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Avril Ashton

Yesterday was a ton of fun!! Today will be downright delicious!!
"Make Me Sweat" is a fast paced, gritty kind of story that pushes the envelope of romance and trust between two dynamic characters on opposite sides of the law. 
Avril Ashton has a knack for taking two bad ass people, throwing them into turmoil, and allowing them to work their problems out, often times, between the sheets. 
After all, it's hard to stay at odds with someone when you're horizontal! ;-) 
Few understand that better than this author does, but don't take my word for it... let Dak and Ever show you what I mean...

Charged with planting a listening device in the office of a dangerous nightclub owner, Ever Marcille accepts an invite from her target to indulge in some naughty play. She didn’t count on their mutual, insatiable need, or the many ways his closely guarded secrets are intertwined with hers.
Undercover federal agent Simon Dakin has one thing on his mind, catching the arms dealer known as Ghost. That’s until he spies the mysterious woman at his bar. Time after time she comes in, teasing his senses. Starring in his fantasies. He promises himself one night with her in his arms, but a single taste isn’t possible. He’s hooked.
Even as their secrets intrude, Dak and Ever succumb to their desires. But time is running out. Secrets past and present must be revealed. Can their new-found feelings survive the many blows, or is this over before it even begins?


Ever Marcille blinked up at the last man she should be swapping bodily fluids with. Did Ian Dakota just ask her to spend the night with him? And was she seriously contemplating it?
The job she came here to do was done. She’d planted the tiny listening device on the underside of his huge oak desk—the one he’d fucked her on—so it was back to Wes. There was no space on her calendar for a second round of bump and grind with the club owner known for his many varied criminal activities.
Never mind she was a criminal, too.
Damn it, she blinked again. Ever parted her lips to tell him no, but he kissed her. Fucking man and his kisses. He tasted of her pussy and whiskey. A heady mixture she could get drunk on. She opened wider under his insistent probe and got swept away by that damn tongue of his. Still lodged deep inside her, his cock twitched and she tightened around him.
He bucked, her hips swiveled, and someone knocked on the door. Ever cursed and rejoiced quietly. Saved from compounding her mistake, now to make a quick exit.
Dak flipped his heavy dark hair over his shoulder and yelled. “What?”
The voice of the security guard who’d escorted Ever upstairs came through the door. “That call you’ve been expecting? On line two.”
Dak signed. “Thanks, Jayce.” Regret shadowed his eyes as he held Ever’s gaze. “I’m sorry, I’ve got to take this.”
She shrugged. “Do your thing.” With infinite slowness, hoping to prolong the feeling, she eased off his cock, lifting up until they were separated. Fucking torture that. His rough fingers fluttered on her hip as she slid down his body and stood on wobbly feet.
Blowing her sweaty bangs out of her eyes, Ever offered him a smile. “Point me in the direction of your bathroom and I’m good.”
Dak jerked his chin, indicating a closed door to her left. She pivoted and he grabbed her arm. “You didn’t answer me earlier.”
Ever met his eyes over her shoulder. Dark and brooding, they mesmerized her.
“Spend the night with me.”
To keep from shouting yes to the rooftops and having Wes declare her more crazy than normal, Ever pursed her lips. “Where do you live?” It wasn’t that she didn’t know where Ian Dakota lived. She and Wes made it a point to know everything about the people they did business with, but some time needed to be bought.                
He named a very affluent neighborhood, and she nodded, shrugging off his hand. “Take your call, I’ll think about it.” She snatched her dress from the floor and hurried to the bathroom.
Inside the huge, luxurious bathroom, she bolted the door and sagged against it. Stupid. A very stupid move bumping uglies with a potential client. Her sole mission had been to get the bug planted. That way if he needed anything to use against Mr. Dakota, they’d have it at the ready. He didn’t get to be a profitable weapons broker without issuing a few threats and blackmailing a couple people. In fact, she knew first hand how much worse things could get.
Ian Dakota wanted weapons, and he’d contacted Ever for them, only he didn’t know who she was. He didn’t know the woman he’d fucked was the only person standing between him and the mysterious arms dealer named Ghost.
Splashing water on her face, Ever fixed her hair back into its original upsweep and stepped into her dress. One last, deep breath then she opened the door and stepped outside. The dimly lit office was quiet, with Dak nowhere in sight, but the gorgeous security guy from earlier stood by the windows.
“He wants you to wait for him.” He didn’t look in her direction.
Ever smiled and eyed the well-muscled man in a black t-shirt and faded jeans. He had one of the best asses she’d seen on anyone, not that she’d tell him that. “Jayce, right?”
Jayce nodded and turned to her, dark glasses covering his eyes. The sharp crew cut gave him a severe appearance, one she suspected he cultivated.
“Jayce, it’s been a pleasure.” She pulled open the door leading outside and glanced at him over her shoulder. “Kindly tell your boss I wait for no one.”

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Available for Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/44kxybm

Evernight Publishing: http://tinyurl.com/3opkryq


Twitter: @AvrilAsh


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  4. lol she does, D. She does ;)

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