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Lila Munro & BethAnn Buehler

Today we bid adieu to this week's wonderful guests, Lila Munro and BethAnn Buehler.
This has been a great week and we aren't quite done. Our friends have left us two juicy excerpts and be forewarned, they are HOT!
I won't keep you waiting. Enjoy one finale taste of Force Recon: Samolia...

Alli's Excerpt:
“Blue hippo,” she snapped at the sight of the woman being held in the submersion tank by her Dom. Her creamy breasts pressed against the glass and she struggled. “Blue hippo, Sir. Not this. Please don’t make me watch this,” Alli begged writhing under his touch, trying to turn back.

Cord drew her against his chest and turned her head away. “Okay. That’s all I needed to know. Let’s go sit a while.”
He led her back down the walk way and behind a sheer curtain where Kyle sat with Haley at his feet and Jill was between Steph’s legs. Taking an enormous leather chair adjacent to the plush couch that Kyle occupied, Cord looked up and without further prompting Alli fell to her knees and allowed him to ease her between his thighs, laying her head on one of them. Without a word he motioned to Emilio who skittered away then he mindlessly ran his fingertips through her spikey black hair. Alli’s gaze never left the floor as the familiar comfort of being tended to flooded her system.
Alli burrowed further between Cord’s legs and wedged her head further up to rest at the juncture where his hip met his groin. Emilio came back into view carrying a bottled water, a Heineken and a small tray filled with condoms in brightly colored wrappers. Flavored condoms. Alli’s favorite had always been orange crème. It reminded her of a dreamsicle and made going down on a cock very pleasurable. Although, she had to admit, she’d always enjoyed the raw feel of a rigid cock sliding down her throat and the warm spurt of cum flowing into her mouth. Her heart palpitated when she realized Cord’s cock strained against his jeans.
“Master Cord,” she whispered.
“What is it, sweetness?” he asked, stroking one finger down her cheek. “Are you thirsty? Cold?”
“No, Sir. I’d like to…” she hesitated unsure of what exactly she did want. There was no sex. In this world, however, that meant no penetration. I didn’t omit oral sex. “May I take care of that for you, Sir?”
Cord raised her head and looked at her, studying her for a minute. “Are you sure, Alli?” he asked, framing her face. “It would please me more than you know, but I don’t expect anything you’re not ready for.”
“I’m sure, Sir. Please let me,” Alli said turning to face him, raising up and sending her slender fingers up the front of his jeans.
His eyes stayed steady on hers as she undid his belt. She unbuttoned his fly and reached in running her hand over his boxers before pulling the band down and releasing his erection. As it sprang free she sucked in a breath before leaning over and running her tongue the length of him, pulling the bulbous head between her lips. She started down on him her gaze going with her only to have him stop her and correct her action.
“Look at me, sweetness. Don’t look away. I want to see your eyes,” Cord told her, drawing her face back up.
Alli nodded then rose up higher and took him clear to the back of her throat, inhaling through her nose so as not to gag. It’d been a long time since she’d done this and even longer since she’d done if for Cord. She forgot the man went on for what seemed like forever.
“Stop just a minute, sweetness,” he commanded pulling her head back.
“But, Sir…” she tried to protest.
“Not tonight, Alli. I’ll take what you’re giving me, but it’ll be on my terms,” Cord told her rolling a bright orange condom down his twitching cock then guiding it back over her lips, pushing her head down until she was forced to swallow to take any more of him. “Good,” he hissed, pulling her jaw down. “Wider, sweetness. Take it all.”
Alli did as she was told and sent her head down until her nose touched Cord’s rock hard stomach. He held her there until she couldn’t breathe then raised her up and plunged into her mouth again. For several thrusts this game went on until Cord pushed up and pulled her down at the same time and growled, shuddering in her mouth. Alli could feel his warm cum even through the condom, but it wasn’t the same thing as having it spilled out over her tongue.

Brogan's Excerpt:
For the first time in his adult life, Brogan Baker cared enough about someone not to scratch an itch and leave.  Taking just enough time to unbuckle his belt, Brogan freed  his throbbing cock and thought about the fact that he wanted to take her bare, nothing between them but her trust and his will to succeed at change their lives. Alli thought she needed pain, he got that.  She was a God damn broken record about it.  And maybe before that's all she allowed to work for her because she so ferociously guarded making any real connection with a man Kyle might deem unworthy.  Alli might need pain, but somewhere deep inside her, she craved intimacy, connection.  Brogan knew it.  She was far too needy not to want to belong rather than to just feel.  He doubted very seriously she was the type to get off on being tied to a St. Andrew's cross and stared at in the middle of a room all night.  No way that was her.  As Brogan made her tell him yes one more time and did a final gut check, he intended to find out for sure. "Tell me yes.  Just one word, Alli.  That's all I need to hear."

"Please don't leave me Brogan. Not here. Yes."
Thanking God for the different in their heights, Brogan used his advantage over her to tug on the chain that held her distended nipples captive one more time before entering the tight, wet heat of her small body, working fast to fully seat himself and connect with her in a way he hadn't enjoyed in far too long.  He didn't give her time to adjust or ease in to it, knowing that if it was pain she really sought, she wouldn't need it.
Removing himself from her was painful but Brogan did so quickly, given her no time to get comfortable.  As much as he needed to find his own release, he needed to capture her mind more.  Tugging on the chain again, Brogan slammed into her knocking them both forward before catching each of the clamps in quick succession and removing them so that nothing stood between them but themselves.
Hearing her scream and not caring that he was being a bastard about it, Brogan gave her just a second to find some sort of center before grabbing a handful of her breast and squeezing past the point he knew was pleasurable.  "Now it's just us, babe.  All me, all you, no gimmicks," Brogan taunted, taking a turn at her other breast, holding her close to his body as she writhed and bucked as he rode her small frame.
"I've heard about what you need until I'm sick of it, Alli.  Needs a funny thing that way.  It seems to always change."  Brogan took  a deep breath and let go of her breast, grabbing her hips with both of his large, somewhat shaky hands. This was it. One of his last two options to endear her to him forever.  Exhaling and saying a little prayer, Brogan flipped Alli on her back in one fluid motion and pinned her to the ground, still seated deep within her.  "I don't change, Alli.  I'm that same hard ass bastard that wants it my way today that you'll get tomorrow.  So you have a choice.  Stay with your needs or trust me to do this my way.  To change both our lives."  Brogan pulled back and didn't give her tender tissue a moment to relax before invading her again, determined that he wasn't stopping or finding his own release until she was well past the edge of her own reason.  "Who am I, Alli?  Look at me and tell me who I am to you?" Brogan demanded.
"Brogan. Mine," Alli breathed, clutching his arms.
"Tell me what you want, Alli.  One word, babe. Just say that one little word and it's yours."
"You," Alli moaned.
Rocking into her body, unwillingly to fail either of them, Brogan stayed with Alli until he felt her pussy clench around his cock in the tightest grip he'd had the pleasure of knowing.  Waiting until he knew she was there, Brogan buried himself again her and rolled with her, holding her tight against his chest as she shattered in his arms.
            Meeting her release with his own, Brogan gave her all of him, filling her womb with his very soul, consequences be damned.  For the first time in his life Brogan Baker was certain he was in love.
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