Monday, September 19, 2011

Cynthia Arsuaga is in the house!!!!

If you've been around this blog for any length of time, then you should know that this week's guest has earned some frequent flyer miles here!
As always, we're thrilled she's remembered us and love all the attention she brings. It pays to have talented friends and we're so glad Cynthia Arsuaga has returned to visit our happy little place. Cynthia's one smart lady who knows how entertain!!! Take a look at her latest novel, Born to Play!!


Candi Hartz, is a romance author in a loveless marriage. One fateful night, she follows the cheating husband to the local vampire sex club and meets the vamp owner. Her life takes a drastic turn when with one kiss she enters the world she only read about.Gregori Van Zant is a dangerous vampire. As the head of the Mid-Atlantic Blood Family of vampires, he can have any vamp or human woman at his disposal. One night, a captivating woman walks into his club and he devises a plan.
The two lovers come together and sign a contract—an exchange of sex for research. Candi is born to play and Gregori is anxious to show her. An old enemy of Gregori’s arrives unexpectedly and disrupts their plans. With a final battle looming on the horizon, will the two fated lovers find love eternal or will death play a part?

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, allow me to introduce my sweet friend, Cynthia Arsuaga...

Cynthia resides in Orlando, Florida, the land of magic, surrounded by the treasured gems in her life, a caring, loving husband, dutiful and loyal daughter, and precious, delightful granddaughter. Oh and not to forget her mischievous Yorkshire Terrier, Thumper.
Cynthia was a “Navy Brat” calling a different port home every couple of years—from Southern California, to Boston, to Virginia, to Florida. She developed wandering feet and diverse interests and passionately incorporates those experiences into her stories, bringing characters to life, and eloquently sharing the vivid images of her mind with her audience.
Cynthia worked as a real estate broker for over twenty years before retiring to Florida. Until recently, then she turned to writing to stretch her creative muscle. Those ideas of faraway places and quirky characters lay dormant for years and finally demanded their story be told.
Cynthia plans on putting some mileage on those wandering feet and travel to exotic locations in the coming years. So look for the journeys to be expressed in Romantic Words by Cynthia in the future.

Where can you find Cynthia Arsuaga and 
Born to Play??

You can also Born to Play and her other works on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand, and Are.
Be sure to stick around this week as we dive deeper into Born to Play and get up close and personal with one of the characters, Candi Hartz!!


  1. Thanks for having me here again,Robin! I'm looking forward to the week.

  2. Me, too!! We always have a blast when you or the mister come to visit!!

  3. Born to Play sounds really good. Good luck with it.