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Sayin' so long for now to Cynthia Arsuaga...

I hope everyone has had as much fun this week as I have. Once again, Cynthia Arsuaga came, she saw and she delivered!! Keep an eye out for her, because if we're lucky she may come back very soon. And rumor has it, I'll be visiting her for a mid-month release of my next paranormal romance in November. 
Cynthia, my dear friend, take it away...

Happy Thursday Everyone,
Today, my hubby and I are in New Orleans! We actually got in last night, and have started today off with fun. We are here for the Undead Con and Anne Rice Lestat Vampire Fan Club event for Halloween. We are so delighted to be panelists for an author forum on Saturday, and this afternoon we are being interviewed for a Swedish production company doing a documentary on vampires. Is that cool or what? Well I’m not going to bore you, so today I’m brief and presenting my last paranormal entry and my other contemporary novella to wind up my week with Robin. Tomorrow both of us are participating in a huge Halloween Blog Hop put on by Drea Becraft.
The first book today is one co-authored with my hubby, Mike. My Life as a Dog is a delightful book we thoroughly enjoyed and were inspired by our very own Yorkshire terrier, our “Precious”, named Thumper. One reviewer even commented that the story should be turned into a movie. We tend to agree. We’re in the middle of writing the sequel and can’t wait to present that to our readers in 2012.
The second book is a novella I’m continuing in a series titled Texas Heat (A Hot Flash) and was released on October 14 so is brand new. The story is about an older woman who is attracted to the new veterinarian in town. Well, read below for more.
Without further ado, here’s the blurbs and excerpts from My Life as a Dog and Texas Heat (A Hot Flash).

Drake Martin is a unique shape shifter. Instead of transforming into a ferocious animal, he morphs into an eight pound Yorkshire terrier. Six year old Kady Hartley rescued him from an animal shelter. As "Precious" he was her "bestest friend" for twelve years, leaving when she started college. Ten years later they cross paths. He’s a PI; she’s FBI. Continuing to keep his abilities secret from her, he follows Kady as she pursues a case. Accompany them on an odyssey to New Orleans investigating human traffickers and watch the fur fly. To protect Kady, Drake remains in the shadows. For her sake he puts aside his loner life and accepts protection and assistance of the local shifter pack under its leader, the Sufi. The pack and Drake soon discover they have a common cause, leading to a bloody confrontation with the Russian human traffickers.
During the adventure, will Drake and Kady rekindle their loving friendship or will it become much more?

Setting the Scene: In human form Drake spied on an apparent brothel for his client, a suspicious wife. When his equipment wouldn’t work because of surprisingly sophisticated jamming apparatus for a routine whorehouse, he decided to morph and to use his wiles as the Yorkie to gain entrance…


