Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #4

Damphyrs, Incubi and Vampires, Oh my!!!
This week's sentences are from my current WIP again,
due for release in November,
"Midnight Beckoning"

Ford Lenox, a natural born damphyr, waited three hundred years for the phenomenon of his birth to be repeated. Many had been conceived. Many had even been born. But, only a few made it to their twenty-first birthday. And, none shared the same requirements as he, to assume their rightful place at his side and become his queen.
Until now.
Lauren Neil was born three hundred years to the day after Ford’s birth, and it was no coincidence that he found her only days before her twenty-first birthday. Little did she know that the damphyr lurking beneath her human surface was about to be unleashed, prominently placing her on the throne to rule over damphyr and vampire alike. 
Lauren’s demonic sire slash father, Drago, an incubus, straight from the pits of hell, has other plans.
Can Ford fulfill the prophecy and save Lauren and their kind? Or will a new species be created to rule the world?

Even matches made in heaven, 
may have to go through hell to survive!

set up: This scene is between the heroine, Lauren, and a Vampire Lord ... who, by the way, isn't the hero... talk about a twisted triangle!!

here's my six...
In an instant, his mouth engulfed hers and he slammed her back against the wall. His tongue plunged deep as a determined hand groped her breast.

Evan twisted her hair into a tight knot with his fist, delving deeper into her mouth as a savage grumble vibrated in his chest. His tongue encircled hers and he sucked her into him as though he would swallow her whole.
Lauren pushed against his hardened chest, trying with all her might to break free.
    Evan stopped, reared back, and stared into her eyes, searching back and forth with a panic like none she'd ever seen. 


  1. The heat of the moment- awesome 6 Robin...but what's on his mind when this is happening- great suspense
    Dawne P

  2. Wow! Whew! *fans self*, that's a hot six, Robin. Great description, loved the hand knotting her hair. Well done. I want to know if they are going to get back to where they were going? Super six.

  3. Thanks ladies!!
    @Dawn... not sure what he's thinking. This scene was from her POV and HE (Evan)isn't even her mate!! Yikes!! LOL!

    @Jean... only time will tell....LOL!

    @Rawiya...Mwuah!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Isn't tomorrow #tenmoreMonday please please.
    Excellant 6

  5. Thanks Adriana!
    Betty, you're a glutton for naughtiness!! Hehehe!

  6. Desperate and possesive. Sounds like it's gonna be a good night for Lauren.

  7. Whoa! *shudders* Very sexy! Love the heat of the moment! Nice six!

  8. Love the premise of this book! This Six is jam packed with HEAT! NICE!

  9. Now that's what I can a kiss, first he sucks and swallows her tongue. Next, he'll do what..? Great, as a lover of incubui and swallowing tongues...I think this is one cool SSS post.

  10. Thanks, everyone, for the great comments.
    Thanks to you, too, Benjamin! That's high praise coming from an incubus. LOL!

  11. Oooh, now I want to see why he's panicing! Great six.

  12. LOL! Who knows why he's panicking, Randi. He's a vampire and you know how those guys are! Hehehe!
    :-) We'll find out in November!!

  13. Wow! I can feel the energy behind this. Great six!