Friday, October 14, 2011

Bare Chest -vs- Hairy Chest!!!

Thought I would have a little fun today, since I'm pretty much on the brink of insanity anyway. Why not enjoy every moment of my lunacy?
    While blog hopping, which I do sometimes when my muse is being stubborn, I noticed a couple of things. One, there are some really hot blogs out there and, two, those blogs have book covers featured with some pretty hot men on them. Yayy for that, right?
    This got me to thinkin'.... Hmmm, what's the fascination with a hairy chest?
    My friends and I have had this discussion before. Some like lots of manly hair, whereas I prefer a chest with as little hair as possible until we get to the treasure trail. But even then, I prefer everything nice, neat and trimmed. Men should tend to their gardens just like women tend theirs, though I don't expect men to go so far as waxing...leave torturing for the stronger sex...WOMEN!
    Anywhooo... This preference has shown up in all of my books and it made me wonder if all authors write their heroes according to their own desires, likes and dislikes.
    I find myself imagining the man of my dreams, then describe him accordingly.
    Naturally, I change him up from character to character so I'm not just putting a different face on the same ol' body.
I can't explain why I like 'em this way, but I do.
    I have two teen daughters. The youngest, who just turned fourteen, used to have a school girl crush on, no surprise here, Justin Beiber.
    My older daughter, sixteen, teased her once about her 'BOY crazy preferences', citing that she only liked 'pre-pubescent' boys. (I prefer her to like them that way, too, thank you very much! :-) )
To which the younger one's expression pinched and her immediate response ensued, "Ewww, who would like a boy with all that nasty hair ?"
My sentiments exactly my dear!
My eldest shrugged and replied.  "She has a point. Too much is just gross."
    Now don't get me wrong, I don't encourage my darling daughters to drool over men and I certainly don't want them anywhere near a bare or hairy chest for several more years, but it does make me wonder... Did I instill that preference in them or where they born with it?
    My late husband, their dad, had very little hair on his chest and I liked that. My mother says that my dad was skinny and hairless until he his late twenties and Lord, you don't want me to describe the forest that grew after that. I shudder when thinking of those summers spent water skiing and boating on the lake.  Not a pretty site. Sorry, dad!!
    Ah hah! Did my aversion begin there? Can I blame this one on my parents', too? LOL! If so, how do I explain my daughters? Leaves a lot to be pondered, doesn't it?
    Perhaps it has more to do with society and the media. We blame that for most everything else, don't we? After all, my early, formative years took place in the 70's, where mustaches were thick, hair was long and chests were hairy.
    Now, I gotta admit, Tom Selleck still does it for me today. Maybe one of the few older men who makes me starry eyed at the mere thought of a cocky smile... and those dimples....ahhhh....oh snap! Where were we?
    Oh yeah, today's yummy offerings.
    Now instead of Magnum PI, we get Thor.... Yes, that's a shirtless Chris Hemsworth. (please note that perfect little treasure trail....sigh...)
    So maybe you see my dilemma....or is there a dilemma at all? I mean, is there any rhyme or reason to why we like what we like? Is a hairy chest preference just as simple as preferring a tall man to a short man, blonde hair and blue eyes to darker features or vice versa?
    Or could this entire post have more to do with me just needing an excuse to share photos of half naked men.... in which case... does any of it even matter?
     Probably not, but it sure was fun thinking about it!!
    Whatever you prefer, just be sure to enjoy the hell out of it and appreciate men in general.
  They are all gorgeous .... hairy or not!!


  1. Muscles with just a sprinkle of hair.. Yummy!!!!!! I'll take both... :-)

  2. My favorite is a bare chest, but if there is only a little hair (like the picture of Gerard Butler, yum) then I think that looks incredibly sexy too. Like if the guy has a little hair and the top few buttons of his shirt are undone so you can see it peeking out a bit - very nice. A whole chest of hair isn't for me, though.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Debbie and Zoey!!
    I'm with both of you on this. When it comes down to it, less is more!!

  4. I love a metric shit ton of hair. I'm weird, I guess. >_>

  5. OMG!!! I love you, Jon!!
    I'm tryin' to picture you twirling your fingers through a jungle of manly hair... there are some places friends should NEVER go and yeah, once you've gone there, ya' can't leave without the images burned into your mind forever. Hehehehe!

  6. i guess i just share the same preference as you do mommy :) i still say crystal likes pre-pubescent
    boys with the exception of our favorite vamps and werewolves. btw you probably won't find me drooling over any guy in my school besides you see what i go to school with. guys should act their age not their shoe size!! :) did i mention i love you!

  7. LOL. I hope you decided that was a weird picture to you and stopped :p

  8. Hehehe!
    Weird, no ... a place I'd consider going to again ... definitely NOT!!