trek"!! 
Yes, he was in fact, James Tiberius Kirk and as corny as it sounds, he stole my heart while dangling from a narrow bridge aboard a Romulan spacecraft. 
In the heat of battle, just when you think he's done for, he looks the enemy in the eye and says four little words that are my favorite from the whole, not "Live long and prosper"...but, even better...
"I got your gun!"  Ahh! That was sexy as hell for me, and saving the future of mankind paled after that one line. 
What can I say? I'm weird. =^-^=

Well, this was the first half of my favorite leading men feature. 
Make sure you come back to see who I drool over next. 
Who knows, you just may find your own muse or, dare I say... your future ex-husband? LOL!
You never know who I may drag in here!! See ya' next time!!


  1. Wow! What a feast for the eyes. You picked two of my most favorite guys!! Augie- who knew a blind fellow could be so darn sexy? and Matt Bomer....sigh. You've got good taste, Madame!!

  2. I agree, Stacey. Sometimes brain is sexier than brawn, but these guys can kick butt and take names, too!! The old days of the hero grunting and never speaking more than a syllable at a time is over. :-)

  3. You done good with Chris Pine! I'm right there with you. He can adorn my livingroom, backyard, kitchen, bedroom anytime! ;)

  4. Thanks, Siobhan/Meg,
    I do lurves me some Chris!!