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Cynthia Arsuaga

This week's guest author should have asked for the frequent flier plan... not that we have one here on Sealed with a Kiss, but we could at least take up collection and get her a toaster or something, right? 
The wildly talented Cynthia Arsuaga is Back and naturally, I am thrilled that she is. Of course, she's sure to treat us right and give us our money's worth. She always does. And in return, we all promise to leave a comment and/or buy any of her books we don't already have in our collection. Right? You betcha!! 
Okay, well I'm not the reason you're here, Cynthia is, so let's get this party started!!!!

Hi Everyone,
Thanks to Robin for having me here this week!
I’m doing something a little different this time, since I’ve been here with Robin several times and tend to do the same thing. It’s the end of October and Halloween around the corner, so the first couple days I’m talking about my two series of vampires at Secret Cravings Publishing, Born Vampire and Forces of Beauty. The rest of the week, I have a few new excerpts from upcoming releases in other genres.
Today, I’ll start with the Born Vampire Series and give a glimpse into the two books in release, Born to Be Wild and Born to Play. Books three and four are started and hopefully I can get to finishing them in the next several months! One centers around a new character introduced at the end of Born to Play. He’s my cowboy vampire and he has an interesting past and will hook-up with a Russian ballerina. Yeah, real fun. The tentative title is Born on Pointe. The other is Born Again in Dreams and features Sorin who was introduced in Born to Be Wild. This one is intense and is already giving me the chills writing it.
If you wish to see more, you can find me at my website: or on my new blog: and you can find my books at and at, Bookstrand, ARe and Barnes & Noble.
Without further ado, here’s the blurbs and excerpts from Born to Be Wild and Born to Play.

Alexandra Carlton, Alex to her friends, the only girl born into a family of vampire hunters with strict rules. She lived and hunted by the Code. Despite insecurities and self-esteem issues about her appearance, she eagerly tracks a rogue vamp carrying a contagious virus, deadly to vampires and humans alike, to prove her worth, to her family and herself.
Alex meets Stefan Marin, a brooding 500 year old vampire. He helps her not only on her quest but tames her wildest passions and discovers the true beauty within her, the beauty he loves.
Together Alex and Stefan break all the rules uncovering more than a virus—hot sex, an uptight FBI Special Agent, spanking, hot sex, a nosy, meddling brother, more hot sex, bondage and submission, murder, and bad vampires.
Will their love survive the wild side they were born to live?

The conversation and the wine moved to the living room and the subject changed from the rogue to their personal lives. Alex sat at one end of the leather sofa, far enough away from Stefan‘s touch as not to distract her. During the time spent at his desk searching vamps on the computer their thighs brushed. And their fingers touched meeting at the keyboard. Every time they brushed their body parts, her heart pounded in her chest. Due to exhaustion and arousal, keeping feelings and thoughts in check became more difficult as the hours passed. She reminded herself he‘s a player, a vamp, ignore him, keep her mind on business. Warts and scars.
Now, sitting on the sofa, sipping the wine, her mind wandered. Alone with a dangerous enforcer vampire should have been enough to scare the shit out of anyone. Standing before her, was a man, a gorgeous, intelligent man and more than anything right now, she wanted him to kiss her like he did last night. Passionately…hard…Toe curling; peel me off the ceiling kind of kissing.
“Tell me about yourself Alexandra. I don‘t know anything about you other than you‘re from Florida, a vamp hunter, and curse like boys in a locker room.”
His comment brought her back to reality and squelched her sexual appetite. For now. “Okay. You already know the best parts of me.” She chuckled quietly. “What else would you like to know?”
“I want to know more. More intimately perhaps than where you‘re from and what you do for a living.” He moved closer across the sofa.
Are you reading my mind again Stefan? Damn you if you are? Meeting her accusatory stare, he stopped, moving close to her. “Ah ha, you are aren‘t you?” Putting the wineglass down, she stood in a huff. “I can‘t stay here. You‘ll attack me while I‘m asleep!”
He rose from the sofa, standing within inches of her. The physical closeness sent shivers down her spine and her pulse raced. Except for the strong chemistry and physical attraction between them, they were polar opposites. She wanted him; to know everything about him intimately too. Her pussy tingled and the dampness in her panties caused her to draw in a deep breath. He‘s a vampire and would probably smell her arousal. Dammit! How can I hide my desire now?
“You can‘t prinĊ£esa mea.” He closed the distance between them. He ran his fingers along her cheek and down under her chin, lifting it slightly. He lowered his lips to hers, brushing them ever so close without touching.
Is he waiting for me to make the final move? Awkward. What is wrong with me? Of course she wanted him to kiss her. God this is breaking one of the rules. Oh hell, go for it Alex, girl! Reaching up, she put her hands around his neck, pulling his lips to hers. Electricity pulsed through her.
His mouth covered hers hard, devouring her thoughts, her body, her very soul. He wrapped her tightly in his embrace, so tight as to almost squeeze off her breath. The heat of their passion rose, an intensity so hot she felt her blood warming her skin from the inside out.
The kiss from the night before was fierce, far hotter than the best of the guys she had been with back home in Florida. In fact, nothing in her experience compared to this. Her arms glided over his body, through his hair, down his back, squeezing his tight butt cheeks. There was no getting enough of him. She wanted to feel her skin touching his. Their tongues danced and explored each other, drawing circles around the insides of each other‘s mouths.
Suddenly, he broke off the kiss, stepping back and turning away from their embrace.
“What‘s wrong Stefan? Did I think something perverse even for you?”
He turned to face her. His eyes glazed a deep, fiery red. Frightened by the expression on his face, her heart slammed hard in her chest. Instinct told her, find clutch with stake and holy water, remembering they were in the study. Dammit!
“Alexandra, don‘t be afraid. I won‘t hurt you.”
“Yeah, right. I knew you only wanted me for my blood.”
“No, not true and that‘s really unfair. You are becoming so much more to me and before this goes any farther, we need to get a few things settled between us.” His voice carried a sensual, velvety quality. Alex lowered her guard, slightly. Her hunter defenses remained on alert.

