Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sexy Leading Men and Why I Love Them Part #3

You have the right to remain silent....
Yeah, Yeah. Yeah... I prefer to skip the introductions and get right to the handcuffs!! 
You won't catch me evading arrest if any of these good guys come after me packing serious heat....I surrender!! Frisk me, please?!?!
Eric Johnson
Okay, so he's in the dog house right now for an epic cheating story line on ABC's summer cop drama, "Rookie Blue." His character, Detective Luke Callaghan, may have done the dirty deed with his ex-partner/girlfriend, but as far as I'm concerned, the actor, Eric Johnson can do no wrong. I mean, come on... just look t him. Besides, he probably just needs the right leading lady and I am sooo hoping to make it onto that call back list!!! 

Ben Bass

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!! I must admit, I really don't feel bad looking at Ben Bass as a piece of sexy meat, despite the fact that he's supposedly a vegetarian.  His character, Officer Sam Swarek on "Rookie Blue" is about as alpha-male as they come. This Baltimore honey, knows how to enter a room with a satisfying helping of swagger and I'd love to play 'training officer' as his rookie any day!! 

Adam Rodriguez
   Tan Guapo y Caliente, papasito!
Pass the salsa people, I'm going in for a dip!! Adam Rodriguez, from "CSI Miami",  has had mi corazón for a number of years and was, in fact, my muse for a little "May/December" romance novel that's tucked safely in the nightstand by my bed. I've drooled over this Latin lover from New York, for more years than anyone needs to know. Te amo mucho, mi amor!! Besos!! LOL!

Scott Caan
Believe it or not, this buff bad-boy is the owner of my 16yr old daughter's heart! I promised her that, Scott Caan, the sexy son of Hollywood icon, James Caan, would get equal time on my leading men list. So, today is the day!!! Of course, this actor won her heart long before she ever heard the words, "Book him, Dano," on the remake of "Hawaii Five-O." 
I would remind her that he's too old for her, but then I would have to give up on Sean Connery! LOL! (I think I'll just keep the opinion to myself!!)     ;-)

Alex O'Laughlin
Here's where we separate the women from the girls and send the kiddies off to bed!! Long before there was an Edward Cullen, a Damon Salvator or Lord forbid, a Jason Craft (from my own Blood Hunter Trilogy)...there was Mick St. John...the sexiest vampire to ever bare his fangs!! I can't get enough of this sex-machine on "Hawaii Five-O", but I gotta say...I sure wish he'd  bite someone just for the hell of it!!
Alex O'Laughlin is my kinda cop and I can't wait for this year's new season to start. 

Come back soon for a look at my next picks for sexy leading men when I reveal my favorite TV attorneys!! 


  1. Ah, Robin, I love these posts, but the reason for watching Hawaii 5-O is the trifecta. You can't mention Scott and Alex without Daniel Dae Kim. Long before 5-O or Lost, Daniel played a delightfully creepy demon lawyer on Angel and an evil sorceror in Charmed. He definitely made me want to be bad!

  2. You're absolutely right about that, Suzan. We also loved him on Lost! I have plans for him along with a few other "sexy sidekicks" coming up in the weeks ahead. Trust me, no man will be left behind!! Hehehe!