Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I know it's only October, but I'm hoping posting an unedited snip from my upcoming Christmas Novella releasing December 15th will bring much needed wintry weather to my neck of the woods, deep in the heart of east Texas!!! 

Exiled to Texas to attend college, Beverly Hills’ debutant, Lola Brennan was encouraged to experience life and learn the value of a dollar, but instead, partied, played and blew through her trust fund.
Having no other choice, her parents cut her off, and insist she return home for the holidays.
Dante Brewer, raised by his single Puerto Rican mother has had a hard life. Texas was the one place he could get the education he needed to better their lives. Halfway across the country, he’s devastated to learn that his little sister needs a kidney transplant and her life depends on him getting back home to East L.A.
Paths collide in a heated rush when Lola and Dante’s plane tickets are simultaneously lost and fate sends them on a cross country trek in a classic 1953 Cadillac Lemans convertible.
Racing against the clock, can they reach California before the ‘spoiled little rich girl’ kills the ‘hood rat’, or is a taste of life from the other side of the tracks exactly what they both needed?
Lola’s hand skimmed down Dante’s chest and she cupped his crotch, gently squeezing his hardening bulge. He pulsed against her as she rubbed harder, encouraging him to rise to the occasion.
That definitely wasn’t a problem.
Dante’s fingers slipped between her legs and he thought he would explode right then and there when he grazed the cool, dampened fabric of her lacy panties.
He had never been this far before. What was he supposed to do next? 


  1. What a dilemma to be in ;) Sexy six indeed.

  2. Poor guy... but I'm sure he'll figure it out

    Dawne P

  3. Hope this is a great success for you

  4. Great six! I'm sure she'll show him what to do! LOL

  5. Yummy 6 Robin. I'm sure he'll figure out what to do next. :)

  6. Yeah, either way it poor boy, Dante is pretty much, "screwed"!
    Thanks for the comments everyone!! :-)

  7. Pretty darn hot for a Christmas tale! Don't see this cooling things off any time soon. LOL Great, sexy six!