Thursday, August 11, 2011

TEN Things To Make ya' Go Hmmm?

1) Why is it that light bulbs never go out until you decide to plan ahead and buy more light bulbs putting you right back where you were before you bought the extra bulbs?

2) Why is that although we live in a technologically advanced society, we can't understand the the order taker at McDonald's drive-thru?

3) Why do people speed up on the freeway...AFTER  you've passed them?

4) Why is it that Wal Mart lowers their prices daily, but nothing is free yet?

4) Why is it that just when I'm old enough to do all the crazy stuff I wanted to do when I was a kid, I'm too damn tired to do it?

5) Why is it ATM's have Braille on the keys, but not on the screen?

6) Why is it that the guy who's just running into the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread gets the best parking spot causing me to have to push my overloaded cart all the way to the back of the lot dragging four kids behind me?

7) Why is that the "lottery" in most states was created to help fund public schools, yet most schools are so underfunded they have to by classroom sets of books instead of each kid being issued their own? Where's all that money? I sure haven't won any of it! Have you?

8) Why is it that on the one day you're in a hurry and stop real quick for gas, is the day you and the gas station attendant have a parting of ways and you spend fifteen minutes talking to him through a glass window using hand signals neither of you understand? 

9) Why is it that cops can run red lights just to ticket someone for not using the proper turn signal? Shouldn't we be able to write them a ticket?

10) Why is it that brain cells come and go, but fat cells are forever?

 Just a reminder.... If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!!!

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