Monday, August 15, 2011

Jennifer Bray-Weber

It's not often I have an opportunity to host an author with whom I've shared a meal or two...okay so they weren't entire meals, but the spread at our local Northwest Houston RWA chapter meetings are pretty yummy!! 
And rarely do I have the pleasure of hosting the "Prez" of that same RWA chapter... until TODAY!!! 
I first met Jennifer Bray-Weber while a guest at my first chapter meeting in... hmmm, let me see... I want to say 2009. I believe that was the year, although, since she was very pregnant for most of it, she would recall the year much better than I would. 
This tall, blonde and gorgeous lady has a glowing personality that comes through loud and clear in her books and I think after you've met her and had a peek at her novel, Blood and Treasure, you'll wholeheartedly agree!!

(Award-winning Novel) Although Lianna Whitney was gently bred, she must now empty slop buckets and fight off randy sailors in a seaport tavern to survive. One night, she unexpectedly comes into possession of a golden medallion. But when the man who left it with her is immediately murdered by soldiers of the Royal Navy, she’s afraid to admit she has it. Unsure who to trust, she’s caught up in crossfire between navy officers and a pirate captain, who, realizing she possesses the object he’s been paid to find, whisks her away to his ship during the fight. 
Privateer Captain Zane Fox is not interested in the mystical healing powers the medallion is said to hold, even though the legends claim it can bring a dying man back to life. He only plans to procure the medallion, drop the chit off at the next port where she’ll be safe, and collect the money he was promised. However, as they fend off storms at sea and attempt to outrun the Royal Navy, the two are also fighting the attraction they feel for one another. But when they are captured, Zane must choose between recovering the medallion and saving Lianna from the noose. And soon it becomes clear to him that the medallion is not the only treasure worth risking his life for.

Now that I have Jennifer in the hot seat this week, I can finally ask her….
How did you feel when you got your first publishing contract?

Like a cackling, maniacal crazed woman. I had just released my indie published novel when I received the call offering a two book deal. I was a mess. I’d finally decided to take matters into my own hands when opportunity in the form of a reputable publisher knocked. Yep – I threw back a pretty stiff drink and wallowed in the irony of it all. 

I imagine that was one heck of a swig, too!
We all have our own style of writing. How do you categorize yourself: pantser or plotter?
Panster, definitely. I only know bits and pieces of what might happen in a story. My pirates and their women are obstinate creatures, always surprising me, as does the weather. I never know what’s coming next.

It’s nice to know we share the ‘Pantser’ gene. It doesn’t matter how the story’s born, as long as it’s a great one, right? What makes a book great in your eyes?  
The story. I want to be swept away in a torrent of adventure and love to someplace that could never be in real life. It’s like when you go to the movies. There is this big screen that engulfs you, sending you to a different place and time. Nothing in the outside world matters for the next two hours. If a story can hold my attention like that, well, that’s worth gushing about to my friends.

I wholeheartedly agree.
You mentioned movies. Some may find inspiration from watching old movies or maybe even a newer one, but what would you say influences your writing? And why?
Music. Not just any music. Rock music. I hear some of the best poetic, well-written lyrics from rock music. Songs can put me in certain moods, reminds me of emotions I have experienced, or prompts a storyline. Of course, sometimes, I just like to head bang.

I’ve been known to turn to music from time to time as well. A lot of writers probably do the same. As a whole, we’re often times alike, but for every similarity there must be ways we differ. How about sharing with us one thing readers don’t know about you.
I was once the manager of a handful of rock bands, been bitten by a poisonous snake, and have made millions as a lingerie model. Okay, maybe not that last bit.

I believe all of it. Wink, Wink! Besides gearing up for next year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, what are you working on now?
I’m in edits with A Kiss in the Wind, the second novel in my Romancing the Pirate series. It is scheduled to be released next spring with Carina Press. Three more in the series are in the works. I hope to have a pirate novella released by the end of the year as well. You may have noticed I have a thing for pirates. Arrgh!

I have noticed and I am so glad you share that thing you have about pirates with the rest of the land lubber's world. Speaking of sharing, that reminds me to ask about the yummy parts of a pirate…nooo, not those parts… well not entirely. LOL! I’m referring to the scenes those parts are in—the love scenes. Are love scenes easy/difficult to write?
 Love scenes are easy for me to write. I admit, sometimes it’s hard to find the right historically accurate word that doesn’t make me want to cringe or put me into a fit of giggles. But the scene itself, the actions and reactions, the atmosphere, the emotions, it all seems to flow with no trouble.