Stowing the spy equipment in the waterproof knapsack, I stripped down and stuffed my clothes in also. The zipper barely closed around the tightly packed mess. The back pack fit neatly into the crook of the tree where the doves perched. From the top branches they still watched, nattering incessantly back and forth. Before morphing, I took a last longing look at the equipment and clothes put at risk by a necessary and, hopefully, brief abandonment.
Not the most pleasant of feelings, morphing is something like freefalling down a hole to the center of the earth at half the speed of light with every cell aching. A deep crunching sound fills the air as joints compress or elongate as well as reverse, according to the kind of animal you become. Near the end a red curtain blots out everything in a vertiginous haze. Fortunately, it’s over in a few seconds.
After things cleared and almost six feet closer to ground level, I shook out the new coat I’d acquired and tip-tapped across the street with a signature Yorkie prancing gait of unbridled confidence. The empty SUV and deserted front lawn basked in the bright noonday sun. At the front door, I checked to insure no one could see, and returned to human form long enough to ring the doorbell. The door opened to the sight of an alert, small dog sitting on his haunches. Two imploring black eyes peered from beneath a curly overhang of tan fur. A faint, under the breath, whimper accompanied by a cowering, whole body shiver completed the sales pitch. The large heavyset man dressed in a dark suit spent a few seconds assessing my proffer from a vantage point that seemed a mile in the air. Behind him, strung out down a long hallway, a half dozen scantily dressed young women turned resigned eyes my way in routine curiosity.
“What have we here?” he asked in an Eastern European accent. “Petri, come see.”
I braced, continuing to radiate my most fetching expression so they would take me in. Knowing my charms worked best on women, I prayed for one to take notice, but at the appearance of the one called Petri, the females quickly cleared out of the hallway. The second male, another behemoth, joined his colleague. They spoke back and forth in Polish or Russian, or one of those guttural, growling languages, glancing repeatedly at each other and back to me. I cocked up a leg and scratched behind an ear, making the dog equivalent of a smile.
“Selma,” said the one who opened the door, as he scooped me up, “See what dropped at our door.” Cradling me in a massive arm, we transported to the rear of the house, passing many rooms off a main hallway. Most displayed closed, cheap hollow core doors stained brown behind which I heard muffled voices and other sounds. I was pretty sure of what was going on. The ones I could see into contained young half-naked women, some of whom had previously lolled in the hall. Most wore the same solemn, resigned expressions. The rest tried to make themselves as small as possible with looks of fear on their faces, like the girl I saw them bring in from the SUV.
A door opened, and Mr. Beamer exited, scuttling by like a beetle. In the room he‘d just left, a young, attractively built brunette kneeled on the mattress, mindless of her nakedness and crying.
In that moment, I realized I stumbled into a slave trade operation. For years I read about them, but this was my first direct experience.
“Was it good for you? Petri asked.
Mr. Beamer paused, a smile crossing a narrow, sinister, milky face. “Yes, as always.”
Petri laughed. “We reserve the youngest and choicest for our best customers. If you are in no rush, there is refreshment in the front lounge. We have many temptations to enhance a sexual afterglow.”
Mr. Beamer smiled briefly. “No, I must be somewhere before my wife misses me.”
“See you next week?”

BTW, the Yorkie on the cover is our family pet, Thumper, who inspired the idea for the book.

NEXT UP.... Texas Heat!
Charlie Reynolds is having a lousy birthday. Turning forty-two is not what she expected. The only gifts she gets is the pair of cream and bronze cowboy boots she bought, a cake made by the local diner’s proprietor, and an embarrassing moment, no make that two moments with the new veterinarian. Divorced and lonely, she soon discovers after their meeting her libido isn’t dead. She lusts after the tall and handsome Doc Zach. Even though he shares mannerisms with her ex-husband, Besides, no way would he be interested in her, a plain old woman ready to be put out to pasture. Or so she thinks.
The new vet by the name of Zach Callahan is heating up all the ladies in the town of Brady Hills. He’s returned to his Texas roots from Virginia to start a new life and take over a thriving practice. The first day, he meets a gorgeous woman at the local feed and tack store, and is instantly smitten by her, cream and bronze cowboy boots and all. Zach is only interested in heating up the sheets with the one woman in Brady Hills who doesn’t want anything to do with him. Or so he thinks.
The temperature rises in Texas as the heat between Charlie and Zach reaches the boiling point.

