Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Today's post is an unedited little tidbit from my upcoming November 15th release of "Midnight Beckoning". 
The cover below is NOT the actual cover, but rather one my son made up for fun. The couple, however, will be incorporated onto the FINAL cover, which I will reveal the instant I receive it from my publisher!! Enjoy...

Ford Lenox, a natural born damphyr, waited three hundred years for the phenomenon of his birth to be repeated. Many had been conceived. Many had even been born. But, only a few made it to their twenty-first birthday. And, none shared the same requirements as he, to assume her rightful place at his side and become his queen.
Until now.
Lauren Neil was born three hundred years to the day after Ford’s birth, and it was no coincidence that he found her only days before her twenty-first birthday. Little did she know that the damphyr lurking beneath her human surface was about to be unleashed, prominently placing her on the throne to rule over damphyr and vampire alike. 
Lauren’s demonic sire slash father, Drago, an incubus, straight from the pits of hell, has other plans.
Even a match made in heaven, may have to go through hell to survive!

Here's my SIX....
The deafening sound of shattering glass yielded to an eerie silence and clouds of settling dust and debris.
Lauren Neil clutched her throat, reeling from the stinging burn left by the talons that had gripped tight around her neck, nearly choking her to death. “What in the hell were those things?” She coughed.
“Those things were sent to capture you.” A man she’d only seen once before answered her bewildered question with a husky growl, shoved a large black pistol into the back of his jeans and reached for her hand.


  1. Oooh... My first thought: Constatine. LOVE that movie, would LOVE to read this.

  2. Wow, I enjoy the suspense on this one and I was curious to know what happens next. Great Six!

  3. Oh wow I love this!!! Very intense

  4. Yes I agree. It did remind me of Constantine! Great 6 :-)

  5. Very exciting...what happens next? Great Six!


  6. what a fabulous and suspense filled 6-

    Dawne P

  7. Good one Robin! Another great book and can't wait to read more.

  8. Uh Oh! :-)
    I should probably look for a copy of Constantine and watch it again. I haven't seen it in years.
    Is it good or bad that a book reminds someone of a movie or another book?
    I suppose I'll find out when it comes back for edits. Yikes! LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by and for the great feedback!

  9. Great six and loved the description: "The deafening sound of shattering glass yielded to an eerie silence and clouds of settling dust and debris." I could really visualize this. Well done. :)

  10. very nice six sentence. Definitely has my interest. All I can say is: more, more, more please.

  11. Great Six!!Now I want to know who this mystery man is!

  12. You really know how to bait the hook, Robin, good job!!!

  13. Yet another to add to the list. Let me get through Blood Hunter, will you woman?? :P

  14. Great six, Robin. Hope he's as sexy as he sounds!

  15. So intense! Now I wonder if she takes his hand or not. Great six!

  16. Wow, great job! Very intense and nicely written!