Sunday, October 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

This week's SSS post comes from a current WIP and a new genre for me. I'm discovering romantic thrillers are tons of fun. All the action and suspense of  my usual vampire/paranormal with all the love and heat of contemporary romance. Here's my cover muse, a snip of a blurb and my SSS! Enjoy!!

A savage serial killer is on the loose targeting young female singers in Houston.
The special task force has a lead, but the next singer believed to be on the killer’s list, refuses protection.
Undercover detective, Scott Diamond, is the only one who can get close enough to keep Ronnie Layne safe without alerting the killer.
Forced to hide out at Scott’s grandparent’s farm, will he be able to keep her out of harm’s way, or will Ronnie’s stubborn streak lead her straight into the path of certain death.
Sometimes protecting your heart is just as dangerous as protecting a life!! 

“I thought you said we weren’t going to do this again?”
Scott Diamond interlocked his fingers, tucked his hands behind his head and gazed at Megan Taylor wearing nothing but his unbuttoned dress shirt as she peered out his bedroom window. The soft glow of the early morning dawn cast a golden hue around her curvy silhouette, stirring residual desires he’d thought for sure she had already quenched. “We aren’t doin’ this again.”
Megan turned, offering a crooked grin, slinked back to the bed and straddled him. “That’s not what you said half an hour ago when you tossed me onto your bed.”

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  1. Very well-descriptive of the scene and what a wonderful snippet! Great job!