Candi Hartz, is a romance author in a loveless marriage. One fateful night, she follows the cheating husband to the local vampire sex club and meets the vamp owner. Her life takes a drastic turn when with one kiss she enters the world she only read about.
Gregori Van Zant is a dangerous vampire. As the head of the Mid-Atlantic Blood Family of vampires, he can have any vamp or human woman at his disposal. One night, a captivating woman walks into his club and he devises a plan.
The two lovers come together and sign a contract—an exchange of sex for research. Candi is born to play and Gregori is anxious to show her. An old enemy of Gregori’s arrives unexpectedly and disrupts their plans. With a final battle looming on the horizon, will the two fated lovers find love eternal or will death play a part?

“But, Katje.” He tipped her chin up to pin her with a hard red-rimmed silver stare. “If you’re hurting or frightened, you have to tell me. I know you’re new at this, but you have to be open and honest and tell me without hesitation.” His lips curled up. “If I’m keyed into your thoughts and body, I’ll know and I expect you to share what you experience with me. It’s part of the learning process. Tonight we will explore together what those limits are.”
He sensed her tension build again, her thoughts, her emotions rambled. The confusion he realized she had about having sex with him, no matter how good he’d make it, had her twisted in an exciting mix of nerves and arousal. “Sir, I think this might have been a mistake.”
“You think too much,” he murmured, releasing her hands to tangle his fingers in her hair. “This is enjoyment for both of us, safe and consensual. Nothing will happen to you without agreeing. Of course, I’ve never had any complaints either.” A wicked grin appeared as he tilted her head back, and his mouth closed on hers in a tender kiss. Her lips were soft and supple, and he loved the taste and pliancy of her lips. His tongue was hot, hard, and probing. Their tongues danced together, saliva melting from one mouth to the other. Her skin heated beneath his touch.
Hooking a finger under the bra strap of one, and the other, he lowered them off each shoulder. Reaching around the back, he unhooked the fasteners, releasing the lace cups to fall free from her body. Her swollen breasts sprang out from their confines for him to fondle. He rolled her nipples and pinched until they hardened into little tight buds between his thumb and forefinger, teasing until he gained a vocal response. She moaned, weaving fingers through his silky hair. Yes, give into your arousal, Katje. He forced his thoughts into her mind.
Breaking the kiss, he stepped back, leaving her out of breath and eyes glistening. His Katje was a submissive woman ready to play. Gregori’s vision changed from sharp and clear to a blood-red haze, his mouth tingled, fangs ached deep to drop down. “Turn around and move up onto the bed.” Surprised and pleased as she obeyed him without hesitation, crawling cat-like onto the mattress, keeping her high-heeled clad feet elevated, he smiled inwardly.
Unbuckling his belt, he yanked his zipper down, and doffed his black boots. The jeans slipped from around his hips and thighs, and once at his ankles, he kicked them aside. He moved onto the bed behind her. His Kitten was coming around. “Stay on your hands and knees, and don’t move. Do you understand?” he added in a commanding tone.
She didn’t respond.
“You say, ‘Yes, Sir,’ or ‘Yes, Master,’ so I know you are hearing me.”
“Oh…yes, sir,” she murmured, barely above a whisper, and shivered.
“Nice. Very nice indeed.” He stroked her back then kissed a path down her spine. His hands rested on her hips and his thumbs traced patterns over her ass. He shifted his weight to kneel behind her more comfortably. The heat of his mouth fastened on the fleshy part of her rear end, and he sucked hard as she jerked forward in response.
“Don’t move I said, mijn schat.” His hand pressed the small of her back, the palm not moving until she resumed the original position, hands and knees braced on the bed. When she complied, he continued the caress, massaging her buttocks. “You have a beautiful ass, Katje. The perfect size for my hands and spanking.”
She jerked again.
“Don’t worry, nothing intense tonight,” he interjected with a chuckle.
His fingers slid down the crack between her cheeks, and touched her folds so gentle and light, she moaned. “You’re already wet for me, Katje,” he hissed between his teeth. He slid his fingers through her wetness several times, igniting the fire flaring along her slit, and with hips squirming uncontrollably under his nimble ministrations. He sensed the struggle within her body and her thoughts wrestled to maintain her hands and knees in their same position.
“You didn’t move. Such a good girl,” he said with an approving tone. To train a proper sub took time, building confidence and trust, but he had the time constraint of one week. To convince this little human female, his Katje, and putting her on a fast-track may prove to be more a challenge than he expected. Hell, something about this woman stirred his being, his very soul, and he would do whatever he could to bring her into his domain.

Born to Be Wild:

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