“Ooh, sorry. Guess I hit a nerve, huh?” Emma cast a glance toward the front door and lowered her voice. “You know, I think you’re being too hard on yourself, hon. Yeah you work long hours, but look what you’ve accomplished. You’re not plain either. You look better than I did at your age, a nice slim figure, nice big hair, and can ride with the best of the cowboys in these parts. I think he is exactly the sort of guy that could put a little zip in your step, Miss Birthday Girl. It’s time you get back in the saddle and ride a man. How long has it been since you’ve had a roll in the hay or even a date?”
Emma’s wink left no doubt in Charlie’s mind she was teasing. Or was she? “I’m not interested in either one. I’ve got the ranch, and that’s my only love right now.”
“Really?” Emma looked over Charlie’s shoulder. “Tell me somethin’. If you had the opportunity wouldn’t you jump his bones?”
To be honest, Charlie couldn’t tell Emma about the last man. When did she last have a date? Damn! She couldn’t even remember the last time she had a kiss, let alone her bed, saddle or a roll in the hay. “Emma, I told you, I’m not interested in taking up with no man, especially with a fancy pants like Doctor Callahan. Besides, he’s not my type?”
“What types do you like Miss Reynolds?” the low, sultry voice resonated behind her.
Oh dang! Charlie’s eyes widened staring at Emma who only flashed a wicked grin in return.
“Hey Pete, Doc Callahan. Just in time for some birthday cake,” Emma said.
For the second time within an hour, Charlie’s face blushed from embarrassment. Slowly turning on the barstool, she came to rest eyes on the face of the new vet, the strong jawline, high cheekbones, and those eyes. They were a deeper hazel, almost a golden sable, darker than earlier and she fought to tamp down the heat rushing through her body as he curled the edges of his mouth in a wicked upturned grin.
“An outdoorsy, rough riding cowboy.” Charlie lied, but pulled a description out of her head the total opposite of what the vet appeared.
“Really? Well I guess two out of three isn’t bad.” The smile grew wider. “You left this at Pete’s,” he said extending his arm with a bag in his hands.
When he handed the handles over, he brushed her fingers with his and butterflies fluttered in her stomach carrying tingles down her spine. They didn’t stop there, sharp electric zaps flowed lower. Dormant for years, her body and hormones now betrayed her. “My boots. Thank you.” Now she felt like an idiot. Geesh, I am getting old. I can’t remember shit! “I have to go. I’ll talk to you later, Emma.”
“You can’t go, Birthday Girl. Hold on,” Emma said and exited to the kitchen area.
“No, I really do have to get back to the ranch.” Charlie turned to Pete and with a scowl, “What is this all about? You know, don’t you?”
“Don’t look at me. This is all Emma’s idea,” Pete said, throwing up his hands and shaking his head.
A minute later, Emma came through the swing door singing “Happy Birthday” with a candle-lit cake in her hands.
The other people in the diner picked up the chorus and joined in. Charlie forced a smile. Please tell me this isn’t happening. At that very moment, she wanted to slink out of the room and drive as fast as she could back to the sanctuary of the ranch.
Why did his touch when he gave her the shopping bag send shockwaves down her spine? When Charlie locked onto a pair of eyes that reminded her of a sleek jungle animal, she became breathless, struggling to suppress the heat building between her thighs. “I’m sorry. I don’t have time for this. I really do need to get back to the ranch.”
“Oh come on, hon. This is your favorite. At least blow out the candles and make a wish before you scoot out,” Emma said.
“Emma’s right girl. You’ve got to make a wish,” Pete added.
Charlie glanced from one person to another. The expressions on their faces tugged at the guilt forming inside. “Okay, okay. I’ll make a wish, but then I’ve got to get.” Yes, she needed to get back to the ranch and take a cold shower. The further away she got from the handsome doctor, the better. The lust pulling at her insides as well as the embarrassment of the entire situation unnerved her. Something about the man thrilled, but also irritated her. She had seen his type, good-looking, well educated, arrogant, and from the East Coast. All those qualities her abusive ex-husband possessed. Never again. She was too old, and too wise, to take up with this new vet, the younger Doctor Callahan. With a weak blow of breath through pursed lips, she exhaled and the four lit candles were extinguished.
Everyone in the room applauded and Charlie eked out a smile. She watched the mischievous gaze from the new vet trail over her body sending a spark down her spine. Then, dang him, it didn’t help that his little grin sent her hormones into overdrive, causing her insides to flutter in response. It had been a long time since she’d been intimate with anyone, but to have a strange man, a younger one at that, awaken her sex drive was not going to happen. Hell, she’d be one of those Cougars she read about in those Hollywood scandal magazines. There seemed to be a rage for it, even reality television shows were created. Dang! What the hell am I thinking? I’m not about to become a card-toting Cougar and fall lock-step into the newest trend. At least not yet.

Both can be found at Secret Cravings Publishing, and if you wish to see more, you can find me at my website: or on my new blog: and you can also find my books at and at, Bookstrand, ARe and Barnes & Noble.
 Mike also writes a series about vampires and lycans, The Subspecies Series, and two of the six book series is available now with the third arriving December. Check him out at or at or any of the third party retailers.

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