Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome Guest Author, Drea Becraft

Today's guest is an author who is near and dear to my heart, Drea Becraft.
Though we have never met face to face, we text, call and email all the time and I am very pleased to call her my friend. So pleased, in  fact, that I actually call her "wifey". The reason? Well, sometimes this lady is so busy she tires me out just by sharing her day with all of us in her Yahoo Group.
Three adorable daughters, a great husband (who should probably count as a fourth kid), housework, a couple of mischievous cats and a writing career, is enough to wear anyone out. (I won't even think of mentioning her laundry.)
One frustrating and over-stressed day, I told her that she'd make the perfect wife for me, should I ever want one. She responded by offering to drive all the way from Ohio to Texas just to clean my house. Needless to say, that instantly earned her the title of being my "wifey". The men in our lives will just have to understand...LOL!
I could go on and on, but that's not what you're here for. So how about a little peek into her world instead?
Ahem, Drea, take it away!!
Time Management

            I have many titles sister, wife, friend, author, but the most important title I own is mom.  Being the mother of three girls at such a young age has been quite a learning experience.  Did you know that girls may not be as rough as boys, but oh do they make up for it with drama.  Luckily mine are all under the age of eight and reasonably spaced apart so I haven’t had such a big curve ball thrown at me such as periods, boyfriends, oh and the dreaded sex talk yet, but I am sure once I get there it will be a world of experience.
            I just began writing books a little over a year and a half ago after years of reading.  I never imagined I would start writing, but when my overactive imagination wouldn’t let me rest, I used it as an outlet to let out a little stress that comes along with everyday life.
            I don’t have a steady writing schedule therefore maybe three or four books a year get written since I have to write around getting two kids on and off the bus, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, and all the social networking of it all.  I also review for my own review blog, with up to 30 reviews a month, run two other blogs, and do my own website, so I am one very busy Drea.
            I always get the messages asking, ‘How the hell do you do it all and still be sane?’ I am very OCD so when I start something it’s really hard to stop until I know it’s perfect…we don’t want to go into how many times I’ve changed my banner or my website lol.
            So recently I have put myself on a strict schedule.  Set days for promo, reviews, writing, and all the other things that comes with being an author (until recently I had no idea how much that truly was) and have been really crappy at sticking to it.  Like any other person I forget things, but try like hell not to.  But mostly my big thing is trying not to over extend myself because all it takes is one bad cold from one kid and I am out for the count for days. 
            So how do you manage your time?  Do you have to make a schedule or are you a more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person?
            In my newest release, Timing Is Everything, my hero and heroine work around a schedule with a baby and find it hard to juggle the work force with the parent force.

Mandy only wanted one thing in life–to have a family. With no other options available to her, Mandy seeks out to adopt a child to call her own. Then a favor for a friend turns her world upside down and inside out.
Dmitri is on a mission to expand his business, but when his ex drops their baby on his doorstep for him to raise, Dmitri’s plans start to venture into unknown territory. If it weren’t for Mandy, his whole world would be in shambles.
Both Mandy and Dmitri have their own crosses to bear but Dmitri can’t imagine life without her. In a situation neither of them planned on, can they get past their differences and find happiness together?

            I have eight hours before we leave.
            It takes at least an hour to get there, add in the cavity search you have to go through, and baggage check and youre going to be lucky if you make it on time if you leave right now. As if on cue the buzzer arming the front doors went off as Tim's face filled the small screen in the corner of Sasha's desk.  Looks like hubby's here so time to go.
            If you need anything you'll call me, right?
            Not unless there isn't other option.
            You can call me anytime. At the door Sasha entered her pin number into the key pad and pushed the door open slightly.
            Its your honeymoon. Go have fun and dont worry about work. Everything's under control. Making a shooing motion with her arms, Mandy smiled at Tim as he opened the door and stuck his head in giving her a wink.
             You heard the woman, it's our honeymoon.  Besides, I plan on keeping you too busy to even remember your name, let alone  who you work for. Kissing his wife on the cheek before grabbing her hand, Mandy watched as the two left the office without another word.
            Despite her anger over the wedding she should've been at, Mandy really did like Tim.  The love he showed for her friend was one she envied and hoped some man would share with her one day.  Until then she'd watch the love those two shared and be as happy as she could for them both.
            Hours later Mandy sat at her computer when the buzzer filled the office.  Turning to look into the monitor, the site of a lady with a carrier filled the screen.  Pushing the button to allow her to enter, the cries of a baby filled the office before either mother or child entered the space.  Once inside Mandy was struck by the site of the woman as the door closed behind her.
            Can I help you? Raising up from behind the desk, Mandy looked down at the baby covered in a pink blanket.
            Yeah, I'm here to drop this off.
            Sure, I can take that envelope for you. Holding out her hand for the envelope in the womans hand, Mandy waited patiently for it to be handed over.
            Not the envelope you twit, the baby. Lifting the carrier up onto the counter, the woman set the envelope on the desk beside it.
            Excuse me? Did you just say the baby?

Blurb: Timing Is Everything
Release Date: October 17, 2011

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  1. Thank you for having me wifey. I litterally couldn't see a life without you in it either so I say we ditch...well okay keep them as boy toys..the men and all live like the Brady bunch lol.