Yeah, I completely understand. I mean, when we read about the first mate standing at attention with a hearty salute, we wanna know for sure he’s paying respect to the upper ranks, not preparing to swab the deck of a willing wench. See, even my attempt at purple-pros is embarrassing. I should find a good place to hide. How about you, if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
This is a no-brainer. Relaxing on a secluded beach in St. Lucia, where the water kisses the powdery sand, the breeze slips through the lush trees, and the warm sun dapples the water. Heck. Any Caribbean island paradise will do.

Ahhh! Yessss.... Ahem! I wandered off there for a moment just thinking about it. Thanks for the little break. Don’t worry though, my readers here at Sealed with a Kiss, are quite accustomed to my short attention span. I beg their forgiveness all the time. J
If you had the opportunity to say one thing to your readers, what would that be?
Thank ye fer yer support, mates! I raise a cup of rum to ye.

And, I’m sure it would be the good stuff, not that grog you'd share with the bosun or powder monkeys. Now, for one of my favorite questions…
After you’ve filled your gut with plenty of whiskey, ale and grub, what would you prefer to share with the Captain of your ship? (AKA, Mr. Jennifer Bray-Weber) J
Whipped Cream, Strawberry Sauce or Chocolate Syrup?  
Ooh. Tough question. Can’t I have all three? No? Well, I’m a clean freak, and I can’t help but think of the stains left by strawberry sauce and chocolate syrup. So, whipped cream it is! LOL!

Not exactly galley friendly without refrigeration, but if you use it right away, it should do the trick.
As if I hadn’t poked around in your business enough, I have to know one more thing, what’s the craziest/sexiest thing you have ever done in public?
I plead the fifth due to incriminating myself beyond repair. Besides, some things are best left in the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell file. However, I will admit I once pulled over on the side of a busy freeway pretending to have car trouble to get the attention of a guy. Crazy and dangerous. But it worked. J

Well, we are so glad you lived to tell the tale. I sincerely thank you for sitting still in the hot seat long enough for our interrogation.
Tomorrow, we’ll have a special guest… Zane Fox…. Yep, that tasty privateer will be dropping his anchor in our lagoon! Sigh!

You can find, Blood and Treasure on Amazon, ready to download TODAY!!

And you can find out more about Jennifer Bray-Webber by visiting:


  1. Great interview! Gotta love me some pirates! If your interview is any indication, your books have to be exciting as your personality that shone through in your answers.
    Another good job with your guest Robin!

    P.S. Love your music line-up.

  2. Great Interview! I love Jenn's work!! So happy for you and your contract, Jenn! Wish you all the best!!!

  3. Thanks, Cynthia!

    Beware! I have just as much snark on the page as I do in real life. :-)

    And thanks to Robin for being such a great interviewer.


  4. As always, Tess. Thank you so much for your support. You totally rock!


  5. Congrats Jenn. This business is crazy and for you it's been a good crazy. grin
    Robin love your web home. very nice site

  6. So glad everyone's having a great time visiting with Jennifer. Just wait until we get that handsome hero from the book in here! Me likes it when sexy men come aboard! Hehehe!

  7. Great blog, Jenn and Robin. I enjoyed getting to know Jenn's deep dark secrets. The writing process is different for all of us, but it sounds like the two of you follow the same (twisted)path.

  8. Yep, researching the Bahamas for my pirate novel and I'm ready to move right now! I have your book Jenn and as soon as I read it (we Rubies have so many books!) I'll post a review. I did send a new FB friend to your book when she wanted to read mine when it isn't out yet. Maybe we'll create a pirate romance resurgence!

  9. Your story is waiting patiently on my Kindle for me to read. I love pirate stories, so the wait is killing me.

  10. @Rita - Thanks so much for your support!

    @Robin - Thanks for hosting me. It's been fun!

    @June - Yes, we're a twisting duo, no doubt. :-) Oh, you meant the path we take. LOL. Same thing...

    @Diana - Pillage and plunder, we will, matey. We'll take the world by storm! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll return the favor. :-)

    @Shea - We'll be waiting for you. (grin)

    Thanks everyone!!!!

  11. Hi, Jenn and Robin! Fabulous interview!

    Jenn, you're so lucky that you find love scenes easy to write! One of my CPs is forever begging me to make the "kissy bits" in my YAs hotter. I'm going to have to study my copy of Blood and Treasure very closely and get some ideas. :)

  12. Yay, Jenn!!!! Super congrats and what fantastic excerpts! Ooh-la-la.